The Real Facts About Penis Enlargement Pills And Other Penis Enlargement Products

Penis Enlargement Facts Revealed
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The Real Facts About Penis
Enlargement Pills And Other Penis
Enlargement Products
This report was written to help you make an educated decision about
purchasing penis enlargement products, so that you can choose the
best product for you and your situation.
We only recommend products that have been proven to work by the
manufacturer or team of doctors that created it. Some of the products
in this report have undergone Independent Consumer Health Studies.
We cannot obviously divulge the names of products we don't
recommend, or believe don't work, but by reading this report you will
learn the pros and cons of the different types of products available on
the market, and have access to many penis enlargement products that
have been a dream come true to thousands of men across the world.
All recommended products in this report are only from legitimate web
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Penis Enlargement Facts Revealed
Copyright 2007 Simplistic Solutions
Penis exercises have been popular amongst men who have smaller sexual
organs, and the exercises date back centuries. The most common of these
exercises is jelqing.
Stories say that this technique originated from Arabia, and was often practiced
by men about to get married. To please their future wife they did the jelqing
These exercises are commonly called milking or power jelqing, and believed to
increase the length and girth of a penis. However, you have to massage your
penis for at least 30 minutes per session. Despite this, people still practice the
exercise as a natural way to increase penis size. Too much of this type of
exercise is not good however, as you can damage the penis. These exercises
should be undertaken in moderation.
Some of the penis pills on the market require you to combine penis enlargement
exercises with their products, and some do not.
There are various products, pills, patches, traction devices, and exercises
available. It can be difficult to know what to choose that will work for you.
The next chapter discusses some frequently asked questions about penis
enlargement pills, and then the following chapter will discuss various products to
help you decide what's best for your situation.
Penis Enlargement Facts Revealed
Copyright 2007 Simplistic Solutions
Penis enlargement pills have been an amazing solution to thousands of men
worldwide. Scientists, doctors, and even nutritionists have worked together to
create the best and most effective penis enlargement pills. Instead of the
original pills, which were chemical based, the latest versions have been allnatural herbal based formulas.
What Do Penis Enlargement Pills Do?
Increase the length and girth of the penis, some by up to 4 inches
Increase the hardness of your erection
Give increased sexual stamina, thus decreasing premature ejaculation
Provide more powerful and intense orgasms
Increase your self-confidence
Enhances sexual pleasure for your mate
Increased blood circulation to the genital area
Higher sex drive
Increased sperm production
Overall improvement in sexual function
Are Penis Enlargement Pills Safe?
Generally speaking, penis enlargement pills are safe.
This is because the
ingredients are non-prescription and usually made of natural herbs. However,
you should always read the ingredients, as some companies state that men with
certain health ailments, such as genital nerve damage or diabetes should not
take the penis enlargement pills. It is wise to not take a penis enlargement pill
that has the ingredient YOHIMBE in it as this ingredient can cause problems in
men with heart disease or high blood pressure. It would be best to check with
your doctor before purchasing anything with this ingredient in it.
Penis Enlargement Facts Revealed
Copyright 2007 Simplistic Solutions
How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?
The pills stimulate the erectile chambers allowing more blood flow and more
blood to be held, which gives a longer and wider erection. Penis enlargement
pills not only increase your size, but provide longer lasting erections and sexual
stamina. The results are amazing.
How Much Enlargement Will I Gain?
Some men have reported up to three or four inches, and others only one inch
during the first few months. Some pills you have to keep taking, while others
you stop taking once you reach your desired size.
With Vimax, you will see
permanent results and can stop taking the pill when you are happy with your
Vimax has been around for over six years, and is one of the top
recommended penis enlargement pills on the market today. In the next chapter
you will see a breakdown of the top enlargement pills we recommend.
Are These Pills The Same As Viagra?
No. They share some of the exact same benefits, but are very different. Viagra
is only available by prescription, whereas these are herbal formulas, and you
don't need a prescription. Natural formulas are less expensive than Viagra and
you don't incur the cost of a doctor's visit.
How Long Until I Start Seeing Results?
You should start noticing results within the first couple of weeks, including
erection hardness and sexual stamina. As you continue taking the supplements
over the next few months, you should see these improvements continue. Most
pills produce the desired results within 3-6 months.
Penis Enlargement Facts Revealed
Copyright 2007 Simplistic Solutions
Comparison Of Various Penis
Enlargement Pills, Semen Volume
Pills, and Other Devices
These are not rated in any particular order
Vimax - #1 Rated Penis Enlargement Pills (5-Star-Rating)
Guarantee: 6 months money back guarantee
Returns/Refunds: Less than 0.5%
Free Discreet Shipping
Free Bonuses
Product Name Does Not Show On CC Statement
The Latest Formula is MORE concentrated
This is a 100% Natural and Safe Product that can safely and permanently
enlarge your penis size up to 3-4 Inches in length and up to 25% in girth. You
control the growth because once you reach your optimum size you can stop
taking VIMAX PILLS. The manufacturers recommend that you stop taking
Vimax once you reach your desired size. VISIT THIS SITE
*Highly Recommend*
VigRX - (3-Star-Rating) – Company has invented a new stronger
formula, see next page.
Guarantee: 60 day money back guarantee
Returns/Refunds: Less than 1%
This product is highly rated as effective.
Free Discreet Shipping & Free Bonuses
100% Natural and Safe Formula
Penis Enlargement Facts Revealed
Copyright 2007 Simplistic Solutions
VigRX PLUS – (5-Star-Rating)
New Stronger Formula with the addition of 3 ingredients to its previous formula,
boasts the ingredient Bioperine, which no other penis enlargement product
contains at this time.
Refunds/Returns: Less than 0.5%
Discreet Shipping and Packaging
Product Name Does Not Appear On CC Statement
Free Shipping & Free bonuses
67 Day Money Back Guarantee
Highly Recommended
Extagen – (4-5-Star-Rating)
120 Day Money Back Guarantee – Long refund policy
Most men who take Extagen Tablets start to see results in the first 2 - 5
weeks of the program. Some users report results in the first week and others
take a little longer
Highly recommend penis enlargement product
Returns: Less than 1%
Does NOT offer free shipping
Discreet Shipping and Packaging
Product Name Does Not Appear On CC Statement
ProSolution Pills – (4-star-rating)
6 Month Money Back Guarantee
Mainly taken for erection hardness, more semen volume and sexual stamina
Free access to the For Men Only program, which teaches penile exercises to be
done in conjunction to taking ProSolution
Various shipping options/Discreet Shipping
Penis Enlargement Facts Revealed
Copyright 2007 Simplistic Solutions
VolumePills – (5-star-rating)
These increase sperm production, thus providing stronger, longer, and
more powerful orgasms.
Medically backed program
6 Month Money Back Guarantee
Discrete and Free Shipping
Product Name Does Not Appear On CC Statement
Will increase semen volume even if you've had a vasectomy
Highly Recommended
ProEnhance Penis Patch (Two Part System) (4-Star-Rating)
The patch sits discreetly below your abdomen under the clothing. The patch is
designed to look like a normal band-aid. This product is used for
increased penis size, increased semen volume, and stronger, longer orgasms.
180 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Unlimited Access to For Men Only exercise program
Discreet Billing and Packaging
Each patch lasts 3 days
Semenax – Volume Enhancing Pills (5-Star-Rating)
Excellent Results – Increases volume up to 500%
Improved motility of sperm, reversal of low sperm count, increased semen
volume and mind-blowing orgasms
Discrete Shipping and Billing Privacy
Money Back Guarantee
ProExtenderSystem (Apparatus type product) (2-Star-Rating)
Traction device plus VigRx pills, plus Semenax, plus exercises
Penis Enlargement Facts Revealed
Copyright 2007 Simplistic Solutions
The traction device can also correct curves in the penis, if you're not happy with
the shape you have. Proven to lengthen and widen the penis. It may be a bit
inconvenient, although it is worn under clothing. The ProExtender can be
purchased alone, unless you want to purchase the 4-part system.
Permanent Results
Discreet Shipping And Billing
Money Back Guarantee
Visit This Site
As you can see, the various different products work in different ways.
Some of the products may seem more convenient for your lifestyle than
others. Here is a checklist for you to consider before purchasing
anything at all.
* Don't purchase products from unsolicited emails that you receive. This is
spamming. You can only imagine how much more unsolicited emails you could
receive after purchasing, when the spammers pass your name and email
address onto other marketing companies.
* Check with the website from which you order that they provide "discreet
packaging" of your product, and that the product name will not show on your
credit card statement. MOST companies are very sensitive and understanding
of your privacy and provide this anyway.
* Make sure to read the ingredients of the product you intend to buy. If the
price sounds too cheap compared to other sites, chances are the ingredients are
Penis Enlargement Facts Revealed
Copyright 2007 Simplistic Solutions
* Make sure the product is produced in the USA, not some foreign country
where they have no legal liabilities.
* You should be given excellent customer support; make sure they are
accessible by email and answer any questions you have before you purchase.
Some sites offer Live Support, which enables you to get immediate answers to
your questions.
Here are some great sites of interest for you to look at.
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Penis Enlargement Facts Revealed
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