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“Happy Birthday to the Church”
This month we will celebrate the birth of the church on Pentecost Sunday,
May 24th. This is the day that the Holy Spirit swept into Jerusalem with such force
and fury that the noise of the wind was heard and felt throughout the city. Everyone
and everything shook! In the room where the disciples were meeting, flames that
resembled tongues of fire danced above their heads. All at once, the Holy Spirit
entered into their souls. Their new found courage propelled them out of the door and
onto the street down below. There they began preaching with a fervor never before
seen. Their voices at a fever pitch speaking every language that could be
understood by the crowds. The Bible tells us that three thousand people were
baptized that day, and thus the church was born!
No one can be sure exactly when that took place. In recent years, archaeological records found in Rome indicate
that both Pontius Pilate and Caiaphas the High Priest were removed from their positions in the year 36 for an incident that
occurred the year before. More than likely, that incident does not refer to the crucifixion of Jesus, but to the release of
Barabbas who had killed a Roman Legionnaire, a crime whose punishment is always death. So it is possible that this year
the church turns 1980 years old. However, (there is always a however) those records were written under the Julian
calendar which was used at that time and so the date may be off by as many as 5-8 years. Regardless of the exact date,
the fact remains the church is another year older and that it is still continuing the mission that Jesus started so long ago.
Through faithful obedience to the Gospel, millions of Christians have carried His message to every continent on the planet.
The movement that began with a handful of fishermen and day laborers now numbers over one billion disciples and is
So how do we say “Happy Birthday” to a church that is larger than anything we can imagine? How do we
adequately convey our good wishes to an institution that stands as the bride of the Christ, the Son of God? We do so by
renewing our faith, by allowing the Holy Spirit into our souls that way the disciples did on that first birthday. How do we do
that? By accepting the love and grace that flows so freely through the heavens; by recognizing that God’s redemptive
powers know no end; and by understanding that belief in God demands trust – the kind of trust that liberates us from the
sinful and corrupt world and puts our present and our future in God’s holy hands. Can we really do this? Can we afford to
NOT do this?
Peter, John, Thomas and the others put their faith and their lives in God’s hands. They traveled far and wide into
lands that were friendly and into lands that were forbidding. Yet they persevered in the name of Jesus, whose Kingdom was
coming. Jesus is not asking us to climb mountains or brave turbulent seas, He is merely asking us to love him with all our
heart and soul and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.
Let’s say “Happy Birthday” with love in our hearts and smiles on our faces!
God Bless you all,
Pastor Tony
May 2015
Volume XXVIV, Number 5
To join or start the Prayer Chain, call the Parish Office at 246-7802
email us at [email protected]
The church is seeking
more people to join our
list of Sunday lectors.
Are you unsure you can
speak in public? Not
really know what a
lector does? These
questions and many
more can be answered and training can be provided.
Just call the church office and speak to Tammy or
Pastor Tony.
May 1st – Jessica Robinson
May 2nd – William Robinson
May 4th – Rankin Travis, Sr.
May 9th – Audrey Dyke
May 16th – Nicholas Kopycinski
May 18th – JT Carter & Luella Messineo
May 19th – Rita Ford
May 22nd – Alaina Conrad
May 26th – Rob Quirk
May 27th – Rajesh Capeles
May 28th – Kristin Van Tassel
May 30th – Mike Bazzani
A Mother's Day Invitation...
Dear Mothers, Grandmothers and Friends,
Please join the Sunday School for
Breakfast on Mother's Day...
May 10, 2014
The Fellowship Hall
9:30 – 10:15 a.m.
Pancakes, sausage, muffins, fruit,
juice, coffee & tea
Mother's Day is a time to show appreciation for
mothers and special ladies in our lives, so please
join us and feel free to bring family members
that day.
“Honoring Women”
We will have a special insert in the bulletin on
May 10th, Honoring All Women. Fill out the
form that is included in this month's newsletter
May 5th – Brenda & Paul Mentz
May 20th – Lisa & John Machione
May 24th – Karin & Greg Squires
May 27th – Audrey & Dan Klinkenberg
and return it to the church office by
Monday, May 4th.
A donation of $1.00 per name is requested.
May 2015
Volume XXVIV, Number 5
To join or start the Prayer Chain, call the Parish Office at 246-7802
email us at [email protected]
“Join Us For Mother's Day!”
May 10, 2014
The Sunday School is honoring the women of the
church by offering them breakfast on Mother's
Day. Breakfast will be available for the women
from 9:15 -10:15 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.
All women are invited to bring a guest.
If you would like to attend, please fill out the
The Church Picnic will be held on Sunday,
June 14th, following the Children's Day
It will be held at the home of Karen and Scott
Black. Karen and Scott live at 127 Dave
Elliott Road. Each family is asked to bring
their own meat. Scott will have the grill ready
for hot dogs and hamburgers. People can
sign up to bring other parts of the meal.
Mark you calendars now and be sure your
children are attending Sunday School this
month as we plan & practice for the
service...more details to follow!
following and turn it into the office or fill out an
upcoming insert and put it in the offering plate so
the class will have an idea of how many will be
attending. Drop ins are always welcome!
# Attending: __________________________
The Women's Study Group will meet on
May 7th & 21st from 6:30 -7:30 p.m. and is
open to all women of the church. Please enter
using the “choir door' on the Post Street side of
the church. Please speak to Jan Knickerbocker
or Debbie Mecca if you have any questions...
Join us on May 23rd at 9:30 a.m. to discuss
“Zealot” by Reza Aslan.
This book is written as a history book on the
life and times of Jesus of Nazareth.
May 2015
Volume XXVIV, Number 5
To join or start the Prayer Chain, call the Parish Office at 246-7802
email us at [email protected]
Our youth need to raise more funds to
go on their Mission Trip this August and
here is a way YOU can help without
buying trinkets or food you do not need.
Here is how it works:
Envelopes marked with dollar amounts
will be available for you to take and fill!
That's it! You choose the dollar amount
you'd like to donate, place it in the
envelope and put it in the box!
Everyone wins! You get to support the
youth from SUMC (seven of the going
this year!) and the youth get to live out
their faith as they minister to others as
your representatives in Lynchburg, VA!
Envelopes will be available during
Coffee Hours during the month of May.
Thank you in advance for your
continued support of our youth!
What is Our Discretionary Fund?
As you know, Audrey Klinkenberg has
been raising funds for our church's
discretionary fund through Adam's gift
cards and we would like to let you know
how it works...
Adam's is generous in their
contributions and offers SUMC a 10%
discount on the cards Audrey gets...once
you purchase one from her, that 10%
goes directly into the discretionary fund.
If you already shop at Adam's, this
fund-raiser is for YOU!!
Youth Group meets every week and friends are
always welcome to join us! The group gathers in
the Youth Room, which is to the left of the
Here is what’s planned for May:
What does that mean? You have to come
to find out! From 6:30-8:00 PM.
Come to play some fun games—board
games, cards or active games—who knows what
fun we will have? You will! If you come from
6:30-8:00 PM!
We will do phase 2 of our church garden
project as we plant some flowers and continue
with the clean-up. Come prepared to work
outside. Bring work gloves, rakes, shovels, etc.
From 6:30-8:00 PM.
All those going on the Mission Trip are
required to help cook, serve, set up and clean
up. The dinner will be held from 5:00-7:00PM
and free will donations will be accepted. More
details as it gets closer to the date!
All who are going are required to attend.
We will hopefully agree on what goes on our
T-shirts (someone’s face maybe?) and more!
From 6:30-8:00 PM.
May 2015
Volume XXVIV, Number 5
To join or start the Prayer Chain, call the Parish Office at 246-7802
email us at [email protected]
SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2015
5:00-7:00 PM
FROM 5-7 PM.
“Honoring Women”
We will have a special insert in the bulletin on May 10th, Honoring All Women. Fill out the form below
and return it to the church office by Monday, May 4th . A donation of $1.00 per name is requested.
Please PRINT the names VERY CLEARLY.
In Honor of Living Mother
Given By:
In Memory of Deceased Mother
Given By:
In Honor of Living Grandmother
Given By:
In Memory of Deceased Grandmother
Given By:
In Honor of Your Wife
Given By:
In Honor of a Special Woman in Your Life
Given By:
Submitted by: _________________________________________________________________
May 2015
Volume XXVIV, Number 5
To join or start the Prayer Chain, call the Parish Office at 246-7802
email us at [email protected]