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In this report you’re going to learn the specific technique for
giving any woman an intense squirting orgasm.
Not only is a squirting orgasm an incredibly pleasurable
experience for women, but it’s also pretty damn fun for us
If you’ve ever worried whether your lover has been faking it
you’ll get to know for sure when you give her a squirting
orgasm, because it is visibly clear when you’ve done this
What you’re going to learn in this report is not for the faint of
If you don’t like seeing liquid gushing out of your partner’s
vagina, this probably isn’t for you.
However, if you’re unsure of what to think about this I
recommend that you give it a chance.
Look at learning how to give your partner a squirting orgasm
as a way to take your sexual relationship to a whole new
Look at it as a chance to give your lover more pleasure than
she ever has experienced before and deepening the sexual
trust between the two of you.
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Making explorations like this is what grows the bond
between two people and ultimately is also what can make a
woman sexually addicted to you, so use this knowledge with
care and consideration.
And finally let me just say…
Have some fun with this.
If things don’t work out as planned first time… Don’t worry,
you’ll still be having a great time with your partner.
OK, now let’s get down to business.
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Medical Disclaimer
This guide offers an opinion and is for informational purposes
only. It is not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any disease,
health problem, or other medical condition. In the instance of
a disease, health problem or other medical condition then you
must consult a doctor. Before attempting any of the
exercises or using any of the information contained in this
guide you must first consult a doctor or qualified medical
physician. This guide is for informational purposes only and is
not a substitute for medical advice. Neither the author nor
anyone involved in the creation or distribution of this guide is
to be held liable for any injury you may endure as a result of
using it.
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Before Applying The Technique
Before you even begin to start using this technique there are
a number of things you’ve got to do to ensure everything
goes to plan.
Let me explain each one…
Effective Foreplay
To pull off a squirting orgasm successfully your partner has to
be fully aroused and sometimes it even helps if you’ve
already given her a different orgasm.
There are no exceptions to this rule.
If your lover isn’t dripping wet for you, it’s unlikely she’s
going to be prepared to squirt all over you…
So before you even think about applying the technique you
need to get her aroused.
Now, there are a number of tricks to getting a woman
intensely aroused (all of which I teach in my guide Female
Pleasure Guru) but let me give you the core fundamentals
Approach sex from her perspective.
The way most guys screw up foreplay is that they do things
that would turn them on, instead of women.
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Turning a guy on is easy… all it takes is a graphic sexual image
or a grope to a sexual area and we’re ready.
However, most women work differently.
They need to have their emotions stimulated as well as their
physical body.
So if you are struggling to turn your lover on, then start
thinking about what you can do to fulfil her emotional needs
as well.
Can you create a more sexual environment by lighting
candles or playing romantic music?
Can you message or contact her throughout the day teasing
her that you’ve got a surprise for her later?
You get the idea…
If you were to really think about, there’s plenty of things you
could think of that you could do to turn your lover on before
things even get sexual.
If you’re struggling to get your lover aroused, then this is
what you need to be doing.
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Gain Her Trust
When a woman orgasms and squirts she’s leaving herself
incredibly vulnerable.
She’s demonstrating the most vulnerable side of herself and
so if she has any fear that you may reject or criticise her for
some reason, she’s not going to have the confidence to
orgasm or squirt.
She has to trust that you’ll be there for her and won’t make
her feel bad, guilty, ugly, unattractive, less loved or any
negative emotion as a result of her letting herself go.
How do you do this?
Well, the first step is to genuinely be there for her.
You have to be prepared to accept her no matter how she
acts during orgasm.
When you truly feel this, she’ll begin to trust you.
Then to take it up a notch, begin communicating this level of
unconditional acceptance to her.
If you’re in a long-term relationship, then great,
communicate to her that you’ll be there for her no matter
what and no matter how she acts.
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By the way, you don’t have to literally say these words, just
letting her know that you think she’s attractive will develop
her trust in you.
Tell her hot she looks and tell her how sexy you’ll think she
be when she squirts all over you.
Create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance and she won’t
feel uncomfortable in making herself vulnerable.
And if you’re not in a long-term relationship, you don’t have
to love your partner to achieve these outcomes, but she does
have to know that you won’t criticize her.
So by communicating with her and telling her that she looks
hot and you can’t wait to see her squirt all over your and
reassuring her if she’s worried, you’ll give her the confidence
and trust in you.
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Educate Her
For some women applying the technique alone is not
You have to explain to her what you’re going to do.
The reason for this is because sometimes squirting can feel
like peeing to women.
Female ejaculate comes from a very similar place as urine,
therefore some women mistake the two for being the same.
It’s important that not only you realize that female ejaculate
is not pee, but that you educate her that even if it feels like
pee, it is not.
Reassure of this and she’ll have the confidence to let herself
squirt even though the sensation may feel like urination.
Once she does she’ll thank you for having reassured her,
because it’s going to feel a lot better than just urinating!
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Page 10
Trim Your Nails
This particular technique is going to involve using your
And since the vagina is a very sensitive and soft area, you
need to make sure that your nails are well trimmed and you
don’t have any sharp edges that may cut your partner.
Trimming your nails only takes about a minute so make sure
you do it.
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Depending on how aroused your partner is you may not need
any artificial lubrication.
However, there’s no harm in using it and in some situations it
will help.
Stick with water-based lubricant so as to absolutely minimize
the chances of scratching her.
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The Technique
Assuming your partner is fully aroused and you’ve followed
all the preparation outlined above, it’s time to perform the
Let’s break it down step-by-step…
Her Position
When starting out with this technique you’ll want to position
your lover on her back with her knees bent and her feet
planted on the bed, as shown in the diagram here…
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Your Hand Position
You then need to take your middle and ring finger and with
your palm facing towards her stomach, enter them inside of
Once you’re in your hand will be shaped very similar to rock
symbol known as the sign of the horns and specifically will
look something like…
As you can see, with your hands like this, two of your fingers
will be inside of her and the outer fingers will be placed
either side of anus acting as support.
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Once in, curl your fingers until they touch the G-Spot.
The G-Spot is a tough area of tissue located several inches in
and on the roof of a woman’s vagina and is about the size of
a bean. You’ll be able to notice if you’re touching it because
it’ll feel very different to the surrounding area.
Here’s what the final positioning should look like…
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The Movement
Once in you now need to begin moving your hand up and
By up and down and I do not mean in and out.
This is a very unique motion and is necessary to trigger a
squirting orgasm.
This movement should also be quite firm, firmer than you’re
perhaps used to stimulating your partner.
Obviously if it begins to hurt her then you’re doing it too
firmly, because it should not hurt.
Depending on how aroused your partner is and whether
she’s already orgasmed, it shouldn’t take too long doing this
before your partner reaches orgasm.
And when she does you’ll get to feel (and if you’re not in the
dark, see) her squirt all over your arm.
Now when you do it for the first time there’s a chance she
might not squirt that much, but if this is the case, don’t
worry, the more you do it, the more your partner will begin
Also, if things don’t work out exactly as you expected follow
these pointers…
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If It Doesn’t Work First Time
Pulling off the squirting orgasm can be difficult, therefore if
you’re not successful first time, it could be because of one of
more of the following…
You Need More Trust Between The Two Of You
It could be that you executed the technique perfectly, but
she just didn’t feel confident enough to let herself go with
If this is the case then you need to spend more time reassuring her that you think it’s sexy when she let’s herself go
wild and you love the idea of seeing her squirt uncontrollably
all over you.
Do this casually and intermittently during the next few times
you have sex and very soon she’ll trust you enough to let
herself go and orgasm and squirt all over you.
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Page 17
You Need To Arouse Her More
It could be that the technique doesn’t work because she’s
just not horny enough.
If you go to perform this technique and your partner isn’t
fully aroused then it’s just not going to work.
We’ve almost all experienced the situation where we’ve tried
to have sex and our partner isn’t quite ready yet and when
this happens it’s much more difficult to get a woman to
orgasm, so don’t expect a squirting orgasm to be any
Also, you may want to consider giving your lover a different
type of orgasm before trying this one out.
Or perhaps you may just want to have sex for a few minutes
before trying out this technique to really get her in the zone.
If the squirting orgasm hasn’t worked for you yet, this could
be what’s missing.
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Page 18
She Needs More Education
You may have done everything right, but if when it came to
squirting she thought she was going to pee then she may
have held back the squirting.
Since squirting can feel so similar to urinating to women you
may have to reassure your partner multiple times that they
are not the same thing.
Encourage her to not worry about it and tell her that it’s
perfectly natural to feel like peeing and she’ll soon stop
holding it back.
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Page 19
You Need Better Technique
It could be that you executed the technique incorrectly.
Take a moment to re-read the instructions earlier and see if
you misinterpreted anything or didn’t understand anything
first time.
Then go back and try out the technique again with the
changes you’ve identified.
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Page 20
She Needs More Practise
Maybe you’ve did everything right and just because it was
her first time she didn’t really squirt much.
If you’re confident you’re doing everything right and your
partner is experiencing an orgasm as a result of your
techniques, then just try it again several times over your next
few sex sessions and it could be she’ll naturally begin to
squirt in greater volume and intensity.
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Page 21
Get Feedback From Her
If you feel like you’ve tried everything and it’s still not
working, or you just want to short-cut your way to learning
how to do it…
Get some feedback from your partner.
Ask her how it feels and what she’s experiencing.
See if there’s anything you could do differently.
Perhaps you were an inch off in your stimulation.
Perhaps you were moving your fingers too firmly or not
firmly enough.
Things like this will only become obvious when you talk to
your partner.
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Page 22
Final Thoughts
You now know the secret to giving your lover an explosive
squirting orgasm.
Follow the techniques I’ve just shared with you and you can
have your lover squirting all over you and you can have your
partner squirming and screaming your name out loud from
all the pleasure.
Like I said at the start of this report… Use what you’ve
learned here with caution, because orgasms this intense have
the power to leave your partner sexually addicted to you.
Now go try out what you’ve learned the next time you have
sex and let me know how it goes!
And don’t forget that if you have any problems or if it doesn’t
work out first time then you can always come back to this
guide and pick up pointers to make sure you’re successful
next time.
Talk to you soon,
PS – Squirting orgasms are actually only one of nine different
types of orgasm that a woman can experience.
If you’d like to learn the others and you’d also like to learn a
unique sex position that helps give women two different
Jack Grave © 2013. All rights reserved.
Page 23
types of orgasms simultaneously then watch my free video
explaining how to do just that by clicking here or by clicking
the image below…
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