Running a report and updating members details Guidance notes on

Running a report and updating members details
Guidance notes on how to run a report and update member information while Compass is offline
In your web browser open
Log in using your Compass user name and password
Click on ‘Reports’
Click on the name of the report you wish to run. You will be taken to a new page which will
display your results in a table.
Select the options you wish to include in your report by using the drop down box.
 In the member directory report ‘Choose Columns to View’ and ticking the boxes of
the criteria you wish to use.
 In the disclosure report ‘Disclosures Expiring in’
Manipulate the data in your table by clicking the arrows next to the column heading you
wish to sort your report by.
Export your report by clicking the icon showing the ‘floppy disc’ with the green arrow next to
it. From the drop down menu, select which format you wish to use to export your report.
 Please note the report should be exported in PDF, CSV or EXCEL formats, to ensure
the data in the most usable format.
Click on ‘open’ or ‘save’ to generate your report
Reports can also be exported from the ‘Reports’ page by clicking on your chosen export
format under the ‘Export To’ heading.
What you need to do next
Once you have exported your data, you can then check your member information. If there is
information that needs to be updated, including adding additional roles to existing members,
changing roles, ending roles and updating contact details, this should be entered in to the update
Once complete, email the spreadsheet to [email protected] Your member records will
then be updated in Compass.