The Cephalonian Experience: how to bring some Greek sunshine to

The Cephalonian Experience: how
to bring some Greek sunshine to
your library orientation
Nigel Morgan & Sonja Haerkoenen
What do you normally associate
with Cephalonia?
What is the Cephalonian Method?
Unusual technique for library
induction / orientation
“A glorious fusion of music,
color and audience
participation which is designed
to appeal to the senses whilst
engaging the mind”
It’s an accepted fact that library
orientation is “boring”. So why did we
bother revamping our sessions?
• Stop students falling asleep
• Stop OURSELVES falling asleep
• Convey information more effectively
• Inject some spontaneity
• Encourage attendance at IL sessions
We wanted to have a good time!!
What qualities did we want our
“new-style” orientation to have?
• An interactive format
– illusion of being “student driven”
• Enjoyable to deliver
• To present librarians in a favorable light
• Humorous & entertaining
• Theatrical & attention grabbing
We wanted to put on a “show”!
Where did we get our inspiration?
Hi Finland! Sorry IAnd
can’t be
with you
WHY are you reading out
from those colored cards?
The Cephalonian Method
Basic introductory information
Finding reading list items
Services and facilities
My Mum has e-mailed me a
photo of Miguel, my pet
iguana. Where can I print him
IT room in Biomedical Library
IT rooms in Science Library
Microsoft applications
Blackboard & Email
Networked printing payment
Laser printing (b&w)
6p per A4 sheet
Colour printing
20p per sheet
Help! I’ve missed my 9am
lecture - where can I copy
my friend’s notes?
Self service
6p per A4 sheet
8p per A3 sheet
20p per A4 sheet
Copyright Law
What really irritates us?
Eating & drinking
Excessive noise
Soggy books
Loud talkers
Mobile phones !
Mobile phones !!
Mobile phones !!!
What are the advantages of
using the C Method?
• A good icebreaker
• Extremely versatile
– large & small groups / different audiences
• Encourages creativity
• Variety
– each session is unique!
• Non-linear approach ideal for the
web generation
• It works!
What are the potential
Unpredictable for presenter
Lacks “spatial orientation” value
Shy students
Color perception issues
Preparation time
How did the students react to
the Cephalonian Method?
“Very well presented..loved it….Bravo!”
“It was a creative way of introducing the library.
Student’s participation was a smart idea!”
“It was a bit weird” / “It was funny”
“It was divine” / “It was bangin’ “
“Loved the jokes”
“Who’s the guy in the photos? Can I have his
phone number? I want to date him”
“Did you think that this session
provided an effective introduction to
the library?”
Year1 1Medicine
Medicine 2003-2007
Number of
students 1000
Don’t Know
Don't Know
“Do you think it will be beneficial to
attend the next IL session?”
Year 1 Medicine 2003-2008
Don’t Know
How and why can you
incorporate music and what did
we choose?
• Creates mood & atmosphere
• Use at start, finish or during activities
• An aid to learning
– “Mozart effect” (Don Campbell, 1997)
• Effect on biorhythms
• Students like it! We like it!
….. and what did we choose?
Santana / Latin American classical guitar
Talking Heads
Paul Weller
Goldberg Variations - J.S. Bach
Sarah Brightman
Kate Bush
New Age / Birdsong
The Who
Who else has used the Method and
how successful has it been?
30+ UK Universities
University of Birmingham
University of Bristol
University of East London
Imperial College London
University of Leeds
Manchester Metropolitan Uni
Leeds Metropolitan Uni
University of Leicester
Loughborough Uni
Manchester Metropolitan Uni
University of Southampton
20+ Further Education Colleges
(16-18 years)
School Libraries
Health Service Libraries
Institute of Development
Studies, UK.
Also featured in curricula for
library degree courses!
Who else has used the Method and
how successful has it been?
Universite Catholique de
Louvain, Belgium
Wuerzburg, Germany
Redcliffe/Caboolture Health
Service District Library,
Queensland, Australia
Waterford Institute of
Technology, Ireland
Finland ??
United States:
Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Lincoln Christian College and
Seminary, IL
University of Illinois at Urbana
Champaign, IL
Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME
Camden County College, NJ
College of New Jersey, NJ
Kent State Libraries, OH
Southwestern Oklahoma State
University, OK
Mt Hood Community College,OR
Crichton College, Memphis, TN
Faint o lyfrau gallaf eu benthyca?
Israddedigion ac Ôl-raddedigion Hyfforddedig:
12 eitem am bythefnos
Gellir benthyg llyfrau poblogaidd, fel y rhai sydd ar restrau
darllen am gyfnod byrrach e.e. 24 awr neu 3 diwrnod
Cofiwch y bydd angen eich Cerdyn Llyfrgell/Mynediad arnoch i
fenthyca llyfrau!!
Quand peut-on avoir
accès à la
Du lundi au jeudi: de 8h00 à 18h
Le vendredi: de 8h00 à 17h
Pendant les vacances: de 9h à 16h
How to print your Polar Bear
• We have drop-in IT facilities in
the Learning Centre, G17, and
the silent study room (L32).
• All machines are attached to
black and white printers.
• At the start of term you have
£20 worth of print credit, black
and white prints cost 6p each,
colour prints cost 75p.
• Make sure you choose the
correct printer! If you sent a
black and white print to the
colour printer you will still be
charged 75p.
How can I keep in touch?
I want to send a photo of my
pet gerbil, Derek, on the
Karaoke to my friend. Can I
email it?
Comments from librarians
“I invited the Dean of Faculty. He
described it as ‘pedagogically practised
and polished’” (Maria Bennett, University of Derby)
“We got applause at the end of the
session instead of the usual glum faces”
(Mary Edwards Otter, University of Leicester)
“It saved us from dying of boredom”
(Hilary McKenzie, Cardinal Wiseman High School)
“It engages them in a way that a straight
presentation cannot”
(Peter Godwin, University of Bedfordshire)
In what ways can the Cephalonian
Method be adapted and varied?
• Incorporated into library tours
(use of color zones)
• Treasure hunts
• Students write their own questions
• Combined with “clickers” technology
• Prizes / incentives
• Quiz / game show formats
• Use of video
We hope you enjoyed your visit to
Finally…are there any other
questions you would like to ask?