How to use a CNC Machine 1.Design

How to use a CNC Machine
The 5 steps of the CNC process
able to be crafted up to the limitations
inputted into a control computer
of the software and sometime it
device. This reads the code and give the
This stage requires no computer. In
requires the user to be creative to
user an interface to choose how to
order to create a part or product, you
design complicated features.
manufacture the device and helps the
need to think of what you want to
create. Is it something common or a
specific design you have never seen
before? Are the corners going to be
sharp or curved? Are there even going
to be corners? All of these questions
and many others need to be answered.
2. CAD
After coming up with your design, you
must create the product in a 3-D design
software program. The product will be
3. CAM
A 3-D design is uploaded to CAM
software which will, after asking
manufacturer have control over the
manufacturing process.
5. Machining
specifics on how to manufacture certain
This is where a CNC machine will
aspects, create a code which can be
automatically create your part with the
used to automatically manufacture your
material placed in the machine. By
designed part.
having a multitude of tools available in
4. Control
Once the CAM code is finalized, it is
the machine, almost any part can be
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How to operate a CNC machine
Once you have come up with a coded
User control is essential for making sure
part program and have your desired material
that a CNC doesn’t misinterpret a code. A user
inside of the CNC machine, you need to make
must not only make sure that they and the rest of
sure the computer is ready to work on your
the lab is safe, but must be attentive to the
specific part. Depending on the number of axis’s
manufacturing process. The user will be able to
your part will be worked on, you will need to
control when the machine will stop, maybe during
calibrate your material to a touch sensor which
each tool change or maybe not at all until the part
will read where on the part you want to label the
in finished. The user is also responsible to monitor
0-axis. Once the computer knows this it can
the manufacturing process and ensure that any un-
relate it to the code that you have written to
coded aspects of the process are done manually or
make the part.
to stop or shutdown the machine if there is a
Another key component to ensure that
you are ready to start is to make sure the correct
By using a combination of G-codes, M-
tool is being used. By knowing the correct M-
codes and user control on each specific machine,
Code, which unlike the G-Code is inputted while
the CNC machine will make a part in a consistently
using the CNC machine instead of G-Code lines
faster and more precise manner than ever possible
which are created beforehand based in a CAM
with human error. Same with any work with
program. For example, typing in M03 will cause
machining equipment, make sure to learn the
the spindle to be placed on the rotating axis and
specific rules and instructions for each lab or
once started will go in a clockwise direction. M04
workshop you work in and understand the
does the same thing but in a counter-clockwise
individual CNC machine that you will work with.