April 2015 Newsletter

School Newsletter
St. Gregory
Catholic School
Principal: Kevin Dorey
Catholic School Council Co-Chairs: Lisa Heffernan & Dawn Stafrace
Secretary: Shannon Guay
Parish Priest: Rev. Thomas Thazhappally, OSH
Superintendent of School Effectiveness: David Giroux
Trustee & Board Chair: Greg Speagle
School Website: http://schools.alcdsb.on.ca/greg/
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Some Important Dates
April 1 - School Mass 10:30 everyone welcome
April 2 - Holy Thursday-Stations of the Cross at
12:30 in the gym - everyone welcome
April 2 - Birds of Prey - Ms. Chapman
April 2 - Little Caesar’s pick up
April 3 - Good Friday
April 6 - Easter Monday Holiday
April 14 - Spring Photos
April 16 - School Council 6PM
April 17 - Health Unit
April 18 Spring Vendor & Craft Sale 10AM-2PM
April 22 - Earth Day
April 23 - Ms. Millen’s class at McCaulay Mt.
April 28 - County Relay Event in Wellington
May 6 - Poetry Recitation Challenge
Don’t delay!
Call the school
now to register
child for
September 2015!
It is very helpful
for our planning
purposes if
children register
as early as
Principal’s Message
Great things are happening at your school!
Information will be coming home this month
regarding an after school program to be offered
by The Recreation Outreach Centre for grades 4
-8. Also, beginning in early April, Mr. Eric
Chapman will be offering an evening basketball
program to our grade 4-8 students. A vendor and
craft sale will also take place this month to raise
funds for school excursions.
Please help us out. If you plan to register your
child for kindergarten or know of a family
registering at St. Gregory for the first time,
please let us know as soon as possible. It is
extremely helpful to us for planning purposes.
On behalf of our entire staff, I wish all of our
families a wonderful Holy Week and joyful
Mr. K Dorey
Email us at [email protected] to receive news letters electronically!
Little Caesar's
Pick up is after school Thursday
April 2nd. Phone # 613-476-3513
if alternate arrangements need to
be made.
Milk is available by
purchasing milk
cards for $7.50 or
Unscheduled Student Pickup
The end of the school day is a
very busy time. If you are
picking up your child, please
send a note to the classroom
teacher. This will avoid
miscommunications and missed
connections. Daily routines are
very important to the learning
environment. Numerous phone
calls and drop ins at the office
late in the day, from parents
expecting to have their children
paged are very disruptive to
classes. Please try to contact
the school by noon to
schedule pickups and
please, at days end, pick up
your child by 2:30 PM.
Fling !
Please Remember to Sign in when visiting the school
As we start this new school year Mr. Dorey would like to remind parents
to please come to the office and sign-in. Ms. Guay will be happy to call
down to your son/daughters classroom to have them come to the office
to meet you. This is a safe schools policy to insure the safety of our
children. Thank you for your co-operation.
School Day
Safe Arrival & Departure
The School yard, and the bussing areas will be supervised
by adults beginning at 8:00am.
There will be no supervision
provided before 8:00am.
Please refrain from dropping
off or sending student to
school before this time. On
arrival; all other students go
directly to the school yard.
Students arriving or departing by
personal motor vehicle during
posted bus loading zone times
(7:45-8:30am and 2:00-2:45pm)
should be dropped off/picked up
on Church Street. Vehicles
stopping and pedestrians crossing
Owen street through bus lanes
during the posted times is
distracting to bus operators and
unsafe. Pedestrians needing to
cross Owen Street or Church
Street can do so at the
intersection of these two streets. A
staff member is posted there
during peak periods at the
beginning and end of the day.
Nothing is more important to us
than the safety of your children.
Classes begin
10:15-10:30 Morning Recess
Afternoon Recess
Nut Allergies
A crucial, possibly life-threatening reminder to
parents is that we do have students in our
school who have severe peanut allergies.
Please refrain from sending food items to
school that contain nuts. While this may seem
simple, there are many foods where peanuts or
nuts may be a hidden ingredient and so it is
very important that you read labels. We realize
this request poses an inconvenience for you
when packing your child’s lunch. However, the
parents of these students wish to express sincere appreciation for your support and understanding of this potentially life-threatening allergy.
Pediculosis (Head Lice)
Now that everyone is back to school and in close quarters, it is important to check your children’s hair for
head lice and nits (eggs) as part of your weekly routine. If we all take the time to check (and treat) now,
it will minimize the number of cases. Also please remind your child(ren) not to share combs, brushes or
hats. Thanks for your co-operation. If you would like
more information about what to look for and how to
treat lice go to our school’s website we have posted a
brochure that is very helpful. Thank you