How to search Sri Lanka Train Schedule ?

How to search Sri Lanka Train
Schedule ?
Sri Lanka Country Portal is the primary delivery
channel for electronic information and services.
Simply type or to login to the
Country portal
This has tri-lingual support (Sinhala, Tamil and
Click on the desired language button appeared
in the welcome page to proceed.
Step-1: Register and Log in to
Country Portal
New user: First get a user account
created using a valid email address.
Already registered user: Log-in using the
user-name (email address) and password.
Step-2: Adding the required service
to 'My Space'
First click the 'Add Services' button
(if you can't see the 'Add Services' button,
please click the 'My Space' link.
Then click the 'Government Services' link.
You can either click the 'Add' link beside the
'Sri Lanka Railway' text, or drag and
drop the service to the 'My Space'.
This will be added to your space as a
service portlet.
Step-3: Selecting the postal division
and the post office
You need to select the drop-down
lists 'I am at' and 'want to go to' as
mandatory fields.
Further filtering is possible for time
duration (from-to), and specific date
(these are not mandatory)..
Click the 'Search trains' button
once you select and enter details..
Step-4: Viewing train schedule
Portlet will show the matching
schedules with additional
information including the
relevant ticket prices.
Step-5: Via SMS
Same information can be obtained via SMS using
GovSMS service (1919).
Message format
SLRD TRAIN {Starting Station} {End Station}
To get the train schedule from Colombo Fort to Ambalangoda, the
request SMS would be “SLRD TRAIN FOT ABA”. Send the message
to 1919.
The reply would come as “Train from Colombo-Fort to Ambalangoda
16:45:00hrs 17:24:00hrs”
Railway Station List/Code
Station name or the code can be used for the request
Step-6: Via voice
Call '1919' and ask for details.
Thank You !