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To Ivy, this inc ident was not
new. Ivy is one of th e lucky women who
can squir t whe n sexually aro used . Thi s
seems to h ave happened and it was im portant th at sh e expl ain ed thi s adventure to
"Com e on George, it is no t pec,
or wha t you think': Ivy blurted out , after
some th ough ts. "It is what the books call,
fema le ejac ulate or squirt ing': Ivy added,
'I did not pee nn you and do nnt find the
expe rience gross or yuck. Squirting is norm al, alth ough no t many women discu ss
the exp erien ce with their lovers" concluded Ivy, of course no t ma tte r of factly.
111is experience between Geo rge and Ivy
is not iso lated, altho ugh it needs a lot of
edu cat ion for bot h to un derstan d and
appreciate. Accor ding to "The physiology,
health , anato my and th e basic "ho w to"
behind a G-spot org asm', what happened
between th e shee ts in th is particular
room, betwe en George and Ivy, is a
squirti ng orgasm , also kno wn as fem ale
ejaculation !
Litera ture on squirti ng explains
that th ere is a gland direct ly bet ween the
wa ll of the uterus and under and around
a woma n's urethra, and which lies und er
the bladder, that is descr ibed in medical ana to m y an d histolo gy textbooks as
. the fem ale version of the pro state gland,
belt er known as th e ureth ral sponge. The
urethral sponge is engorged during sex ual
aro usa l, be come s filled with sem inal fl uid
m uch like th e male prostate and "IS T H E
G -SPOT" in a woman .
Th is fluid provides the following: a nut rien t rich source to ma in tain the
he alth of spe r m, lubrication of the vagina
duri ng intercourse and also reduces the
ho stile, acid ic envi ro nment of th e vagina
by creati ng a mor e alkali ne (basic) fluid
for th e sperm to swim in. Remem ber, the
vagina is a very deli cate envi ronment and
needs to be pro tected to keep out unwan ted invad ers like bacter ia, yeast and so on.
You can th ink of this gland as a ma ker of
fluid, which helps spe rm swim upstream
and score the alm ight y pregnancy touchdo wn .
If you can stim ulate th e ur eth ral sp onge
properly, you will cre ate a G-sp ot orgasm
better kno wn as a squirt ing orga sm . Th is
is ho w it ha ppens:
The gland swells with fluid durin g aro usal. The G-sp ot is directly stim ulated usually along with the clito ris un til
a violent con traction of the pelvic floor
occ urs at th e pinnacle of an orgasm . With
thi s contraction , th e pelvi c floor mu scles
quite literally squeeze the fluid from this
gland . This is alm os t the same process
wit h m en and one th at can be enhance d
by anal stim ulation of the male pro state
gland. If a woma n can relax her externa l
urethral sphincter during this climax,
she will shoot an d gush th is fluid all ove r
the place! 'l h is is the fema le ver sio n of a
gian t ejacu lation that ha s not been open ly
experienced or discu ssed , until recent
literat ure and blogs took centre stage in
the sex disco urse.
TI, e fluid is not ur ine! 'Ihoug h
so me urin e may be m ixed in as it shares
a com mo n tu be with the bladder; the
ur ethr a. Remem ber, the female pro statelike gland wra ps arou nd the ureth ra and
dum ps its fluid dir ectl y into this tube, according to a numb er of squirting articles
which referen ces medical jo urnals o n
histology and com pos ition of th e fluid and
Ways to Create Squirting Orgasm
~ The orgasm can no t really be reached
quickly. It need s a slow an d delib era te pro cess to ach ieve th is ki nd of qu ality orgasm
in the end. Since it is so, slow stim ulation
in th e suggested areas should be done
pat ien tly.
s-Combi ning d ifferent sp eeds and techn iqu es of stim ulatio n is one thing known
to h elp perfect and m ake your woma n
squ irt.
Benefits of squirting orgasm for couples
The first ben efit is tha t it ca n be used
as a sexual var iat ion for couples who
want to try new things.
Squ irt ing also erases monotony and
bo redo m in sex. O ther than tha t, it
is a great cha llenge to make women
be able to reach th eir highe st level of
sexual satisfaction .
It proves that satisfaction is a thi ng
th at can be reached with delib erate
sexual pro cess, done with int ent,
focu s and precision.
It feels ama zing . Imp ossible to descr ibe. Ecstatic, luscious, freeing .. .'
These words don't do it ju stice. You'll
have to tr y it to find ou t for your self!
The after-effects are amaz ing.
"Squirting or gasm s put wome n who
expe rience th em in the best m ood
The G-spot is the place that man y
wome n hold emotions in th eir body,
so whe n they squirt , it is not just
ejac ulat e that is bein g relea sed. It is
feelings as well. Squir ting in creases
a woman's overall depth of feeling.
And that res ults in feeling more alive.
It is a woma n's bir th right. It is natu ral. It is wha t you wou ld naturally
want to do as a woman. had women
as a spe cies not been repr essin g their
sex uality for tho usan ds of years. Go d
worked th ings ou t pe rfectly a long
tim e ago. Sq uirting hel ps wo men get
back to that aspect of per fection .
Most of the time, it is a huge turn-on
for a partner to see a wo man squirt.
An d then that becomes an even
bigger turn on for the wo ma n who
is squirting. And the sexual feelings
just kee p bouncin g from one to the
ot her and back aga in.
Squirti ng inc reases th e flow of sex ual
ene rgy in your bod y. Sexua lity is in tertwi ned with cre ativity. Squirt ing,
th erefor e, leads to mor e creativity,
which can on ly be a goo d thing!
10. Squir ting is emp owe ring. It com es as
a result of a woman bein g grounded
in her full fem ininity, in tim ately
acquain ted wit h her ow n body,
and unafraid to explore its erotic
poten tial.