XI. How to Apply

XI. How to Apply
The ARC application for admission is available at www.ctohe.org/ARCOnline.
The 2014-15 Weekend Program application deadline is July 1, 2014. Applicants will be
notified of admission status on or before August 15, 2014.
Applications may only be submitted electronically. You will be given a login code and password
that will allow you to access and/or change your application anytime until it is completed and
submitted. This site will allow you to monitor ARC’s receipt of your required supporting
documents (i.e., transcripts, test scores, waivers, resume and letters of reference).
Upon submission of the electronic application, candidates must print, sign and mail the
“signature page.” You may verify the status of your application anytime by logging into your
account. You will not be notified of missing application items.
ARC maintains submitted applications and supporting documents for two years for applicants
who are not offered admission. ARC allows candidates to re-apply for program admission within
two years of the original submission of their ARC application. Re-applicants are required to
reapply online and follow the instructions for re-applicants. The reapplication fee is $50.
Completed Applications
An application cannot be reviewed and considered for admission until it is complete and all
required documents have been received in the ARC office. In regards to testing requirements,
applicants must either have passed Praxis II/ACTFL or provide proof of taking or registering for
either exam before the application deadline. Please note that passing Praxis II/ACTFL is a
requirement for completing the ARC Program and for teacher certification by the State
Department of Education. Applicants must monitor the status of their applications online using
their login code and password to ensure that ARC has received all required documents by the
application deadline.
Application Checklist
ARC applications must include the following items:
1. ___Submission of completed online application
2. ___Printed and signed signature page
3. ___Mail to ARC:
 Signed signature page
 $75 application fee with check made payable to ARC ($50 fee for re-applicants who
reapply within two years of the original application submission)
 Current resume
 Three sealed and current letters of recommendation on official letterhead and attached
to the required reference form
 Praxis I scores or Praxis I waiver
 Praxis II exam results, or proof of exams taken or registration
ACTFL OPI and WPT scores for World Language applicants or proof of exams taken
or registration
Official college transcripts for undergraduate and any graduate work in sealed
envelopes direct from the institutions with appropriate seal/authentication.