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The Truth About
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Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
About the author
Mark started his journey into learning the subtle arts of attracting more clients back in
1993 while running his first business, a cleaning company. Not long after, he realised that
the line between advertising and marketing and running a successful business is not so
clearly defined. He quickly learned there was a marked distinction between the nonsense
marketing many agencies sell to business owners, compared to the genuine results that
can be achieved through the application of known marketing principles. After realising
this, he never purchased an idea from an advertising agency again. Rather, Mark
developed his own ideas and marketed these ideas through local papers, yellow pages,
flyers, direct mail, etc which in turn saw his business grow exponentially.
Mark soon realised that he had a unique and very different approach that brought in new
clients fast. Regardless of where he advertised, it would deliver the same positive results.
Mark then started his first marketing company and he soon realised this is the area
where his passion was. As a result, he chose to sell the cleaning company.
Since starting his marketing company back in 2001, Mark saw the potential of utilising the
internet which has turned out to be the largest and most successful areas of his business.
Mark typically works with companies who have a dedicated marketing budget and he
often runs free training courses for small businesses that just need a helping hand.
Mark is often asked to speak at internet marketing events about:
the principles of how to improve a website to gain more clients
the strategies to get the most out of Google ……. and
the known marketing principles that business owners can utilise to help bring in
more customers
Mark is a busy husband and father of one daughter… loves golf, tennis, holidaying and
spending time with his family.
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
How to Obtain More Leads from Your Website
When I was doing web design, the most common request I received was: “Mark, make my
website look professional!”… therein lies a challenge, as people have a varying
understanding of what looking ‘professional’ is. In addition, most ‘professional’ websites
couldn’t convert a visitor into a phone call on a good day.
The other problem with most websites is they want you to put your first name and email
address into a web form. You and I both know that if we do that, we will be bombarded day
after day after day with emails. Consequently, those websites tend not to build a list of
subscribers, which is a huge loss of future business and relationships.
So what do we need to do in order to combat these problems? How do we get more people
who visit our website to feel trust, opt into our updates and feel compelled to want to pick
up the phone and call us?
PHONE NUMBERS – Where Should They Really Be on Your Website?
Let’s start with rule number one … put your phone number at the very top of every page on
your website, BIG AND BOLD so it can’t be missed. Yes, people can click on your contact
page, but statistics prove you will lose up to 7% of website visitors if you make them click to
find your phone number. If you are spending money on getting people to your website then
you don’t want to risk losing them, right?
VIDEO – What Really Works?
The next thing is utilising a video … but not just any video.
Some of the videos I see on websites these days are absolute nonsense. When setting up a
video on your website, it’s important to note that you do NOT need to hire an expensive
video crew nor spend thousands of dollars on a corporate video. All you need is to follow a
format that first builds trust, delivers social proof, then utilises a call to action.
A video that is proving to deliver amazing results for my clients is a relatively low budget
interview style video. To prepare, I usually do a little homework on a client’s business and
have a set questionnaire. I sit with my clients and record their answers to my questions.
This type of video has the following impact:
1. It creates a subconscious trust in the viewer as they answer questions that will most
likely be on their mind
2. It eliminate a majority of the price shoppers as they become informed of things they
wouldn’t normally think about before hearing your reply
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
The next thing I do in the video is to include video testimonials from clients, with them
saying how good you are. These testimonials must be prompted correctly to get to the truth
and provide answers to targeted questions. You can’t have someone simply boasting of how
good you are in a hyped up manner or without any substance, otherwise these types of
videos will be most likely viewed as a scam.
The best type of testimonial video is one that:
Delivers answers to challenges clients were facing before calling
Outlines concerns clients may have had in choosing someone in your profession
Explains how you solved their problems
Reveals what they thought of you as a person while you were working for them
And includes two or three reasons why they would recommend you
Once the testimonials are added to your video, you then incorporate a simple, no pressure
call-to-action. This requires instructing the viewer to opt into your web-form (next to your
video) with their first name and email address, in exchange for something of value and then
to pick up the phone and give you a call.
A successful video requires careful selection and must be formatted correctly so it conveys a
message containing the following vital points
1. Trust
2. Social Proof (testimonials)
3. A call to action
Follow this in your video and you will see incredible results.
If you are wondering how long a video should be, it depends a great deal on the amount of
money a client intends to invest in you. If a client will be spending $100, then a short video
around seven minutes or less will suffice. Should you be selling a much higher ticket item for
say five thousand dollars, then you might need it to be longer with more information. A
longer video will always be challenging, simply because people become uninterested very
quickly. It takes real talent to keep people engaged.
The very best thing to do is to test short, medium and long videos and see which one makes
your phone ring the most.
If you haven’t noticed, I use the exact same principles mentioned in this book in my video…
If you missed it, take another look at www.MoreClientsFast.com.au
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
To this very day, I see some of the biggest companies getting this so wrong … a web form is
designed to obtain a potential customer’s name and email address and sometimes other
personal information. The problem is that most people know that once they put their first
name and email address into your website, they are going to be inundated with emails from
you trying to ultimately sell them something, so they don’t opt-in.
The other problem is that most companies are offering a free report and naming it in the
offer area as a free report. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I ever
gave someone my name and email in exchange for a free report.
My point is that you must have something compelling on offer and of great value rather
than just a free report, otherwise no one in their right mind will opt into your web form.
Let me give you a real life example of a web form I created for one of my clients who is a
kitchen designer.
For his website, I used a web-form based on two
criteria … One was price, the other was quality.
To the right is a snapshot of the web form used on his
website. In exchange for your name and email, you will
receive 7 industry secrets about how to get a better
quality kitchen for less money by one of Australia’s top
kitchen designers.
This is a free report put into something that sounds a
bit more compelling … wouldn’t you agree?
After 14 years of split testing different buttons and words, I highly recommend utilising a
button that tells the website visitor what to do and what they will get rather than to simply
use a submit button. Example Click Here for your free copy … No one likes to submit without
there being a genuine benefit, so I’ve learnt to never use anything that a potential
customer’s subconscious might say “no” to.
In the web-form example you see a headline and a sub headline. I often use both and at
other times I use a short audio or video instructing the viewer what they should do. By
testing and measuring different things on your web-form, you will soon learn what converts
best for you and your business.
An important thing to remember is to never ask for too much information on a web-form.
For the most part, people don’t want you knowing their name and email address let alone
anything else. So the more information you ask a potential client to put into your web-form,
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
the less likely they will be to fill it in. I often see people asking for phone numbers, addresses
and all sorts of information and they wonder why no one subscribes.
It’s going to be challenging enough to compel a potential customer to give you their first
name and email address, let alone additional private information when they don’t know you.
Let me show you another real life example of a web form
used on a website where the owner teaches etiquette.
Treska wanted to build a database along with her courses,
so we developed the web form just to the right.
Here you can see Treska is giving away a very short book
she wrote on etiquette tips. She is giving it away in
exchange for two simple details … the only thing you
need to do is to put your name and email into the two
fields and click on the yellow ‘continue’ button.
By the way, the image of the book was made for $5 by
a professional designer from www.fiverr.com At fiverr
you can literally get many small tasks done for just $5.
Now what happens next is vitally important …
Once someone opts into your web-form and clicks on the continue button, you must send
them to a thankyou page on your website. So let’s say your website is www.xyz.com.au. You
would then have a thankyou page called www.xyz.com.au/thankyou
On the thank you page, you need to let the person know two important things
1. You need to let them know you have just sent them an email with a special
confirmation link that they must click on. The reason for this is to make sure
someone else is not using their email address for spam purposes. So when they click
on that special confirmation link, it lets us know they are definitely the one who
entered their email address into our web form. Plus, by doing this ‘Double Opt-In’,
you can never get into trouble – legally or ethically – for spamming
2. The second thing you need to let them know is to keep an eye out for an email with
the subject line: ‘Name of your headline’, so they don’t ignore your email when it
arrives in their inbox. It’s exactly the same process you went through to get this
short book you are reading now. If you would like to see how the process all began,
simply head over to my website: www.MoreClientsFast.com.au and you will see the
beginning step in the web-form to the right of my video.
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The Truth About
This simple process (once set up) is completely automated, which means you don’t have to
lift a finger to make it work … cool, hey?
The other thing that often compels people to opt-into your web form is an audio recording
instead of text in the web form … again it is something to test and measure to see which
method delivers the best results for you.
If you are wondering where to get an auto responder, please don’t use any free ones as they
have trouble delivering emails to potential client’s inboxes … some will get through and
some won’t. It’s worth spending just $20 a month. It’s just not worth it to do otherwise.
Here is the auto responder system I use: www.aweber.com. The company is called Aweber.
Aweber have been around longer than just about any other competitor.
Aweber is accepted by all the big ISP’s (internet service providers) around the world, so
when you send an email to your potential client using their auto responder system, the IP is
recognised and allowed through to the potential clients email inbox.
Please note that you won’t have a 100% success rate in emailing to the inbox of a potential
client. However, by utilising Aweber, considerably more emails are likely to be delivered.
To gain the attention of a potential client, you can benefit greatly from a compelling and
attention grabbing headline. To clarify, let me give you an example:
Let’s say you’re a lawyer who works with clients on injury compensation.
Here is a typical headline people write on the home page of their website … ‘Welcome to
our website’. Let’s get real … who cares if I am welcome or not. Can you imagine what the
result would be if we swapped that welcome notice for: ‘Need Compensation? – If We
Can’t Get You Compensation, You Don’t Pay Us!’
I know this is just a quick example, but if you were looking for a lawyer to help you with a
compensation claim, which one would you phone: the lawyer with the ‘welcome to our
website’ or the lawyer with the ‘no win no pay’ policy?
I think you get the point.
Having said that, a guarantee is a really good way to entice a potential customer to take the
next step. However, not all businesses can offer a guarantee … so adding an incentive is the
key … let me give you another example:
Let’s say you own a carpet supply company but you have more competitors than you care to
mention … You can bet your bottom dollar that all your competitors are advertising better
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
prices to win over customers. So what will you do differently to stand out from all your
competitors yet still charge top dollar?
One of my clients did this … We struck a deal with one of the large fuel supply companies
and implemented fuel vouchers with every purchase of carpet. You might ask: “What do
fuel vouchers have to do with carpet?” Nothing. However, a fuel voucher is universal and
appeals to a major part of the population. And let’s face it, fuel is not going to be cheap ever
Now this next point is important. Some large companies occasionally offer 4 cents off per
litre and every now and again they offer 20 cents off, but this is rare. So what did we do?
We offered a fuel discount of $1 off your fuel per litre with every purchase over $3,000.
The average client was spending between three and four thousand dollars, so an advert with
a strong yet very limited offer on a fuel voucher delivered a significant number of new
buying customers.
The first advert was over a weekend only … it went out as a quarter page full colour advert
in the local paper. On the website, we stated the terms and conditions just to be sure no
one tried to take advantage of the offer.
Would you like to see one of the adverts?
OK … here it is:
As requested, I have hidden the identity of the company
and I need to respect their wishes. The result was that in
spite of the advert being ugly, the company owner was
absolutely inundated with new carpet purchases that
weekend. Their stats reported a turnover that weekend
that exceeded their best 7 days by almost 120%... that’s
in just two days.
Now a fuel voucher may not work for your line of
business. But there are many things that would and this
is just one of them. So it’s simply a matter of getting
creative and coming up with clever ideas to test and
measure that are a good fit for your clients.
The main point I’m making here is that most business owners are fed up with getting calls
from price shoppers who never book!
In the above example, we used a fuel voucher to take the consumers eyes off the price and
get them focused on scarcity and a sense of loss so they didn’t end up using a competitor.
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
It’s the added value that many potential customers will be attracted to.
By adding value, you can retain the price and profit margin on your product or service and
reap the rewards from leaving your competitors to fight the price war and ultimately price
themselves out of business.
One of my clients incorporated a lotto ticket in his adverts where his advert simply said
something like …
“With Every Set Of New Tyres
You Could Become a $Millionaire$”
When you purchase two or more new tyres
this weekend you will receive a Free lotto ticket
for the Saturday Lotto with 16 chances to win.
Limited to the first 87 people
This Weekend Only
Phone: 1300 ### ###
Now the advert was a little more colourful and had some obvious images of tyres, but I think
you get the point.
Sometimes it’s the simplest things that generate a truck load of new customers … see what
you can come up with by putting yourself into your customers’ shoes. Create an offer that
will appeal to your target audience and you’re on the way to more clients.
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
How to Convert More Website Visitors into Clients
Know your customer lifetime value
Customer lifetime value is critical to any marketing plan. If you know what a customer is
worth over their lifetime with your business, you can set your marketing budget in a way
that eliminates your competition every time. The formula for calculating customer lifetime
value is: Purchases per year X Average purchase value X Years they remain a customer.
Here's an example:
Purchases per year
Average purchase value
Years remain a customer
Lifetime Value (sales)
12 (monthly subscription)
$97 (per month)
12 x $79 x 2 = $2,328 (over 2 years)
So now that you know the lifetime value of a typical customer is $2,328, you can afford to
be quite generous in what you offer to get them on board as a customer. Meanwhile, your
competition is viewing them as $97 a month. This mindset shift can fundamentally change
your business. Be sure you take the time to calculate customer lifetime value for your
business and plan your marketing accordingly.
Keep your website simple and focus on your most wanted action
There are too many 'bells and whistles' available to website owners these days and the urge
to use them all can be irresistible. In fact, more than likely, you should reduce the number of
‘bells and whistles’. The way to work out what's needed and what isn't is to sit down and
assess your most wanted response. That is, what do you most want the visitor to do when
they're on your website. Here are some examples of a most wanted response:
sign-up for a free guide
make an immediate purchase (this is one of the hardest because no time has been
taken to establish how well they know, like and trust you)
call the business
sign-up for a webinar on XYZ
The most wanted response needs to be part of your marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is
a process where all possible customers are gradually filtered from the top right through to
becoming clients, some of whom will turn into high end clients. I will deal with this in more
detail in another report. It’s vital you remember what your most wanted action is and then
remove everything from your website that may interfere with achieving that. All the other
stuff you want to show and tell people can come after your first most wanted response has
been achieved.
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
Design your conversion tool
In order for someone to move from a potential customer to a customer, you need to move
them along the know, like and trust continuum. The way to do this is with what I refer to as
a conversion tool.
A conversion tool is something that you use to get interested people to make their first
purchase with your business. It can be as simple as a scheduled phone call where you ask
the potential customer a series of questions based around what it is they really need. Then
it would be wise to schedule a second meeting where you can discuss resolutions you
developed from the first meeting.
To assess each situation, I use a 2 page questionnaire that not only helps me determine if
they are a fit for my business, but also helps me work out what they really need and where
their marketing faults are. Additionally, such a questionnaire demonstrates you are looking
to understand them and their business rather than just looking to sell your products or
You also need to find out if there are any objections they may have to buying from you and
help them remedy anything they may not be sure of. That's a report in itself, however
remember, objections are either trust based or price based. If you know they have the
funding but are not agreeing to buy from you, then you can bet your bottom dollar you’ve
lost their trust somewhere in the process.
Usually at this point, most business and sales people tend to ask for the sale or push for the
sale. I’ve always disliked the pushy approach and follow a more trust based method that
works just fine.
At the end of a meeting I would ask this one question: “Tell me, where do you think we
should go from here?” I promise you they will let you know what they feel comfortable in
doing next.
When my funnel has delivered the right kind of potential client and they tell me they would
like to start, I know I’ve done my job properly.
If they give me any objection or indicate they’re not ready, I never push as I don’t want to
make them feel uncomfortable.
Ever since I’ve adopted this strategy, my success in closing sales has become outstanding to
say the least.
Other types of conversion tools commonly used include:
Free consultations
Free webinars
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
Free teleseminars
Free trials
Properly qualify people in your marketing funnel
Anyone who comes into your marketing funnel is going through a process of qualification to
see if they become a customer. How you position yourself on your website and in your
marketing is important because it helps ensure only the best prospects enter your
marketing funnel. Your positioning is often known as a unique customer buying advantage.
It explains why someone will choose to do business with you as opposed to the competition
or instead of taking no action at all.
Determining the best ‘offer’ for your business is crucial to your success. When you get that
right, you're almost there.
Example: ‘We help carpet cleaners attract new clients then implement special proprietary
systems to bring those same customers back buying from you more often’. This simple and
powerful technique will help ensure only properly qualified people join your marketing
An important side note is that you should additionally be choosy about who you accept. You
don’t want to work with just anyone, as some clients can be more of a challenge rather than
a pleasure to do business with.
Don't make the mistake of assuming you will make the sale right away
At any one time for any product or service:
about 3% of the market is extremely interested and ready to buy
another 6% is very open to buying
another 30% are not thinking about it but could be interested.
another 30% are not interested and
the final 30% have no interest and wouldn’t be interested even if it was offered for
One of the biggest marketing mistakes you can make is to focus on the 3% and ignore the
(at least) 36% more who might be interested. This is why you must have a follow-up system
in place for every lead, such as Aweber.com. By setting up a series of follow-up messages for
everyone who asks for your free report, you educate them further on the benefits of doing
business with you. After that, you add them to your regular newsletter list. As long as you
keep sending relevant and interesting content out, who do you think is on their mind as the
‘go to’ person when they're ready to buy?
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
While you're doing this, your competition are clueless and chasing the 3%. You will ‘clean
up’ if you do this correctly.
Keep making offers to your existing clients.
Someone who has already purchased from you is your best prospect for future sales. Please
read that statement again because most businesses either ignore or take for granted their
existing clients.
Let's say you run a self-contained apartment block on the beach at the Gold Coast. If
someone has stayed at one of your apartments before, there's a very high chance they
might want to stay there again in the future don't you think? So the secret is to keep in
regular touch with all your clients at least every 90 days. The best way to do this is with a
newsletter. You might also want to include in the newsletter:
Images of the beautiful views and the beach
Discount tickets to events coming up near your apartment block
Some package deals
Some group package deals
Even an offer the reader needs to fill in to receive a special ticket in the mail that
entitles them to a discount or bonus of some kind
You could even partner with other local businesses to share content in their newsletters. Do
you think this would make you some extra sales? You bet it would.
Package up your product or service
In business, you have two options:
Selling your standard product or service OR
selling a packaged product or service and making more cash from the same number
of customers
McDonald's is a great example of the latter with their 'meal deals'. You spend more but you
get a package of food/drink cheaper than if you purchased them separately. Any business
can apply this same approach.
If you're a service provider, you could package your service with follow-up advice or
servicing if that was part of your business.
An accountant could package their tax services with monthly business financial coaching and
this would dramatically increase their revenue per client. Also the business would be getting
great advice to keep their financials on track, so they benefit as well.
Let's take another example of selling a golf club set:
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
Someone buying a golf club set really wants a great set of golf clubs that they can enjoy and
maybe that their friends are jealous of. So why not package the golf set with things like a
stylish new bag, a golf glove, a dozen new balls, a packet of tees and an umbrella with a
special video on how to hit the ball further and reduce your handicap in 6 weeks.
Additionally I would include a special $25 gift card to use when they next spend $100 or
more at your shop. This package might only add $100 to each sale, but save the customer
$350 if they'd purchased everything separately. Quite simple to do and you have extra sales
for a small amount of additional effort.
Have a referral strategy
Among your client base you no doubt have a number of really great customers. You know
the ones who do a lot of business with you and provide you with minimal problems.
Wouldn't you like more of these? The good news is that you can have more of them, you
just have to ask. Specifically, you need to ask your best clients to refer you more clients like
Now I’m not going to go into great details in this short report, but basically you need to let
them know you value their business and would love more clients like them. Then give them
something valuable to offer to potential clients they know, as a low risk way of introducing
your business to them.
Here are just 3 quick examples:
1. A carpet cleaner might give them a bottle of spot remover for free that will be
topped up at no cost whenever the new client uses any of their services
2. A hair dresser might offer a free ticket valued at $50 which includes a free 15 minute
head massage and blow wave
3. A marketing company might offer a ticket valued at $500 for a complimentary new
client attraction power session
For any new clients they send you, make sure you say thank you and also offer them
something valuable in return.
Let's look at an example of an accountant:
They could give their best clients a voucher for a free 1 hour session on how to minimise tax
valued at $197. Then, for every new client they get, they could offer the business referring
them an hour or two free accounting services as a reduction on their monthly bill. This is
only a very broad example but I’m sure you get the idea.
So how can you apply this in your business?
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
Take a few moments now to think about that. If you'd like some feedback on your idea, give
my office a call on 1300 884 571 and I’ll give you a free 10 minute power session on your
idea. We will come up with a very compelling new client attraction offer for your business
Under promise and over deliver
In marketing, you should always aim to exceed your customer's expectations. If you think
something will take 5 working days, you could guarantee within 10. This gives you a buffer
for unforseen events, but also allows anyone who gets results in 9 days or less, to get a
positive surprise. How often do you get those from a business? I don't see it happen very
often at all.
Building trust and confidence through under promising and over delivering can only
enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
Host-beneficiary Partnerships (Almost Free Advertising)
Some years ago, I was involved in a debate between two friends regarding the name of a
new business. “It's a good name," said one friend to the other, "but I'm not sure it's
the best name." You could say the same thing about the techniques typically used to attract
customers to a new business. Traditional strategies like networking and mailings will do the
job, but they won't do the best job.
If you're a start-up, the fastest way to get the cash registers ringing is a little-used method
that involves forming ‘host-beneficiary’ relationships (also known as a Joint Venture or JV)
with established businesses that cater to a target audience similar to yours. Then you
promote yourself to their database with a special offer presented as a gift from the older
The beauty of this arrangement is that the start-up (the beneficiary) can instantly reach
large numbers of highly qualified prospects with the tacit endorsement of the established
business (the host or JV partner). The host is willing to participate because it's a way to
reward loyal customers without incurring any costs. The rookie gains new customers, while
the veteran gains goodwill.
Here’s an example of how a Women's Clothing company successfully JV’d With BMW:
This start-up company was a high-end women's clothing boutique. The store arranged to
give a free silk kimono to every female customer of a local BMW dealership who brought in
a letter sent by the dealership offering the gown as a gift for their past patronage. The
kimono had to be picked up at the boutique.
More than 600 women responded, picking up $100 kimonos that cost the store just $16
apiece. Those 600 women spent an average of $400 on other merchandise during their
initial visit. Do the maths and you'll see that the start-up spent $9,600 to generate some
$240,000 in sales … and not, incidentally, to begin building its own clientele.
One vital step in any joint venture is to utilise the right giveaway. For example, I have
implemented a JV with a local mechanic who services high end vehicles. Almost all of his
clients are business owners. So my offer was a $1 per litre fuel voucher for anyone who
booked a new client attraction session with me.
The very first time we tested it with just 50 of his clients. 7 of them booked a free session
with me and 2 of them became clients of mine for 3 months.
The cost to me was $50 to have some small tickets printed up, plus $75 for each of the 7
people who sat with me, totalling $575 … Well it was a little less than that, but I will keep
the number rounded for the purpose of this example.
The 2 clients who I worked with both came on with a three month agreement at $3,500 per
month totalling $21,000.
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The Truth About
In this situation, it took time to convince the other business owner (JV partner) that this was
a legitimate way of doing business. Once that was out of the way, all was rosy.
Some business owners have never heard of ‘host-beneficiary’ relationships or ‘JV’s’ which
was the issue.
Being a host-beneficiary is actually a simple and relatively inexpensive process. There are six
steps you can take that will deliver solid results if you follow a few basic rules.
1. Precisely define your target audience. ‘Women 35 to 55’ might be a start, but it's
not enough. Create a detailed profile of your target customer. The more segments
you can identify, the more potential hosts you can approach.
The women's clothing boutique that marketed to BMW owners, for example,
determined that their likely customers drove certain types of cars, patronised a
certain class of hair salon, belonged to a health club and were likely to play bridge.
2. Identify local businesses that serve the same market segments. That way, you can
not only bring people in the door for your initial offer, but also increase the
likelihood that they'll return to give you repeat business.
For a cigar store, logical host partners might include better men's clothiers, upscale
shoe stores, luxury car dealerships and country clubs. And don't forget noncommercial organisations like Rotary or Charity groups.
3. Develop a clear offer for each prospective partner. Come up with a free or deeply
discounted product or service that has a high perceived value for the consumer with
a low dollar cost for you.
Here are some examples:
 a new computer support business offered a voucher worth two free hours of
computer repair, to the small business clients of a local accountant.
 a jewellery store offered free jewellery cleaning to clients of a hair salon
 a marketing consultant offered a free seminar on how to run sales to one
local newspaper's advertisers
 a framing shop offered free photo framing to a photographic supply store's
top 200 customers
4. Pitch the plan, highlighting the benefits to the host business. Emphasise that it's a
way for the established business to reward their customers at no expense and with
virtually no effort. It's also a way to reach out to customers without overtly trying to
make a new sale.
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The Truth About
5. Supply a letter for the host's use. Providing a draft ‘offer’ letter that can be sent to
the host's customers on the host's letterhead will help put the plan into motion
quickly. It will also show the partner how easy it will be for him to participate.
Some businesses will allow the letter to be inserted into their monthly invoices or
newsletters at no cost to you. Others will charge or require that you pay for a
separate mailing. It's a small price to pay for access to the JV’s business database.
6. Develop a strategy to convert redeemers to repeat customers. This, after all, is your
long-term goal.
For the women's boutique that gave away a kimono, the strategy was to encourage
browsing and lure shoppers into dressing rooms to try the merchandise.
For one new hair dresser it was to get a guaranteed 10 minute head massage for Free
with every haircut.
Regardless of your plan, the host-beneficiary (JV) process is the single most effective
way to quickly attract a critical mass of qualified customers to a new business. Instead of
beating the bushes for customers with individual referrals or scattershot ads, you can
tap into a targeted group of consumers to kick off sales.
The best part is, you're piggybacking on the success of another successful business who
has spent years building a solid customer base. In many ways this eliminates the need to
reinvent the wheel. For a start-up facing so many other challenges, it's just smart
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
Advertising That Works
Typical Mistake:
One of the typical mistakes people make in business (particularly small business owners), is
trying to compete on price. The common belief is to drop the price to get the business, but
nothing could be further from the truth. By dropping your price, you open yourself up to
doing too many quotes and working long hours to deliver those quotes, often landing too
few jobs.
If you succeed, you may obtain additional business, but with very little profit … not a good
long term plan at all.
So what’s the answer?
The answer is to brand yourself as the expert … How do you do that? It’s easier than you
might think. Let me give you a good example:
In this example, I am going to assume you know your line of business and your products
very well and you’re not a beginner in your profession.
The idea is to offer people a simple report (through an advert), that has a perceived value.
This will draw the attention of your potential customers.
In this example, I will assume you are in real estate.
Here is a very simple two line advert:
Learn the inside secrets of how to sell your house quickly and for more money. Call for FREE
information pack 1300 ### ###
When they call, you only need to direct them to a one page website with a web form where
they enter their first name and email address to get the report. Now you have done two
important things here which are …
1. You have started to brand yourself as the expert rather than just another real estate
agent by offering expert advice and tips
2. You have commenced building a database where you can soon send everyone an
email with the push of a button which, when completed correctly, delivers positive
cash flow
How expensive is all this? Depending where you place your advert, it can be as little as one
hundred dollars.
OK, if you’re thinking that you have no idea on how to put together a report to offer people,
I have a very simple answer for you.
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The Truth About
Get someone to interview you on the phone. This is easier than it sounds.
Simply outline a basic questionnaire of the things you want covered that you think your
potential customers would be interested in and record the call.
How do you record a phone call?
For just a few dollars you could purchase a recording device which allows you to
automatically record your phone calls. I purchased mine from ebay and it works
You could use a teleconferencing service which both parties dial into and set it up so
it automatically records the service whenever you call them. An online service you
can use is Ecteleconferencing: (www.ect.com.au).
Once you finish with the call, get a company like http://www.rev.com/transcription to
transcribe everything for you. And ‘bingo’ you now have a report you can send out that took
less than a few hours to put together … and you did very little work putting it together.
In less than 2 hours, you can have a report you can use to generate a gust of new customers
into your business.
An important thing to note … many people get caught up on sending out the perfect
package. Don’t do that. The most important thing you need to do is just GET STARTED. You
can always improve the report later.
Another quick real life example of an advert that delivered quite a few new customers, was
to a client of mine who lives and works in Perth, Australia. He is a landscaper who also
mows lawns for a living. Most landscapers these days I know for a fact, are fighting a price
war … I said most because my client is charging an average of 2 to 3 times that of most
other landscapers, yet his diary is always full.
Another good thing to note is that owing to the success of his advertising, he never has the
need to discount.
Can you imagine never having to discount to win a new customer? What a difference that
would make to the majority of small business owners … To actually have more customers
buying from you yet you are charging full retail.
I’ll even show you his first advert in a moment so you can start to see what he is doing that
is so different compared to all his competitors.
He is simply using my MCF principles to shift the buyer’s focus off the price to the
compelling offer. In addition, he delivered a guarantee that was too good to refuse as it took
100% of the risk away from the potential buyer.
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The Truth About
Let me show you one of the adverts he was using to attract new customers looking to
improve their lawns back when most of Australia was suffering from a drought.
This is just one of the successful adverts we
used for my client. For privacy, I’ve been
asked not to display the specific details of
the business owner and again I will respect
Having said that, it’s very easy to see how
this advert may appeal to you if you were a
potential customer looking to hire someone
to help make your lawn grow.
Now, this is one of the very first adverts we
used and things have come a long way
since then.
Can you begin to see how a different type of advert may bring in more clients for you too?
OK … let’s look at another advert in the real estate industry. Here’s the advert:
Free Report:
“Discover The Proven NEW
Strategies For Homeowners
On How You Can Sell Your
Home Faster – And For A
Higher Price:
Call 1300 ### ###
For A Free Kit
Are you beginning to see how your business could benefit from using these ideas?
If you are just not sure where to start and you would like to find out what you need to do, I
suggest you focus on utilising the free 10 minute consultation that I offer to my subscribers.
We will look over all your advertising and your website and I will let you know where you
are going wrong and what to fix.
If you would like a kick start in the right direction, simply call 1300 884 571 and book a time
for a 10 minute FREE phone consultation.
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The Truth About
Positioning Yourself as THE Expert in your field
What I usually do is to brand my client as the expert in their field. An example of how we did
this in the marketing of the landscaper is that we advertised him as a leading expert in
landscaping and adviser to other landscapers (which he does do on a small scale). When
Australia suffered from one of its worst droughts back in 2006, we utilised the advert above
(page 13) because most people were not allowed to use the hose to water their lawns. As a
result, the lawns of Australia were in a dismal state.
The advert above was placed in Perth (West Australia) and very soon the results were
coming in strong.
Question … Would this advert produce the same results today? Probably not, because the
drought situation has changed and most people currently don’t have water restrictions.
My point here is to utilise an advert to hit the heart of your target market, focusing on the
need rather than trying to call out to the majority as the majority are not interested.
Would this advert ever work again? Yes, in the event of another serious drought.
Are You Seen As the Expert or the ‘Go to’ Person in Your Industry?
The biggest challenge I face with a new client is that after they see what I implement, they
say to me: “But our competitors don’t do that”. If you’re a business owner and you do as all
your competitors do, then you will only ever be able to have what they have.
By doing as your competitors do, you are setting yourself up for another price war … not my
ideal way of running a business and I doubt you really want to be doing that either.
In order to stand out from your competitors, you may need to try some completely different
ideas and brand yourself as the EXPERT in your industry. When you’re perceived as the
expert, you will naturally demand a higher fee for your service and people will pay.
Products on the other hand, do need to command a good price unless you have something
else to offer as part of the deal. So, if you are selling white goods and a particular fridge is
valued at say $1000 and you are selling the exact same fridge for $1,050, then you need to
‘take the eyes off the price’ with a compelling offer such as:
Longer warranty
Specialised maintenance thrown in free
Vouchers for extra stuff (added value)
Free delivery
These are only some quick ideas. Once you put your thinking cap on, you will discover better
ideas to implement that fit with your business.
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
Everyone knows Harvey Norman is one of the ‘go to’ industry leaders. At the same time,
most people believe you will pay more buying from Harvey Norman compared to Ebay,
Seconds World or the Good Guys, yet buyers still seem to flock to Harvey Norman.
Developing a sound strategy before starting an advertising campaign is critical to making a
few bucks and attracting a sizeable share of business.
Be the go to person in your industry. Avoid being contacted by price conscious shoppers
that only tell you they will call you back after obtaining a price from you ... you and I both
know they won’t.
When you are seen as the EXPERT in your line of business, you will automatically attract
clients who are happy to pay for an expert.
We all know the television show Master Chef … so let me ask you this: “Are the judges on
Master Chef any better than most head chef’s in any silver service restaurant?” Probably
not. The issue is that the chefs on Master Chef are ‘perceived’ as the experts. They have
branded themselves as top experts so you would expect to pay top dollar to eat their food.
An old friend of mine who is a carpet cleaner and for the most part doesn’t want to be a big
company or be seen as someone influential, has found a way to market himself as the
leader in his field and demand top dollar. The thing to note about this client is that he works
on typically 3 jobs a day, where every other carpet cleaner is running around doing 5 to 8
jobs a day. As a result he makes more money than his competitors.
He utilises some of the principles mentioned in this book along with the most absolute rock
solid guarantee I’ve ever seen.
Would you like to see his advert? OK … here it is:
Sydney’s Best Carpet Cleaning
If I can’t make your carpets clean
I’ll come back and clean your carpets
again completely FREE…
If you are still not happy I will refund
100% of your money and I’ll pay for
the carpet cleaner of your choice to
go over your carpets again.
Call1300 ### ###
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The Truth About
News and Press
Journalists love a good story, so think through ways you can craft a story around yourself
and/or your business, why you started your business and any social or environmental trends
that are relevant?
I suggest you stay up to date with your industry magazine and consider having an article
published in that magazine. By staying up to date with your industry magazine, you’ll get to
know what the editor is interested in so you can craft an appropriate story.
Use sites like PR News Wire and PR WEB to upload press releases too. This will help get
your release out to media people that you don’t have a relationship with, but who might be
potentially interested in what you have to offer.
Twitter is a source of material for journalists. Many journalists use twitter to find new
stories that are breaking and to find sources for different stories. Twitter can be a great way
to start a conversation with a journalist you may never get to meet in person.
Conduct your own research project on your industry or customers and then publish the
results in a press release to gain PR attention. Make sure your research is designed to
produce key or controversial statistics that will grab media attention. Don’t be afraid to
offer an incentive to increase responses, as journalists will look for stories that have an
impressive number of respondents.
Join your local Chamber of Commerce or another appropriate networking group and
volunteer for a key position. By doing this, you’ll raise your profile and generate word of
mouth business.
If you’ve never written a press release before, consider using some online resources to help
you get input from a professional. Handle Your Own PR is a service to help small businesses
write press releases. You can also use Hub Spot’s Grader tool that will Grade your press
release for interest.
I recommend a course with the Publicity Princess … I learnt quite a bit from a recent course
that she did for a whole day that only cost $97. Her website is
http://www.thepublicityprincess.com/ and worth a look.
Create a compelling story about how your company was founded, will serve to engage
employees and customers. People love a good story and they like telling stories. Word of
mouth advertising is powerful.
Make sure you know when journalists are looking for a story related to your product or
service. Using call out services like Source Bottle will help you jump on top of short term
media opportunities.
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The Truth About
Enter into as many awards as possible. Winning or becoming a finalist builds trust and gives
you an opportunity to get in front of the media. Don’t be shy … ‘spruik’ about your
How many Advertising platforms should you have?
It is not the business that has the most expensive equipment, the nicest offices or the best quality
products that makes the most money. Money is made by attracting more clients. The key to
attracting more clients is ... Utilising Effective Ads, Sales Letters and Marketing Platforms for
Attracting, Converting and Keeping More Customers.
Utilising successful marketing systems is the ‘secret’ ingredient behind every successful business. It’s
completely irrelevant what you're selling or whether you operate a retail, wholesale, manufacturing,
online or home based business ... all successful business owners utilise one key principle ... they
know that having a system for getting new customers and keeping them is KING.
When you utilise such a system, you control the amount of business you generate each week. Having
effective systems for getting new customers means you are no longer at the mercy of the economy
or a fickle word of mouth promotion.
Owning a business that's thriving is uplifting and builds confidence throughout the company. Your
staff will be happier owing to their jobs being more secure.
There's no limit to the income you can make if you have an effective and proven advertising system.
A good letter or advertisement can bring in ten times the response than one of lesser quality.
The key to success in advertising is to experiment to find the system that works, by testing and
measuring. If you’re not achieving success, you need to try a different approach. There’s no point in
running the same advertisement over and over … if it didn’t work the first time, I guarantee it won’t
work the one hundredth time.
Testing is a vital part of the process of creating effective ads, letters and promotions. Once you've
discovered an advertisement that ‘works’, all you need to do is ‘turn the key’ and use it again and
again to achieve the income you want.
Devising a successful advertising system that can be put on auto pilot, allows you the time to start
working on your business rather than in your business. Once you find the ads, letters, systems and
promotions that work, you are no longer a slave to your business. You can afford to hire others to do
the tedious work, while you leverage your time.
Beware of high priced ad agencies, where you may talk with someone who has studied the BIG
BRAND advertising secrets, but has never actually gone out and made any REAL money in their own
business. Not only will you be charged an arm and a leg, but in most cases, you’ll be taking advice
from a company that doesn’t even rely on the principles they want you to use to market themselves.
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The Truth About
A successful marketing system will give you the ability to generate business whenever you need it. If
you cannot sell your products and services, you’re simply not in business. Learning how to create
and implement a successful marketing system will determine if you make it or fall by the way side.
You’re goal should be to develop a marketing system that generates repeat business through having
customers that pay more for your products and services by using trust, integrity and no sales
In addition, by incorporating an honest referral program into your company’s infrastructure, you will
gain more clients from the ones you already have, which in turn will save you huge amounts on
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
How to Attract the Best Clients & the Highest Fees
If your business was perfect in every way, what would it look like? If part of your answer is: “I would
work with wonderful people on thrilling projects and I would get paid the best fees in the industry”,
then you are going to love this short article.
I’m sure you have heard the saying: everyone in business is a problem solver!
It confirms the fact that every business exists, to solve at least 1 problem. The bigger the problem,
the fewer people there are who can solve it and the more money they can charge for providing the
So, why does this matter to you? Simple … how many other businesses in your marketplace can
solve the same problem as you?
Quite a few, right?
So, why not consider increasing your value, by developing a uniquely valuable service?
Consider becoming the person in your niche who not only solves problems, BUT solves them in a
more remarkable way than anyone else. If you can make doing business with you as interesting and
rewarding for clients as possible, you will start to be attractive to your potential customers. If you
do, there’s an extremely good chance:
You will attract more clients
earn more money
develop fantastic client relationships
keep your clients for longer
generate many word-of-mouth referrals …. and
make doing business a lot more enjoyable.
Interesting business people are attractive. They stand out and we talk about them for all the right
One of the cornerstones of every successful business is that the business owner knows the
difference between what people pay for and what people buy.
Paying and buying
Smart business owners understand that clients don’t just pay for the product or service they offer.
What they are also buying is the experience or the expertise.
For example, when people go into Gloria Jeans, they pay for the coffee. The reason they pay for the
coffee is that they buy the experience of being able to drink coffee in a comfortable atmosphere
with other people who also like to drink coffee and read or work or surf the web etc.
You can buy equally good quality coffee from your local store and make it at home for a fraction of
the cost of drinking it at Gloria Jeans. However, at home; you don’t get the same ‘coffee experience’.
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The Truth About
It’s the experience that justifies the 300% extra you pay for drinking coffee at Gloria Jeans rather
than making it at home. Gloria Jeans don’t try and win your business by selling you coffee cheaper
than your local grocery store. They sell the experience and charge a premium. There’s a very big
lesson here for anyone who is sick and tired of fee-sensitive clients. The experience you offer your
customers needs to improve, if you want to avoid attracting those low value inquiries and competing
on price.
What experience do you offer?
So, what kind of an experience do you offer your clients or customers? What do you do for them
that makes it compelling for them to do business with you, regardless of your fees or prices?
If this is not something you have previously given much thought to, I strongly suggest you start.
Thanks to Google, people can find the least expensive provider in your niche in seconds. Thanks to
social networking sites, people can learn about the providers in your niche who offer the most
remarkable customer experiences.
Unless you want to sell your services by being the least expensive (and I bet you don’t), you better
start thinking about being that provider in your niche who everyone is talking about. If you do, you
will attract more word of mouth referrals than ever before and never have to compete for business
based on your fees. This is what I help my clients to achieve and I suggest you follow the same model
If you want to attract the best clients and have them invest the highest fees, you need to understand
the commercial value of originality.
The original Mona Lisa was insured in 1962 for a hundred million dollars. Today that valuation would
be closer to a billion dollars. Having said that, you can buy a copy of the Mona Lisa today for the
price of a salad sandwich. This is due to the marketplace valuing originality and attaching no value to
The ‘easy road’ is what the masses decide to take. It is what is said to be: ‘offering an average service
to average people.’ It attracts average clients and the end result is you are forced to charge average
fees. This approach is soul destroying and those who take it look to the future with apprehension. It
also requires little thought, which is why it’s so common.
The challenging road is what the leaders in every field decide to take. They look for ways to offer a
uniquely valuable service, rather than looking for excuses for why they MUST slavishly do what their
competitors are doing.
I’ve had clients say that it’s just not possible to offer anything new or original in their profession.
That is factually incorrect. What they’re really saying is that they either don’t know what to do or
they’re not prepared to do what’s required so they quit. Other people get on and do it. They invest
the effort and energy to come up with something uniquely valuable and then they have the courage
to implement it. That’s why they get to work with the best clients and earn the highest fees.
In a world full of copycats, you can achieve huge commercial success if you seek out and implement
your own, original masterpiece!
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
How to Become The ‘Go-To’ Person in Your Industry
There was a time when a personal brand was limited to a person's co-workers, neighbours, family
and friends. In today's Internet and social network-focused world, personal branding is an essential
activity for the success of any entrepreneur.
You could have the best product and company in the world, but if prospective clients don't like 'YOU'
and what you stand for, anything thereafter can become irrelevant.
Gone are the days when people automatically buy popular product brands. This is not to say that
what people are looking for is just quality. However, they are likely to put a higher value on doing
business with people they can trust (‘TRUST’ being the key ingredient).
Did you know that everyday over 200 Million people search for key words and names and that the
‘About Us’ section is the second most viewed page on the internet?
In my opinion to be in business today, your most important job is to be the head marketer for the
brand called ‘You’.
Now here's the interesting thing about personal branding...
Whether you create it or not, there is information about you on the Internet. It may be a little or a
lot, but it's out there. So, doesn't it make sense to control what they learn about you?
By doing so, you create the foundation for who you are and how you are perceived within your
industry by prospects, future business partners and employees, both on and offline.
So the question becomes: how do you accomplish this idea of creating a unique personal brand?
To answer this question and to gain a deeper insight into the importance of personal branding, I
decided to take the words from Glen Carlson, co-founder of: ‘Key Person of Influence’, the world’s
leading personal brand accelerator.
Glen’s organisation runs global training programs and events for small business owners and industry
leaders to help them become THE key people of influence within their industry.
"Humans have evolved to be attracted to people, not companies. Developing a clear Personal Brand
is one of the fastest way to attract big opportunities to accelerate your growth as an entrepreneur"
says Carlson.
Glen believes the majority of small business owners in Australia (or any country for that matter),
typically face three common challenges:
Being undervalued,
Being under paid …… and
Being under recognised
He goes on to say: "Despite being talented people and skilled technicians in their field,
entrepreneurs struggle to communicate their value and commercialise it.”
Attract new clients to your business in just 7 days and book yourself solid.
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The Truth About
In a business world where competition is more fierce than ever before because of the variety of
choices available to customers, your first impression could be your best or your last.
This is why personal branding is now more important than ever before. Personal branding is what
entices people to become more connected with your brand name, while engaging them with the
purpose behind your business.
Similarly to the way that businesses need to differentiate themselves from others, individuals need
to do the same thing for themselves. From establishing an online identity to placing your name on
your brand, building your personal brand has never been more important.
Below, Glen shares his top 5 tips for any business owners or entrepreneur who are looking to not
only build their personal brand but be recognised as a key person of influence within their industry:
1. Don't hide behind your businesses value proposition. To develop a personal brand, you must
define why you are unique and valuable, and learn how to pitch it powerfully.
2. Don't underestimate the effect of your personal credibility. Being an industry commentator
or publishing your own articles or even a book, is one of the fastest ways to build authority
and visibility in your industry.
3. It's important to commercialise your brand. ‘Productising’ your skills and experience is about
developing products, services and a business that is an authentic expression of who you are
as a person.
4. With Google now being the ‘go to’ source for first impressions, crafting your online profile is
key. When people search for your name, they're judging you on the consistency of your
brand across websites, blogs, videos & images.
5. You're best known by those who you associate with. Reaching out and setting up Joint
Ventures and Partnerships with other key players in your industry is how you attract the big
opportunities, while establishing yourself as a key person of influence in your industry.
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The Truth About
Are Colours on a Website or Advertisement Important?
The use of colours is very important. However, the majority of business owners or people in the
marketing department of large companies spend more time on a ‘pretty design’ rather than the
compelling offer. Advertising that looks nice, has 3D imaging and fancy videos with stunning pictures
that you and your team love the look of, does not guarantee people will buy your product.
Now, I’m not saying you should not make something look stunning, not at all. What I am saying is
that there needs to be a solid compelling offer (with some social proof where possible) and a strong
call to action. If the advert warrants it, use a time limit or limit it to the first 82 people for example.
Here is what I recommend because it works:
By all means make your website look good, but whenever you write a message on your website,
please make sure the main content (words on your website) that you want people to read, is in black
text on a white background rather than any coloured background.
You might be thinking this is not a big deal and some things in themselves are not an overall big deal,
but many of these smaller things add up to an overall system that works.
If you’re on a budget, you can use red headlines and even some other colours if you like, but there is
a tried and proven rule of marketing that applies when working on a budget with paper adverts: use
black text on a white background and one other colour for headlines.
The only exception to the rule is if you own a photography website. For example … sometimes
photos look a lot better with a black background. Having said that, if you need to convey a message
in print on that website, you need to do it with black text on a white background.
Let’s say you are advertising your services in the local paper and you are a vet. It would be wise to
include a friendly image of you holding a dog that is trying to lick your face … now this might seem
funny, but it gives the impression that you are a ‘friendly’ animal doctor who loves their job.
Here is a very quick example:
Sydney’s Friendliest
Veterinary Clinic
Your animals will love us as
much as we love them.
Call anytime 24/7
1300 000 000
$50 Gift card to spend on anything
in our shop - This Month Only
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Do you remember some years back when the Greater
Building Society took on the big four banks and gave
away a free holiday to anyone who took one of their
home loans? Just in case you don’t remember, look at
the advert to the right:
They hired Jerry Seinfeld to do their TV ads and it was a
real winner … I mean, who wouldn’t want a free holiday
with a new home loan?
This is what I mean, when I say to take the potential
customers eyes off the price and get them focused on
the added value … see how it works?
Below are two examples from the work of Mr John
Dwyer from the Institute of WOW, who was behind the
Greater Building Society’s success and the hiring of Jerry
In these examples, John utilised a simple A-Frame … so, if you were hungry, which A-Frame might
tempt you in for a bite to eat? It’s easy to see which one has the greater attraction. The one on the
right emphasises the added value and utilises images that can make you feel hungry.
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In the A-frames above, the thing to note is the one on the left is something I personally would not
stop to read if I was walking by, but the one on the right has images that make my mouth water and
almost forces me to stop and look … would you agree?
OK … so we’ve covered a few details on when to and when not to use colour or black and white along
with a few examples.
If you are not sure, call my office and schedule a time and I’ll run my eyes over your marketing
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Testimonials – The Wrong Way and the Correct Way
OK, now this is a big one. While we covered part of it earlier, it is such a key principle of success in
marketing that it demands more attention.
Most people use testimonials in the written word on their website and that’s it … It’s unfortunate but
the written testimonial on a website really doesn’t carry much weight and is often assumed to be
fake, which does you more harm than good.
A written testimonial with a photo of the person with their name is better and conveys more trust in
the testimonial.
A better testimonial to use is one with a photo and audio of the person verbally sharing the
experience they had with you and how your product or service helped them.
The ultimate and most affective testimonial and the one least used is a video testimonial. A video
testimonial is so much more effective than the written or spoken word. The reason is that the person
talking in the video is more trusted by potential clients because of the powerful impact of body
language and voice tone. These variables are not present or perceived with the written word alone.
While tone is evident in an audio, the visual aspect which delivers the most trust in any testimonial is
still missing.
Most companies don’t bother with testimonials at all, hence they miss out on so many new clients.
Some companies are terrified to ask for a video testimonial, fearing that the customer may say “no”.
The key to obtaining testimonials is knowing how to ask for them. By asking in the right way, you will
have more people saying “yes”. If they say “no”, they will still be very comfortable in coming back to
buy from you and not feel scared you will bring up the subject again.
The following is a successful request I use when I phone and ask for a testimonial:
Hi (their name) it’s Mark here from More Clients Fast and I was hoping you might be able to help me
out for a moment …
When they ask “What is it” I say…
(their name), I’m putting together some candid and honest video reviews from my past work that will
go on my website and I’m wondering if you would be open to doing a 30 second review for me based
on the experience you’ve had working with me … Is that something you might be open to helping me
At this point, most people will say yes. However, for those that are a little hesitant about being on
camera, you should not push them. Simply say something like this:
(Their Name) it’s totally OK, because I know it can be uncomfortable being in front of a camera. As I
don’t want you to feel pressured and I certainly don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in continuing
to do business together and I hope you are OK that I asked, even if we don’t go ahead with doing a
video together. But (Their Name) if you don’t mind, may I quickly tell you what’s actually involved
and how it would really help me?
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When they say “yes”, I literally pull out my mobile phone, turn on the video and ask just 5 questions:
What is your name and what business are you in?
What were you looking for before hiring me?
What did you like about me that prompted you to hire me?
In what way did I help you? ….. and
Why would you recommend me?
So (Their Name), would you be comfortable to help me with this?
If they say “no” at that point, simply say …
I can understand that. I really appreciate you for listening and I promise not to bring this up again as
it’s just something I wanted to ask for once, and once only … SO, I look forward to seeing you next
time you pop into the shop. OK?
Usually I find more than 80% of the people I ask are more than OK to help me with making a quick
video testimonial.
Sometimes when they agree to do a testimonial for you, it may require them doing the video by
themselves as you may be separated by distance. Should this be the case, be sure to email them an
instruction guide consisting of the 5 questions above and simply ask them to be honest, genuine and
to speak without exaggeration … just be real.
The more scripted it is, the less real it may look. For example, some of my testimonials are from high
level executives who took the time to practice what they wanted to say to keep their professional
image … now, although the testimonials on my website are 100% true and genuine in every way,
some of them just seem to be a little scripted. The best testimonials I’ve ever recorded are where the
person giving the testimonial had no idea of the questions I was about to ask them.
Be sure to have your video created in MP4 and convert it to a web-ready format. This can be done
for free using Handbrake found at http://handbrake.fr/ and you can watch how to convert that file to
a web ready file at http://www.moreclientsfast.com.au/hand-brake.html
When you do receive a testimonial, simply ask your web developer to position it high up on your
HOME page so it’s one of the first things people see. For a testimonial to be successful, it must be
prominent and seen before the potential customer scrolls down the page.
I tend to include testimonials in my main home page video and sometimes I place three or four under
the main video. You will find people will more likely click play on a video than read a review or
testimonial, which again creates a better conversion rate on your website.
I recommend having a really good headline above your video testimonials, similar to the one I once
used on my own website as seen below:
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This is one of the places to position your videos.
Do NOT call them testimonials as the word testimonial has proven to be a word that is miss-trusted,
especially online. ‘REVIEW’ is a word that people are more likely to be open to. It’s almost like
comparing an advert to a press release … they both have a page in the paper but with the advert, you
know it’s an advert and that you are being sold. A news review is more trusted hence, I like to call my
testimonials, ‘reviews’.
It is wise to measure the impact of different headlines. Alternatively, you can also measure the
impact of deleting the headline to see which one compels your website visitors to play the videos the
most. Whichever one works the best is the one you keep … you then set it and forget it.
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Make Sure Your Website is SEO Friendly
So what is SEO and why do you need to make sure your website is SEO friendly?
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of maximising the visibility of a website or web
page on a search engine like Google.
In order to have Google like your website, you first need to have it ‘ready’ which is a term I use
called ‘Search Engine Ready’ or ‘SEO Ready’. To be ‘SEO Ready’ requires giving attention to a few key
content areas. If you don’t understand what follows, you can simply request your website developer
to make sure they include these important content areas:
1. Title Tags
A Title Tag is a concise and accurate description of the subject matter of an online
document, usually found at the top of each page.
If the Title Tag is too general (does not accurately relate to the subject matter), it may be
considered as irrelevant or spam.
A Title Tag should contain a keyword phrase that you want to rank on Google, followed by
something catchy that will entice the potential customer to want to click on your listing.
Let’s say you are an electrician and you want to rank on Google with the keyword phrase:
Eastern Suburbs Electrician. An appropriate title tag might be: Eastern Suburbs Electrician –
On Time Or It’s Free (see below with a red border).
Here is how
the title tag
appears on
What’s important to note with this example is that it contains the main keyword phrase: Eastern
Suburbs Electrician followed by something catchy: On Time Or It’s Free, to compel the searcher to
click on the listing.
Keep in mind there is a character limit in a title tag of 70 characters and that includes spaces.
2. Description Tags … The next thing to utilise is the description tag which is the second most
important tag on your web page. In the description below, I’ve put a red circle around the
description tag.
Here is how
the description
tag appears on
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What’s important to note with this example is that it contains the main keyword phrase: Eastern
Suburbs Electrician followed by something catchy: On Time Or It’s Free to compel the searcher to
click on the listing.
As with the title tag, the description tag also has a character limit. The limit of the description tag is
160 characters which includes any spaces.
3. H1 Tags … The next important tag in a web page is the H1 tag. The H1 is the first heading on
a web page that a viewer can see once they open your website. Here is an example of where
a H1 tag on a web page will typically be:
4. Content … The words on your webpage are described as ‘content’, seen just under a H1 tag.
The importance of ‘content’ seems to be consistently underestimated. It is often just not
included on web pages.
One of the key things to understand is that Google is looking for ‘content’. Google want to deliver
information and if you don’t have any, it’s going to make your Google ranking harder, more
expensive and more difficult to obtain.
The correct amount of content to use is around 350 words.
Now, you may wonder who on earth is going to read 350 words on your web page? The answer is:
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interested searchers. However, if you don’t have relevant content on your page, then you won’t rank
high on Google. This defeats the purpose of having a web page in the first place.
Having relevant content is key to having a successful web page.
5. Pages … There are pages on a website that Google is looking for and if you don’t have these
pages you will be limiting your chances of achieving a high SEO ranking.
The pages you need to include on your website are an XML site map (also known as a Google
sitemap), a terms of use page and a privacy policy page.
An XML Sitemap is simply a page that lists links to every page on your website. This page
enables Google to see all your pages at a glance. It also shows Google that you’re not trying
to hide any pages from them, rather you are being an ‘open book’ so to speak.
A Terms of Use Page is a page that describes your conditions of service. For example, let’s
say you are a plumber and you have a cancellation fee. Should you turn up to a booking, the
client has forgotten and they’re not there and you send them a bill later, you want to make
sure you have this clearly explained in your terms of use page.
A Privacy Policy Page clearly explains anything you do to gather a persons information
including what happens when someone enters their name and email address into a web
form on your website eg:
 what you will do with that information
 how secure is this information
 how cookies work on their computer
 your information gathering process and how you may access the information
 anything related to information, be it private or freely given, including a client or
someone who is already a customer of your business
A privacy policy is absolutely essential should you want to rank your web page on
6. Bread Crumbing … Bread crumbing is the record of a navigation path made when a site visitor
moves through the pages on a website. In the image below is a screen shot of breadcrumbing in a
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In the above example, you can see the website visit started at the home page, then went to the
destinations page, then to the page about North America, then Canada, then British Columbia and
ultimately to The Rocky Mountaineer.
Bread crumbing provides:
 a record of the navigation path used by the site visitor, thus making the process of
navigating your website easy to follow
 a demonstration to Google that you are going the extra mile trying to make your
website visitor’s experience as easy as possible
Note: Google looks favourably on any attempts by you to make the site visitor’s experience
7. Website Footer … The links that should be in the footer of every page of your website are
links that lead to the following pages:
Home | Contact | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Sitemap | About
By including these main links in the footer of every page of your website, you are again
increasing the visibility of your website which in turn makes your website more attractive to
By implementing all of the above principles, you increase your chances of ranking your
website higher in the Google search engine.
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Business Cards – The Wrong Way and The Correct Way
An effective business card is one that looks professional, which raises the question of what does
‘looking professional’ mean. While there may be many different interpretations of what, ‘looking
professional’ really means it is not entirely what compels people to make choices about who they do
business with.
…… and here is something else to think about … your logo. Most people spend far too much time
and money on their logo. For the most part, a logo will literally mean nothing to a potential client.
Let me demonstrate what I mean by asking you a question: “When was the last time you made a
decision to use a company or buy their product based on their logo?” My guess is that your answer
would be something like “Probably never” and if so, I think you can see what I mean.
The website features that compel people to pick up the phone and call your number are:
utilising compelling headlines
videos and audios
not gimmicky logos or fancy looking colours.
Having said that, it’s OK to have a really nice logo and nice colours on your business card. Just don’t
spend too much time or money on it, because you could be investing that time and money on the
things that will bring you more clients.
OK … So what should you have on your business card?
This is where you really need to get creative and utilise something compelling that will attract your
ideal client. You also need to include on your business card the underlying core problem you solve.
Let me give you an example:
People in my line of work would say they are in Marketing. Their business card would typically
reflect something about marketing and that they hold a certain position in the company. Now think
about this for a minute. Do you or does anyone for that matter, care about the position they hold
within the company? Additionally, most people have varying interpretations of what they think
‘Marketing’ is.
As I don’t know your business, I am unable to show you what you should have on your business card.
So let me show you what I have on my business card and you can judge for yourself whether it
makes sense.
Instead of saying: “I own a marketing company”, what I do have on my card is the underlying core
problem I solve.
Here is what’s written on my business card:
Mark Briody helps you attract new quality clients who want to buy your products and services …
Mark then implements his special MCF systems to ensure those same clients buy from you on a
regular basis… see how at www.MoreClientsFast.com.au
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Now that’s something that might prompt someone who is looking at my card, to want to go and take
a look at my website. It’s the website’s job then to convert that visitor into a phone call and
providing you’ve followed the principles I’ve mentioned earlier in this book, you should be successful
in attracting new clients.
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Making Sure You Get it Right
So now you’ve got some marketing inspiration, it’s still a good idea to make sure you bring all your
ideas together into a focused plan. Following a plan means you are less likely to waste precious
dollars on marketing that doesn’t work.
This is where working with an experienced marketing consultant or investing in some marketing
knowledge (through guides, books and seminars) can really help you get a good return on your
marketing investment.
Whenever you’re ready, More Clients Fast can help you implement smarter marketing strategies
that can bring you in better quality clients who pay more for your products and services.
One strategy that my clients love so much is the unique principle I implement in their business that
generates regular repeat business from their clients. To learn more about how this works, simply call
1300 884 571 for a friendly chat without the sales pressure 
To your success,
Mark Briody
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