The Importance of Home Storage and How to Spec Green Solutions by

The Importance of Home Storage
and How to Spec Green Solutions
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Industry Trends
What we learned home buyers want
How to offer the best storage and
organization program
– Options
– Specifications
• How to specify green solutions
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Industry trends
• Closets are used every day – 2 times per
• 64% of home buyers say they do not have
adequate storage space.*
• Home buyers replace economy shelving
that builders install – it doesn’t work for
• More than half of all home buyers choose
a closet upgrade, if offered.*
*NAHB Study
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Industry Trends
Home buyers rate large walk-in closets as the #2
feature for their dream home.**
More than 2,000 home owners said that their 2nd
priority when purchasing a new home was the
right amount and type of storage.***
**GfK Roper Reports® US, 2004-4, Q62,GfK Roper Consulting
***Better Homes and Gardens, January 2008 research study.
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Industry Trends
Consumers spend $1.5
billion on upgraded
closets at retail and 54%
of this is spent on
homes less than five
years old.
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Industry Trends
• Magazines devoted to organization – Real Simple,
Organize, CLOSETS
• Magazines with monthly features on
organization – Woman’s World, Family Circle,
Better Homes & Gardens
• TV Programs devoted to organization – Mission:
Organization, Clean House
Sales Tip
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Common Misperceptions
Closet upgrades will cost less after
• After-market closet dealers typically charge up to
40% more than new construction dealers
• The home owner throws away the closet you had
put in for them – and if you are giving them plank
and pole, then they have a lot of repairing to do.
• No opportunity to get into mortgage or have
builder warranties
Sales Tip
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How much will a master closet cost
after move in?
Average Cost of Master Closet Installed After Move In
Information from reports by Vance Publishing Corporation.
© 2009 SCHULTE
Common Misperception
Offering closet upgrades interferes with closing on
time and they’re easy to install after move in.
SCHULTE’s products:
• Are production-oriented with many pre-assembled parts
• Are wall mounted so they don’t interfere with flooring
•Have allowances built in to account for bowed walls
• Are designed with software so drawings can be e-mailed
and signed off so there is no miscommunication – so no last
minute changes
Sales Tip
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Common Misperception
Closet upgrades are only for custom homes:
Today’s new products are so fast to install and the
support programs so easy to offer upgrades, you
should consider closet upgrades in homes in any
price range.
•Additional shelving in the master closet
•Wood versus wire shelving
•Garage storage
Sales Tip
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Common Misperception
Closet Upgrades are only for high end custom
Here is a typical example:
2-foot shelf stack and additional
10 feet of double hang in master:
•Add 12-feet of adjustable garage
shelving in granite
•Change fixed wire shelving in master
to adjustable wood shelving w/chrome rod
These are some affordable upgrades for your lower priced homes. Offer
one or more.
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What Home Buyers Want
•Professionally installed so they have no hassle later.
•Home buyers can organize their home for the cost of a cup of
coffee a day, included in their mortgage.
•Unpacking is easy when they have a place to put everything.
•Create a personalized space designed exclusive for their home
that nearly doubles the capacity of storage areas.
•Adjustability to move shelves as they load the closets
•Adaptability to re-configure closets as their needs change
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How to Offer the Best in Storage
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Why Should You Evaluate your Storage
and Organization Program?
• Help you sell upgrades that generate profit
dollars for you.
• Create easier installation jobs for the dealer.
• Perfect timing – today’s market is driving
builders to perform value engineering.
• Visit, click on
“Contact Us” and order the free guide.
Sales Tip
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How to Offer the Best Storage Upgrades
• Don’t expand the closets – customize the closet
Sales Tip
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How to Offer the Best Storage Upgrades
• Write specifications for each room of the house and
communicate the value it offers to your home buyers
15% Long Hang
60% Double Hang
25% Shelving
Sales Tip
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How to Offer the Best Storage Upgrades
• Child’s Bedroom
66% Triple Hang
33% Shelving and Drawers
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How to Offer the Best Storage Upgrades
• Follow this guideline to make upgrades affordable and
included in most of the homes you sell
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How to Offer the Best Storage Upgrades
Common Storage do’s and don’ts
• Install doors that swing inward into a small closet
• Use bi-pass doors and return walls that limit accessibility
• Don’t put any obstacle on the wall where storage is
required – or place them as high or low as possible
• Use pocket doors or bi-swing doors
• Allow 24” on return walls
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How to Offer the Best Storage Upgrades
Storage Considerations:
• Tint all windows in a closet
• Keep obstructions to a minimum – put light switches on
the outside of closet
• Have your contractor draw the design that is to be used as
standard to be sure it matches your specification; and to
use as to compare future bids.
• Communicate the mark-up you wish to the contractor to
be sure they add this in any quote to a home buyer.
Sales Tip
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How to Offer the Best Storage Upgrades
• What products to consider
Ventilated Wire
Sales Tip
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Green Products
• SCHULTE products offer more LEED points
than our competitors
– Use 100% recycled steel in all wire product
– Use epoxy powder coating that contains no
solvents and releases negligible amounts of
– Melamine is made from 100% recycled material
and 93% from sustainable forests
– Melamine meets environmental certification
from the Composite Panel Association.
– Melamine is CARB compliant.
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• Consumers want more out of their closet
space and they want to be able to afford it
• SCHULTE’s products and upgrade programs
allow this to happen easily
•Add “green” to your closet selling
•Train your sales force to sell a storage and
organization program
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