ARLF Strategic Plan Summary - Australian Rural Leadership

ARLF Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018: Summary The Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s strategic plan has its basis in a substantive process undertaken to talk to its key constituents—alumni, partners and others of influence in rural, regional and remote Australia—about why the Foundation exists and where it should be going in the future. This plan balances our history with our future possibilities. PRIORITY 1. To be synonymous with successful leadership development PRIORITY FIVE An organisation that lives its values PRIORITY 4. Creating opportunities for partnerships, new business and funding VISION: Outstanding regional and rural leadership MISSION: To develop and promote leadership PRIORITY 2. An engaged and supportive network PRIORITY 3. Greater awareness of the work of the Foundation Priority one involves delivering effective leadership development initiatives; contributing to leadership theory and practice and extending our reach and influence to diverse partners and locations. Priority two involves interacting with our network as they lead in regional, rural and remote Australia. This includes facilitating ways for our alumni to collaborate with each other and the ARLF, while encouraging reciprocal support from our leaders. Priority three involves multiple strategies to raise the profile of the ARLF, its work and alumni, and in turn building financial support, new business and applicant interest. Priority four involves securing strategic partnerships and pursuing new market opportunities. Revenue growth will result from diversified stakeholders and new approaches to fundraising. Priority five involves a team of staff and Board, committed to enacting the values the ARLF applies to its work.