To apply for Low Income Public Housing you must apply... and under "Quick Links" click on HCV/LIPH Online
1331 Fulton Mall, Fresno, California 93721 (559) 443-8400 TTY (800) 735-2929
To apply for Low Income Public Housing you must apply online only at and under "Quick Links" click on HCV/LIPH Online
To inquire about your application for Public Housing, you can go online at and under “Quick Links” click on Applicant Portal. If you
have additional questions about your application you can call Monday through
Thursday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed during the lunch hour).
Our telephone number is (559) 445-8956.
An informal, pre-application for public housing, is required to establish an applicant's
place on the waiting list. The Fresno Housing Authority maintains separate waiting
lists for public housing locations by city.
After submitting a pre-application online, the name of the applicant and family
members are placed on the waiting list for the locations they have selected. The family's
subsequent movement to the top of the list(s) is governed by (1) bedroom size required;
and (2) date and time of application along with preferences.
Applicants must report any changes of family status, phone number, address or any
other information that may affect the application, online at and
under “Quick Links” click on Applicant Portal. In addition, applicants shall respond to
inquiries from the Housing Authorities concerning their continued interest in housing.
Applicants who do not respond to the Housing Authorities inquiries or fail to inform
the Housing Authorities of a new mailing address shall have their names withdrawn
from all public housing waiting lists.
When the applicant's name comes up on the waiting list, they will be contacted by mail
and given an appointment or a date to submit initial documents to begin the final
application process. Information required for eligibility includes verification of income,
assets, Social Security numbers, citizenship; as well as landlord references, credit and
criminal background checks.
Applicants who have been determined to be income and family eligible are screened for
suitability in accordance with HUD regulations and sound management practices. To
be considered suitable for residency with the Fresno Housing Authority, applicants
must demonstrate that they have the ability to pay rent, maintain a rental unit, and live
harmoniously with their neighbors, all in accordance with the terms of their lease
Income. To be eligible for assisted housing, an applicant family must fall within
HUD income guidelines.
Rental History. A credit and eviction report is obtained and third party
verifications may be requested from present and prior landlords to determine
rent payment history, maintenance of property, and the behavior of family
members and guests.
Criminal History. The Fresno Housing Authority will conduct criminal
background checks using but not limited to FBI finger printing, DOJ Lifetime Sex
Offender, and County and Statewide Criminal searches. A family may be denied
assistance if the results show evidence which would prohibit admission to public
U.S. Citizenship or Eligible Immigration Status. Section 214 of the Housing
and Community Development Act of 1980, titled "The Noncitizen Rule" requires
all family members to provide proof of either U.S. Citizenship or Eligible
Immigration Status.
Applicants are encouraged to inform the Housing Authority staff if any member of the
family requires reasonable accommodations. Some examples of reasonable
accommodations include housing which is accessible for mobility impaired individuals
or other assistive devices or features.
The applicant will be offered a unit in the location with the oldest vacancy. If the offer is
rejected, the applicant will be offered a suitable unit in the location with the second
oldest vacancy. If that unit is rejected, a final offer will be made in the location with the
third oldest vacancy. All three offers can be made simultaneously. If more than one unit
of the appropriate type and size is available, the first unit to be offered will be the first
unit that is ready for occupancy. If an applicant is willing to accept the unit offered, but
is unable to take occupancy at the time of the offer for “good cause”, the applicant will
not be removed from the waiting list.