Online bidding during the AAF-Black Hills’ Annual Media & Merchandise Auction is easy!
Get Your Bidder Account.
To place a bid on the AAF-Black Hills Online Media & Merchandise
Auction site, you must first register for your free Media & Merchandise
bidding account.
Simply browse the online catalog and find an item that you would like
to bid on. Click the Click here to bid button and you will be directed
to the Login page.
If you already have a Media & Merchandise bidding account, simply
fill in your User Name and Password on the left half of the page and
click the Login button.
If you do not yet have a Media & Merchandise bidding account, follow
these simple steps to register for your free account:
Fill in the Registration information on the right half of the
page. Be sure to remember the user name you choose. Click
the Register button.
AAF-Black Hills will send you an email containing your
temporary password.
Copy the password to your clipboard.
Click the link in the email and confirm your user name and
password (paste the password into the password field).
Click the Confirm Registration button.
Choose your own personal password. This is the password
you will use from this point forward whenever you log in to
the Media & Merchandise Auction. The temporary password
you received earlier will no longer work.
Click the Change Password button.
Once you have created a Media & Merchandise bidder account you
can simply log in, using the left half of the Login page, each time
you visit the AAF-Black Hills Online Media & Merchandise Auction site.
Browse the Catalog
To browse the auction catalog, click the View Auction Catalog
button to the left of the home page. Or, click the Catalog tab near
the top of the page (just under the banner).
The auction items are categorized to make them easier to find.
Simply click on a category in the left column of the auction catalog to
view items of a specific category. To view all items regardless of
category, click the View All Items link at the top of the category list.
When you see an item that interests you, click on its name or picture
to learn more. If the item is open for online bidding, you will be able
to place a bid from this page.
Win It Now
Some items may offer a Win It Now option. If you are the first
bidder to pay the Win It Now price, you will win the item and will be
obligated to purchase it at the Win It Now price. Please note that
the Win It Now option may be removed from an item once bidding
reaches a certain predetermined level.
Enter Your Bid
If you would like to bid on an item, enter your bid in the Place Your
Max Bid box and click the Submit Bid button. Note the message
"Next bid must be at least..." in the Place Your Max Bid box. Your
bid must be at least equal to this amount to be considered a valid bid.
Your bid amount should be the maximum amount you are willing to
pay for the item. AAF-Black Hills will place incremental bids of $1.00
on your behalf, up to your maximum bid amount, as necessary to
maintain the leading bid and win the item.
Increase Your Bid
If you decide to increase your maximum bid, you may do so as long
as the item is still open for bidding, even if you are already the
leading bidder. Simply enter your new maximum bid just as you did
when you placed your initial bid on the item.