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its technologv to Ivanhoe Energy, which uses it
anadamight hold much of the Speeding
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to refine heaq, oii from the tar sands.
world's oil supply,but that isn't Starting at a small research laboratory in
Enysn's pyrol;'sis oil is currently being used
stopping its entrepreneurial Sherbrooke University in 1999, Quebec-based
companies from becoming world
leaders in second generation biofuel
Enerkem now runs alarSe commercial facility
with a gasifier that turns Edmonton's garbage
Over 100 companies are in the race
to prove that their technology can
repTacefossil fuels with affordable and
planet-friendly biofuels to heat homes
solids into 36 million litres of bioethanol a
year. Once the facility is operational in mid2011, it will be the first commercial operation
in the world to take municipal solid waste
(about 100,000 tonnes annually) and turn it
into a renewable ethanol that can be pumped
into our gas tanks.
in heat and power generation, but the gold
star has always been renewable "drop-in"
transportation fuels that can be slotted into an
existing oil refinery to make green gas, diesel
or jet fuel indistinguishable from its fossil
Sticking to its strategy of finding strong
partners, Ensyn signed a deal with UOP,
the world's major technology supplier to
the oil refining sector and a subsidiary
of manufacturi ng gi ant Honeywell. I n
in the R&D stage.But a few Canadian
companies are among the dozen that
are commercial or near commercialand each has the potential to change
Ottawa-based Ensyn started 25 years ago
when oil prices per barrel were still in their
teens. The company stuck with its technology,
which turns biomass like wood waste into a
thick "pyrolysis oil," despite a tough energy
market. In 2005, it made a $100-mi1liondeal to
October 2008, the com panies f or m ed
Envergent Technologies to commeruahze
the technology to turn pyrolysis oil to a
renewable liquid transport fuel. Randal
Goodfellow, Ensyn's senior vice president,
says the green fuel will be ready for the oil
the way the world fuels up.
licence the fossil fuel upgrading application of
and schools and rev up industrial
and transportation engines. Despite
decades of work, the majority of
th e next g e n er at ion biof uels (w h i c h
are made from materials that do not
compete with food production) are still
r)wlu.renewcana da. n et
2010 ReNew
Canad,a 23
Conference speakers include:
\1r]\'(rrDarrell \Jussattofrom
the"City of North Vancouver;
flonourable J()hnYap (rbc),
Minister of State for Climate
Action; l-isaColtart,BC
Hydro's Director of Power
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3 SystemTours lMayors' Panel I Presidents'Perspectives
I Operators'Forum
ners Panel llnternational Insights I feature on New Technologies and much more!
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t'heyneedrofind strong
inttesttnentor form
stra t egic l)a t'n tu'slt i 2ts,"
-Douglas Bradley
Adaptingto a changingmar k et
Another promising bio-oil producer is
V ancouver' s D ynamoti ve Ener gy. I t s
i nventi ve approach w as recognized
this summer when it received the 2009
Intergovernmental Reneu'able Energy
Orga n i z ati o n
I nn ovati on
Alvar d.
Dl,namotive has been turning residual
.uvoodto bio-oil for years at its 13O-tonnesper-day West Lorne plant, fueling a 2.5megawatt turbine to make power for the
Ontario grid, and selling the oil to a U.S.
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' Climate
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customer for the heat market.
The economic downturn forced the
company to seekout strong partners to heip
develop their projects. In a conference call
discussing the company's fourth quarter
results fbr 2009, CEO Andrew Kingston
said, "The market is taking a significant
departure." Larpleenergy and oi1companies
want to develop projects themselves.
Kingston says,"It's a question of a decision
of whether the technologv meets their
requirements,rather than us having to raise
the capi raland put rhe proj ectroget her '. ''
Like Ensyn, Dynamotive's goal is to
perfect a processto upgradeits heavy bio-oil
into a middle distillate that can be inserted
into existing oil refineries to produce
renewable transportation fuel, and, like
Ensyn, it's racing to be the first.
"Do what yow do really well,
understand.w'lcatit isyou do,arudtlcen
connectwit'hotherpartiesin value
cLtaintltat will getyow to tlte ynarket."
-Randal Goodfellow
Dcmonstration of the florv propcrties
,,i Rf I' p-r.rol1.sis
Seeingthe forestthroughthe trees
\\/est Coast company Nexterra invented
its small gasification units to fit onto large
pulp and paper or sawmill plants. to take
leftover wood and make combined heat
and power that could fuel the processor
be sold to the grid. But when the forest
industry took another turn for the \\-orse.
\exterra turned to urban markets. It
has sold its gasifiers not only to pulp and
plvrvood mills, but to universities and
condo developments.Soon it lvill heat and
Jo\\'er the hub of energy researchin North
-\rnerica, the Department of Energl"s Oak
Ridge National Laboratorl. in Tennessee.
The $S9-million project is being led b1.
\exterra's partner Johnson Controlsrhe two formed a strategic alliance to
develop biomass gasification projects after
l'orking together on a similar project at the
University of South Carolina.
Douglas Bradley, president of the
C a nad i a n
B ioener gy
A s s o c i a ti o n
C - \ N BIOJ, s ay s Canada ' s a d v a n c e d
biofuel technologies are still unknou'n in
some sectors-and that needs to change.
"lf these companieswant to win the race,
:hev need to find strong investment or form
strategiicpartnerships like Ensvn's deal
.,r-ithHonel'well," he savs.
-{nd with more promising advanced
b i o f uel te ch nologies f r om C a n a d i a n
companies like Lignol and Iogen nearing
,'onrmercialization, CANBIO is focusing
o n pro mo ti n g t hes e t ec h n o l o g i e s to
p ot ent ia l i n v es t or s wor ldw i d e . T h i s
the association is leading a series
of trade missions and study tours to
promote Canada as an innovative leader
in advancedbiofuel, and as an ideal site to
implement biomass heat, power and pellet
technologies.Missions include a trip to
China in collaboration with Australia and
the \\/orld Bioenergy Association, in May
or-June.and to Italv and Austria in Mav.
OnAprit1, 2070,Maxxamand Cantest
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Crystal Luxmore is a Toronto-based freelance rvriter and
i'oml: rni c:rfions m:rnagel'fbr the Canadian Bioener$1' A ssociation.