The Penis Enlargement Report Harry Mete BBMedSc, LLB 2011
The Penis Enlargement Report
Harry Mete BBMedSc, LLB 2011
Women love big cocks. The Penis Enlargement Report shows you how to get one.
This is not medical advice. It is an opinion only and you use it at your own risk. You are fully
responsible for the use or misuse of this report. You may share this report with whomever you like as
long as you don’t alter it.
The Penis Enlargement Report shows you:
How to increase your penis by 1 inch in 9 weeks.
The 2 core exercises
The support exercises
The key foods
The best supplements
The key hormones
Hi. I’m Harry Mete (pronounced Me-te; “Me” rhymes with “me” in “metal” and “te” rhymes with
“Me”). I have degrees in biomedical science and law from Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.
I’m a penis enlargement expert and I’m about to make you a penis enlargement expert as well.
The 2 Core Exercises
The 2 core exercises for penis enlargement are:
Stretching and
Stretching focuses on stretching the “penis ligament”, which increases the length of the penis.
The penis ligament runs from your pubic bone all the way along the top of your penis. Go ahead and
feel it right now. A strong penis ligament also makes your erections extremely hard, which adds
more pressure along the front wall of the vagina during “missionary style” sex. This leads to greater
stimulation of the vagina. A strong penis ligament also keeps you hard after you cum. This means
you can have multiple orgasms without loosing your erection and have sex marathons.
Squeezing focuses on forcing more blood into the penis, which increases the girth of the penis.
Squeezing is also known as “jelqing”. This is a proven penis enlargement technique from ancient
Arabia and involves milking the penis.
Warm up
Before doing the core exercises, warm your penis up with a hot wet flannel for 10 minutes, but
be careful that it isn’t too hot. The flannel will only stay hot for 2-3 minutes, so you will have to
reheat it 2 more times so your penis is warmed up for a total of 10 minutes.
The heat makes your penis ligament super stretchy and allows extra blood to enter the penis.
Heat is absolutely key to penis enlargement.
How to stretch
Make sure your penis is flaccid.
Hold the end of your penis and pull it as hard as can towards your belly button.
Stretch for 1 minute.
Add 1 minute for every penis workout afterwards.
Workout 4 days a week.
Also stretch your penis in other directions (down, left, right, straight out)
How to squeeze
Make sure your penis is 75% erect.
Hold the base of your penis and then milk it. Force blood from the base to the head.
Squeeze for 1 minute.
Add 1 minute for every penis workout afterwards.
Workout 4 days a week.
You can force extra blood into your penis with “clamping”. This is where you clamp the
base of your penis with a cock ring or rubber band and then start milking it. Only do this
after you’ve built up 2-3 months of “penis endurance”.
The problem
The “problem” with these “hand exercises” is that it takes months and years to get a
penis that looks like a porn star’s (9 inches in my opinion). There will be times where you will
plateau (no gains for weeks or months) and it can be difficult to scientifically apply “progressive
overload”, that is, every penis enlargement workout is slightly more intense than the previous
Progressive overload is absolutely key to penis enlargement.
The Support Exercises
These exercises don’t enlarge the penis per se. They support the core exercises by increasing the
key hormones and improving blood circulation. Improved circulation allows the key hormones and
nutrients to be delivered to the penis faster and allows waste products to be removed from the penis
Here are the exercises:
When lifting weights, set the weight so you can only do 5.5 repetitions. You do 5 repetitions, but
you can’t complete the 6th. You have gone to “concentric muscular failure”. Do a total of 4 sets of 5.5
repetitions per exercise per week. Increase the weight slightly every week. This is another application of
progressive overload, which is key to growth. Do these exercises:
Dead lift
Leg press
Bench press
Body Weight
Your body is a gym. This means you can workout any place, any time. You have no excuses. Do
these exercises:
Wide armed dips (Aim for 50, 1x per week)
Hindu squats (Aim for 500, 1x per week)
Hindu pushups (Aim for 250, 1x per week )
Back bridge (Aim for 3 minutes, every day)
Do these exercises:
Hill sprints (5x 50 yards, 3x per week)
Treadmill (set running speed at 11.25 mph and run 1.5 miles in 8 minutes, 3x per week)
Sprint on the spot (5x 1minute, 3x per week)
The Key Foods
Eat these foods after you’ve done the core exercises:
Eggs (don’t be fooled by the egg yolk-cholesterol-heart disease scam, eat as many eggs as
Stewing beef (this has extra collagen and other proteins for growing the penis ligament)
Fresh leafy veges, especially loose baby spinach leaves
Fresh cruciferous veges, especially brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower (make a soup if
you can’t stomach these veges)
Pure sea salt (this has the highest and cheapest concentration of minerals)
You can also add these “secret” foods. They can be expensive or hard to find, but they’re
not absolutely essential, especially if you’re a poor student.
Cacao nibs
Goji berries
Horny goat weed
Food grade hydrogen peroxide (quite cheap, but hard to find in some places)
Cacao (chocolate beans) was used by Mayan and Aztec emperors before their orgies because it
made them super hard and horny. Have one teaspoon after a workout. You can also enjoy the
sexual power of cacao by drinking organic cocoa.
Maca is also known as Peruvian ginseng and is grown in the Andes. It was used by the Incas to
enhance sexual prowess. Maca is often sold in powder form. Have one teaspoon after a workout.
Goji is grown in the Himalayas and was used by ancient Asian monks and martial artists for
rapid recovery. Goji comes as a dried berry. Have 20 berries after a workout.
Horny goat weed makes you super hard and horny. It is named this because goats that eat it
have more sex.
Hydrogen peroxide is the super food that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know
about. When it breaks down in the body, it releases large amounts of oxygen, which alkalizes the
blood stream and allows cells to regenerate and grow extremely quickly. When the blood is alkaline,
it’s almost impossible for disease to exist.
Wheatgrass also alkalizes the body. You can buy wheatgrass in “grass form” or “powder form”. I
prefer powder form because it’s easier to use.
Also, don’t eat sugar or carbs 2 hours before bed because it inhibits growth hormone, which is a
key hormone for penis enlargement.
The Best Supplements
By far the best supplements for penis enlargement are choline and arginine. These 2
supplements make your penis super hard and make it fill with extra blood. Choline is the hormone
that enlarges your penis naturally during puberty. It’s production is switched off after puberty.
Arginine has similar effects to Viagra. When you wake up with rock hard erections, don’t masturbate
or have sex. Allow your penis to have erections for at least 30 minutes, so the cells in your penis can
absorb more choline and arginine to accelerate their growth.
The Key Hormones
These hormones accelerate penis enlargement:
Growth hormone
Increase testosterone and growth hormone by doing the support exercises and eating the foods
mentioned above.
Increase dihydrotestosterone by:
Having sex for 30-60 minutes at a time. Keep your breathing deep and slow and your anus
relaxed to last this long. The vagina has magical bioelectrical qualities, which convert
testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (“super testosterone”).
Watching porn for 30-60 minutes at a time. Masturbate, but DON’T cum. This is called
“edging”. Finish the session “sexually frustrated”.
Also, keep these hormones to a minimum because they inhibit the key hormones:
Adrenaline (short term stress hormone)
Cortisol (long term stress hormone)
Keep insulin to a miminum by avoiding sugary foods and drinks, especially 2 hours before bed.
How To Add 1 Inch To Your Penis In 9 Weeks
It took me 4 years to add 2 inches to my penis with the hand exercises mentioned above. The gains
were inconsistent and there were months were I had no gains at all. It was extremely frustrating.
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