A Challenge: How to Remediate the Gary Street

A Challenge: How to Remediate the
Largest TCE Plume in the U.S.
Gary Street
Ann Baughman
Freshwater Future
Petoskey, MI
Mancelona TCE
Antrim County
Median income (2009)
Mancelona: $26, 659
Michigan: $45,255
13 trillion gallons of water
contaminated with TCE
• Plume is 6 miles by 2+
miles – and growing!
• Surface area footprint is
4,000 acres
• Plume is moving 300-400
feet annually
So what happened in Mancelona?
 1940’s to the early 1960’s – Auto Parts Plant
 TCE used as a “Degreaser”
 Disposal: Out the back door
 Sandy soil  A Contaminated Aquifer!
Why the Concern About TCE ?
September 28, 2011, EPA Classifies Trichloroethylene
(TCE) as a known Human Carcinogen
Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL)
(EPA Enforceable Regulation)
TCE  MCL  5 ppb
Impact Throughout our Great Lakes
TCE contamination of groundwater in North America is
extremely common.
• Michigan--300 known sites
• Nationally--761 Superfund sites + many more that
are not Superfund sites
1 – 10 mg/L
10 - 100 mg/L
> 100 mg/L
Cross Section of the Contamination
Impact on the Watershed and Lake Michigan
Plume is Venting to the
Cedar River, which flows
to the “Chain of Lakes”,
then to L. Michigan
Actions to Date:
• 2005, Municipal Water
Wells drilled
• $17.8 M in State funds
• Will spend ~$2.5 M in
next couple of years
• Serves 2703 people
Photo by Dean Ohlman.
Short term – necessary –
but not a LONG TERM solution!
Progression of TCE Plume: 2005 to 2012
Plume is advancing 300 to
350 feet per year!
Project Goals:
Put a “lasso” on the plume!
Provide safe drinking water
Involve the community
Protect public health (air,
water, soil)
Involve Universities
Transfer learning to other
communities and TCE sites
Pump and Treat
 Air Stripper
 Vacuum Stripper
 Adsorbent Resin
 Horizontal Distillation
Au-Yeung, Resnick, Witt, Frank, Donate, & Robbins,
……., Accepted for Publication, AIChE J, April 2013
Chelate Modified Fenton
 H2O2 & Fe(II)
 ………chelate-modified
Fenton reaction degrades
TCE in both the aqueous
and organic phases……..
 Aerobic
 Anaerobic
Likely A Combination !
For the people of Mancelona…….
Eliminate carcinogens from their drinking water
Eliminate accumulation of TCE Vapor in their homes
Restore property values
Make Mancelona a more desirable place to reside
Next Steps…………
• Enlist the involvement of UNIVERSITIES
NEEDED ---- Innovation and Creativity!
Fantastic LEARNING EXPERIENCE for students
• Continue to work with the community, and the MI DEQ
• Seek Grant Money!
• Contact: [email protected]
or - [email protected]