How to delete or amend users

How to delete or amend users
How to delete or amend users
Online Business Account service allows you to amend and delete profiles. Only Super User or User Administrator
profiles are able to delete and amend profiles. If you're not a Super User or a User Administrator, you won't be
able to manage profiles.
Select the Administration tab. This will take
you to the User Profiles screen. Click on ‘View
or edit existing user profiles’.
To amend an existing profile
Enter the email address for the profile you
want to amend and click on Search.
Click on the name of the person to display
their full details.
Click on 'amend' to change the profile.
If you change an email address within OBA
the user must also change their details in
their profile. They will need to log into OBA
and update the 'my profile' section. If they
don't do this then you may have trouble using
To amend the Authorisations, click on the
arrow at the side of the authorisation that you
want to remove/add.
If you want to edit the Posting Locations or
Accounts then click on the pencil icon. Once
you click on the pencil, it will take you to the
editing screen.
In this example we show you how to edit the
accounts. To add an account, simply type in
the account number in Search for Accounts
and click on Search. The account details will
appear so simply click on the arrow and
‘Confirm Selection’ to add it to a profile.
To delete an account, click on the rubbish bin
icon and select ‘Confirm selection’.
Once you’ve confirmed your selection you will
be taken back to the ‘update user profile’
screen. Once you’re happy with the amended
details click on 'confirm details'.
Then, select ‘Save user details’.
You’ll now be able to see the amended profile
as confirmation that your actions have been
How to delete a profile
Enter the email address for the profile you
want to delete.
Under 'functions' click on the icon that looks
like a rubbish bin.
You'll be asked if you want to delete the user.
If you click on 'ok' the profile will be deleted.
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