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Life beyond barriers
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Registered Charity No: 1091518
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Tel: 020 7471 8510
Fax: 020 7610 9786
Action on Disability
formerly known as HAFAD
Action on Disability Services
AoD Connect
Connecting disabled people to new
services and opportunities.
Adult Advocacy
Supporting people to have their voice
heard and to secure their rights.
Employment Service
Supporting young people with learning
difficulties in to employment.
Expert Patient Service
Training for people to better manager
their long term condition.
Direct Payments service
Providing support to parents in
Hammersmith & Fulham.
Youth Service
Supports young disabled people
towards independence.
Welfare Benefits Advice
Full service from form filling to tribunal
support for disabled people and carers.
We are a user led organisation
run by and for disabled people.
We deliver services, campaign
for change and support
disabled people to influence
Our activities
Consultation and campaigning
We consult disabled people on a wide
variety issues and campaign to ensure
their views are represented.
We offer a wide range of volunteer
opportunities that enable people to
learn new skills and support our work.
We work with local commissioners in
health and social care to ensure that
disabled peoples’ needs are
Disability Forum
Westminster Connect
Linking disabled people to mainstream
We are proud to host the Disability
Forum - join this determined group of
local disabled people to help challenge
providers and improve local services.
Each service has its own eligibility
criteria. Please contact us to find out if
the service is right for you.
Visit our website to find out more
about the Forum’s activities and how
to join.
Help us to raise money for essential
services, to donate or learn more visit:
Action on Disability holds a wide
range of community events including
our annual Swimathon and is
supported locally by Sainsburys.
Loyalty Card
Businesses in the area are working
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shop locally. Find your local business
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Life beyond barriers