How to enter and use scan to HDD addresses onto... Bizhub Std. internal print controller

How to enter and use scan to HDD addresses onto your Konica Minolta
Bizhub Std. internal print controller
Open your web
browser, enter
in the IP
Address of
your printer,
press Go. This
window will
load, click on
the File link.
This shows the
existing Boxes.
Click on the
Create button
to continue.
Enter a User
Box Name. It
can be up to 8
digits, all upper
case, no spaces.
Next enter the
password, enter
it the second
time, then click
All done. To
continue, click
on the Scan
This window
shows the Scan
files that have
been set up. To
complete the
scan to hdd
select an index
(which can be
renamed as
shown), and
then click on
the dashed
lines in a box to
Select File
(Scan to HDD),
click Next.
Enter in the
name, if the
previous step
was completed
correctly, if
you drop down
the User Box
menu, you
should see the
Box name
created, select
it. Enter in a
password. If
you have scan
to email
configured, you
can enter in
your email
address. Click
To scan and retrieve from the User Box just created, go to the machine, place the originals to be scanned in
the feeder or on the glass, press the Scan button, and in the screen press the Address icon. Now select the
User Box, in this example it is BIZHUB, make any settings changes ( jpg, pdf, dpi, two sided, ...) and then
press the Start button.
When scanning
is complete, go
to a computer,
and browse to
the printer
again, then
select the File
link. Next Click
on the Box that
was scanned to.
Enter the
password used
when creating
the box. Click
Here is the file
that was
scanned. Click
on the file and
click on Acquire
Selected file.
Click Save.
Change the file
name if
desired, choose
the location to
save the file,
and click Save.