How to create custom POI’s for your Garmin GPS [Model:... 250w]?

How to create custom POI’s for your Garmin GPS [Model: Nuvi
Garmin GPS, Model: Nuvi 250w, supports custom Points of Interest. Custom POI's can
provide alerts with respect to a specified speed and points, like red light cameras, school
zones, etc.
You can create your own custom POI's in a number of ways. Some of the most basic
methods are as follows:-
1. Using MapSource --> It is easy to create POI files using MapSource. Firstly, create the
file name and save it in .gpx format, i.e, GPS eXchange Format. Now, either create
new way points or just cut and paste those way points that are already their in your
other files. Thereafter, save this file into POI folder/directory at a location where you
keep your POI file on your Pc.
2. Using EasyGPS --> Use “F2” for creating a new way point. From there fill the
following fields:- “Waypoint” (This is POI name, maximum 10 characters)
“Comment” (Put in address/phone number/other message) and thereafter input
latitude/longitude. Other fields can be left blank, EasyGPS will automatically fill some
of the fields. Lat/lon can be in any format (minutes, minutes/decimal,degree). Make
selection in preferences and use WGS 84 datum. Once you have created all the POI
files, save them and place in POI folder/directory on your Pc. (For downloading
EasyGPS visit
3. Using G7ToWin --> refer
4. Using Microsoft Notepad--> Here you can create POI file in .csv format. First of all,
create a new folder for saving your POI files. Within the main folder you may create
categories. For creating a file open Notepad . Now choose “Save As.” give .csv
extension to the file. Name it according to the type of POI you plan to save in it, for
example, Speed, Redlight, etc. on each line, add latitude/longitude, with longitude first
and in case of western coordinates, put dash as a prefix. Place a comma in between
each coordinate and name. You may create more than one points by using a separate
line for every POI.
Examples of a basic POI one may want to route are:
For speed alert:
-117.91914,33.80909, [email protected] (This implies 35 mph or kilometers per hour in
case you use metric)
5. Using Microsoft Excel:- here also you need to enter the POI's in the same way as you
did in a Notepad. Open a file and in “A” cell, enter longitude (put dash sign before
longitude for West locations) and POI name (speed, if needed) in “c” cell. In “D” cell
you may add comment/address/phone number. You must use a new row for every
POI. Now “Save As”, and save as “CSV(Comma delimited)” format.
Apart from the files created by you, the input files can be downloaded from the Internet
also. With the help of POI loader, the unit can be configured to provide alert when you
are within a specified distance from a point or when you are driving over a specified
speed near a point. The GPS unit will also support search and navigation to locate loaded
Points Of Interest (POI's).