How to Link Your CPD Activity and the Hours

How to Link Your CPD Activity and Add the Hours
Create an Asset for the CPD Activity
After completing each CPD
activity, log in to your ePortfolio
and click on ‘create new’.
Select an asset from the poppop
up list that would best suit the
activity you are recording, such
as an ability or meeting asset.
Fill in as many boxes in the asset as you can.
Remember to add a tag, such as ‘CPD Hours’,
as this will make it easier to find this asset in
the future.
You can select several tags, make new tags
and edit
it existing tags by clicking on ‘all tags’ at
the bottom of the tags list.
Add evidence to the asset
To add evidence to your asset, click on the link icon in
the bottom right corner of the evidence page of the
dd a certificate, scan it
If you wish to add
and save it to your computer. Then
click on the paper and paperclip icon
(‘browse for an external file to upload’)
to add it to your asset.
You can also add links to an email
address, website or another asset.
Adding evidence to the asset means
there will always be copy of the
evidence in your ePortfolio and
therefore accessible through the
internet at any time
Reflect on the CPD Activity and Add the Hours
It is a requirement of the CPD Registration
Standard that the nurse reflects
lects on each active
learning hour. There is a box for adding a
reflection in every asset in your ePortfolio.
Under the reflection box, click on ‘hours, points,
reminders’. Then select the number of hours
spent on the CPD activity. As CPD no longer
refers to points, leave the points at zero.
Click on the green tick
close the asset.
and then save and
Link the CPD Activity to your Learning Needs
Open Your CPD Solution webfolio and go to the
Identify and Prioritise Your Learning Needs
page. Find the learning needs the CPD activity
relates to and click on the link icon.
In the Adding Evidence window that
appears, click on ‘Claim I have
developed this ability and would like
to provide evidence of this’.
Click Create Record.
Then select ‘Add
d supporting
Search for the asset using:
Select an existing asset
Asset Type
Click on ‘Filter assets’ then choose the asset
you need.
Click ‘Save & close’.
Add the Hours to the Activity Log
Go to the Record
Your CPD Hours
page of the Your
CPD Solution
Click on the ‘My
CPD Hours’ link.
The Activity Log will open. Scroll down and then click on
the ‘Add an asset’ icon
Use the Adding Evidence search box to
find the asset, then click ‘Add Evidence’.