GPT Script Tutorial How to Install the GPT Script Basic

GPT Script Tutorial
How to Install
the GPT Script Basic
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Installation Guide GPT script Basic:
First you have to register your domain name and get a hosting account.
You can get a hosting account with our Premium Hosting Partner.
The script requires PHP, Mysql, ionCube and cronjobs.
Login to your directadmin account
Choose MySQL Management to create a new database.
Click on : Create new Database
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Enter your prefered data and click on Create.
Copy and Paste this data because you will need them twice later on.
Go Back to Directadmin and go to Advanced Features:
Now we are going to install a cronjob to keep the database clean and fast, and to minimalize the
The cronjob can be managed in the admin area of your site and has to run every minute.
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Please fill in:
Day of Month
Day of Week
/usr/bin/wget -O/dev/null –q
and click on : Add
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You are now done in directadmin lets adjust 1 file before we upload the site to your hosting
Use NOTEPAD to open: config.php
In config.php you have to fill in your database settings.
"mysql"; // mysql or pgsql
""; //empty if standard
The yellow content you replace with the settings that you have created in the Directadmin
MySQLdatabase setup.
After you have altered the file you can save it.
Upload your site.
I use Filezilla-client but every ftp-programma is just fine.
Open Filezilla and login to your account → go to domains
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Go to public_html
Upload your site to the public_html folder
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Also upload your license file to the public_html folder.
Uploading is finished now it is time to setup the database
Import database
Go to:
Login with the MySQLdatabase settings that you have created in DirectAdmin.
For instance:
Choose the database that you have created (red arrow)
and import (blue arrow) database.sql from the Euroracers folder.
Your website is almost ready!!
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You can now login on your site:
Admin login:
username: admin
password: admin
Directly Change your password in the membersarea, because otherwise everyone can login to your
admin account. Use letters, numbers and special characters.
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In the menu on the top you can see Adminarea
Click on it to go to the admin area.
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Go to Manage Site
Here you have to alter the fields to your domain settings.
Finally you have to enter a admin e-mail account:
Go to Manage Site
Click on View for member admin
Enter a valid email adress for the admin account.
You can also watch our video tutorial on how to install your gpt script.
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Do you have any questions or suggestions please contact us:
[email protected]
Saffierlaan 74
3162 PL Rhoon
The Netherlands
KvK: 51652242
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