How to Attract Women - The Ultimate Guide to Building... Confidence and Attracting Beautiful Women

How to Attract Women - The Ultimate Guide to Building Magnetic
Confidence and Attracting Beautiful Women
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Are You Hopeless With Women?
Can’t get a date? Can’t ask women out? Not confident around them?
Some guys have it, some guys don’t. That is just the way the world is. However, if you are the type
of guy that just can’t get a girl to go out with you, date you or even talk to you, now there is no
reason that you can’t change that.
Women are emotional creatures. Regardless of what you look like or what you do, confidence, the
things you say and do can make any woman weak at her knees, if you do it right.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Why Almost Every Man Fails to Get Desirable Women
Chapter 2: How to Create the Natural and Magnetic Confidence
Chapter 3: How to Keep a Woman from Controlling Your Life
Chapter 4: Mastering Your Fear of Rejection
Chapter 5: No Longer Allowing Women to Crush Your Self-Esteem
Chapter 6: Becoming the Best “You” You can be
Chapter 7: Saying Goodbye to Emotional Issues
Chapter 8: How Saying No Makes You More Attractive
Bonus Chapter: The 10 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make
Where To From Here?
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Dear Reader,
First of all I want to offer you my sincerest congratulations for taking the first step in a series of
positive steps that you will need to take in order to take control of your dating life.
The things which you will learn here about women and about dating are things that I guarantee you
most men in the entire world will NEVER learn about their female counterparts. You are given
knowledge and information about the biggest secrets women have.
This includes information on how women think.
It includes information on what attracts women.
It also includes information on how you can show the woman around you that you are a great catch
and they should stand up and take notice.
The book contains information on how to approach a woman as well as how to talk to her (or not
talk to her) and then how to keep her hooked as you start to date her. There are dating tips in here
that most men would literally kill to have.
At this point you might be curious as to how all of these secrets—and there seem to be a lot of them
—can be contained here in this short and simple ebook. And if this is true then why is it that all men
do not have access to them?
Why are these secrets not well known if they can fit here?
Well the answer is that most men do not have the secrets because they assume that the things they
have done over and over in life and made a routine are the way things should be done. This is not
just true of the dating world but also true of money management as well as the way people take care
of their relationships and themselves. If you were taught that left is right and right is left you might
live your entire life that way without questioning it because—after all—it was the way you were
I am sure that you are aware at this point that people will not go out of their way to find information
about any subject if they already think that they have enough information to get the results they
want. But then what happens when your methods stop producing the results that you so desire?
What happens when you realize that as you get older your methods are not working for you in the
same manner? Well at this point you have one of two choices. First you can choose to continue in
your habits and keep doing whatever you are doing even if you know it isn’t working well for you
and just expect different results. Or second you can look for new data or new information that can
help you change your existing habits and make better choices in the future. Of course the first of
these options is quite bad but the second shows a good sign of your character. And picking up this
book is one of those good signs!
Bear in mind that most men continue with the first (and bad) option. They might even do this for
the rest of their lives even if it does not give them the results they want. There might be men who
have picked up this book and are already reading it while the thought “What idiot needs a book to
tell them how to date?” The irony to this thought is that it is the exact reason why almost ALL men
FAIL to learn the most effective and simple strategies for dating which you will uncover in this
But this bodes well for you because it means that you will have the skills to snatch up women right
from under the Neanderthal men who laugh at reading such material (there is more on this topic
later in the book)
You could have picked up this book because you decided that it is high time you set aside your ego
and just accept the simple fact that you may not know as much as you would like on dating and that
you can always stand to learn more about relating to the fairer sex. Or maybe you just had a bad
break up or suffered through a divorce and now you want to learn more about the dating game. Or
perhaps you just want to find a higher caliber of women with whom to associate and you realized
that there may be better methods of doing this than the ones you are currently using.
Whatever reason you have for finding out more about how the dating game is play you will learn a
lot from this book. You will learn to expound upon the lessons that life has already taught you as
soon as you open up this book. Soon you will see a variety of dating options unfold at your
Happy dating!
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Chapter 1: Why Almost Every Man Fails to Get Desirable Women
If you’ve ever had the confusing experience of listening to a group of intelligent and attractive
women talk about how all the good men are either gay or taken you are likely left frustrated and
puzzled. You vision yourself, and know that you are exactly what they are looking for!
You wonder if you really are the only man left that is truly that one of a kind. That someday you’ll
be noticed. Someday they’ll realize just how great of a guy you are. Guess what; nearly every man
thinks the same thing. That they are the man women are referring to when they say what they want.
Now you wonder how that might be possible. If there are so many qualified single men out there
why are all these attractive women frustrated about not meeting the right man. What’s even more
confusing is that the men that do seem to be dating and meeting these wonderful women aren’t a
great catch.
You may even feel as though women are constantly complaining about how they want a man that
is: confident, emotionally mature, sensitive, nice, and affectionate…yet they go for the opposite in a
Does the scenario sound familiar? Well, if it does, I hate to say this, but you are not that one of a
kind. Most single men are confused and fail to understand why they do not attract desirable
Then, there are the men that aren’t single, but have settled for less than what they’d like in a
relationship with a woman. If you are can’t wait for the answer why this is happening with men,
the answer is simple- both sets of men lack confidence.
Does it really boil down to something as simple as this? You might have immediately thought,
being a confident man: “No, lack of confidence is not the problem…it is something else.” If this
thought entered your mind I ask you to keep your mind as you read this book, because even if you
are failing with desirable women now, you likely lack what you think you don’t- confidence. This
might have a negative impact on your belief, but as we go on you might come to the realization that
this is true, and when you accept it, you will be able to do something about it, and power yourself in
a much better position to meet those high value women.
Why would lack of confidence hinder a man’s chances with women? Don’t they realize men are
only human? That we too get nervous? Don’t expect too much, or your confidence will be crushed
here, as well.
Consider this, if you are interested in a woman, but waiting for her to “get it together” before you
feel confident in approaching her or getting closer with her, then she has the upper hand in your
behaviors and attitude. You have given her too much control.
What clue did you miss in the paragraph above? When you look at a woman as your source of
validation your confidence will be destroyed. There is no way around this.
Then there are times when you encounter a woman that is head over heels about you. But, we all
know how women seem to change from one moment to another. One minute you think you have it
made, she idolizes you, and the next minute you are the total opposite.
There is no way of a man to keep the woman 100% happy all of the time. As men, we fail to
understand this and this becomes a cause to our confidence and self-value fluctuating when the
woman disapproves of us. The sad reality is that the woman doesn’t even have to be someone we
know well.
It only takes one desirable woman to be present for a man to lose his marbles. His confidence
suddenly seems to vanish and he has trouble understanding why he is having trouble approaching
her. He reminds himself, and his friends remind him, as well that there is nothing to lose in going
up and talking to her, but, the fear is there.
He feels as though he does have a risk, and the one thing tool he has is his self-confidence.
Chapter 2: How to Create the Natural and Magnetic Confidence
Have you had the pleasure of knowing a man that seems to have self-confidence made of steel?
Think of his confidence, and ask yourself if there could be a situation where he lacked confidence.
My guess is you can think of at least one.
Maybe he has all the charisma in the world in front of a crowd, but, timid in the bedroom. Or,
maybe in the kitchen. Or, maybe you’d have to hang him from a cliff to find out where his lack of
confidence works.
There is no one person that doesn’t have at least one area that they are completely confident in. It
may be their career. Their relationship with their mother. Their hobby. Even men that can’t hold a
woman have one area that they have confidence in.
You may know someone that is a master in business, but a flop with the ladies. In business, he has
all the interest of those he works with. This holds true for individuals that possess confidence in
any area of their life.
Consider things in your life that you are good at. Are you good enough that you can teach them to
other people? Are you able to draw others attention and keep them interested in with your
knowledge on the subject? If so, put all doubt aside that you don’t have the ability to possess
magnetic confidence. The charisma is just waiting to bloom.
The reason you purchased this book is because you lack the confidence to approach and meet
women. You may not have understood why. But, the reason why is you don’t have the proper
knowledge on what works with women.
Consider this. If you had the indefinite answers as to why women are attracted to men, would you
have the confidence you need in your interactions with women? And, what if you understood that
attraction happens and is not a choice for women. That attraction is something built by the man.
If you think this is an impossible concept than I’d like you to consider this: have you ever noticed
all the heads of men turn as an attractive woman walks into the room? Even those with rings on
their fingers or a woman sitting next to him? And, when the woman they are with notices, most
men will respond with something like: “It’s only natural.”
Even the men among us that do not admit this out loud know that attraction is not a choice. It is
physical, and at the most we can empower ourselves not to look. The fact remains, however, we are
attracted to her.
Well, guess what? For women, attraction works the same way. The best part, women don’t find
the same things attractive as us men do. As men, what draws us to a woman are her looks and
confidence. This leaves more mature women at a disadvantage as they are older and their beauty
begins to fade. This is one reason for so many women turning to cosmetic surgery.
Now, what are women mostly attracted to? Women are mostly attracted to men due to their
behaviors. If you have the advantage of knowing what these behaviors are then you can build
magnetic and uncontrollable attraction with women. If you were able to have the knowledge of
how to tap into this would you have more confidence? Would interacting with women become that
much easier?
My guess is it would be much easier. It is all a matter of knowing what works and what does not.
When you have the skill and knowledge about what is effective your confidence level is that of a
natural state of body and mind.
Take a deep breath and realize that you already possess all the necessary confidence, like all other
men out there. Now, you need to determine what works so that you can enhance your interactions
with women with that confidence.
Chapter 3: How to Keep a Woman from Controlling Your Life
Because we want to learn what creates legitimate attraction with women, we are going to look at
what makes or breaks attraction: whether she is able to take control of your life, or you are not.
Women find men they can control, weak, and they do not like to be with this type of man. At the
most, the man will become a friend. The sad side of this reality is that they end up friends because
there is not challenge for the woman. They can control the man to get what they want.
Don’t get too upset- women, like men, are human. There is no woman in the world that isn’t out to
get what she wants, just like there is no man that doesn’t want this. Women have books they read to
help them learn how to get what they want, just like us men. If you find yourself one of the men
that keep ending up in the friend zone, you are the only one to blame.
You allowed this to happen, and that is the first thing that you need to focus on changing. How?
You must focus on putting a stop to behaviors and beliefs which gives the woman the power to
control your life. Once you are able to do this you will find that you become more attractive to
What is the reason for this, again? Because women find men they can control to be weak. Men
they can’t control, they are a challenge, and they are almost uncontrollably attracted to the man.
Your thoughts may be something like:
“How does this make sense? Women want to control men but are attracted to the men they can’t
That’s a good thought. And, when you think about all the jokes of how women are in charge of the
man, and how they have to report to their wives or girlfriends, it is even more confusing. And, why
are so many men allowing women to control them and call all the shots?
The answer to this is that women put men through tests. They test them to find out their confidence
level and how well they can handle them. The more attractive the woman is the greater intensity
her tests will hold.
The reason why so many men fail and end up in the friend one is because they are clueless to the
fact they are being tested, little alone know how to deal with it. This also explains the reason that so
many women are claiming there are no good men out there.
There are plenty of good men…you know that, and I know that. The problem is that all of these
“good” men are completely failing to test when it comes to proving their confidence, their
decisiveness and their ability to take charge and keep women from controlling their life.
Now that you have the advantage. You understand that when a woman tries to control you she is
actually testing you to see if you are going to allow her to control you. In other words, she is
measuring you up. As you are now learning, this new found knowledge alone keeps her from
controlling your life, and other things that we will get to soon.
Think of this realization. When someone is trying to control your life isn’t it that much easier to
maintain control of your life. When you think of a woman testing you for this reason, is it not
easier to stay on course? You have the ability to do this with men, so why not with women?
Because you have the element of fear that she will walk out, or reject you- which is about to
Chapter 4: Mastering Your Fear of Rejection
After having read the last chapter, it is my guess that you have a better understanding why so many
men have the tendency to let fear of rejection stand in their way. Many men are under the false
conception that when a woman becomes demanding and tries to control him it is best to do as she
says or he is risking the relationship. He does this because he fears being rejection.
What men in this situation don’t realize is that when they give into the woman this is what causes
the woman to reject him. She is putting him through the test to secretly determine if he is good
enough and confident enough to be firm. She wants him to be confident because it makes her feel
that he is strong enough to take care of her.
When you look at the scenario it is one that is interesting. The majority of men allow the woman to
take advantage of them because they don’t want to risk their relationship with her. Now, if the
majority of men knew they were being tested would their fear of being rejected subside?
What if these men understood that they could create magnetic attraction conducting their behaviors
in a manner that demonstrated that they were confident men who stood their ground when she puts
them under her tests? The difference in response to the tests would likely be that they would stand
their ground, and not act like foolish boys that gave in.
What would result would be attraction. A man who demonstrated to the woman that he has
unshakable confidence. Her attraction would become uncontrollable. This is the main factor that
men must understand when mastering the fear of rejection and getting it to work in their favor.
As a man, you will position yourself in one of two positions. You will continue to give in with the
belief that this is what your woman really wants and will keep you from being rejected, or you will
position yourself to stand your ground when being tested and not fold under her pressure.
The fear of rejection can work in your favor, or against you.
Well, what about all those games and the testing?
Why can’t women be straightforward and tell us what they want and expect
While this would be the ideal situation…what would happen next?
Well, men would be aware of the necessary “acts” to perform to create attraction with a woman.
Women would not have a way to test men and find out their sincerity. They have to figure out a
new test. Something that men didn’t have the formula to. Something that would allow the woman
to know that a man was responding out of his true nature, and not because he read the secret
formula in how to act.
Do you understand? A woman craves men that are genuine. She doesn’t want someone that is
trying to get her just to do a flip on which he is once he has her. As a man, you wouldn’t want a
woman to do this to you. Therefore you are able to understand that women test men indirectly as a
defense to determine whether they are genuine. The greater the attractiveness of the woman, the
more intense her testing must be.
Now you also understand that the key to master the fear of rejection is the same as that to build
unshakable confidence: it is all about developing the ability to build attraction with a woman so
that you have certainty when you interact with women.
When you are able to be in control, to be your own man, no matter whether she likes it or not, you
have reached the first principle in creating this attraction. It is vital to remember that she is testing
you, and not trying to control you.
Chapter 5: No Longer Allowing Women to Crush Your Self-Esteem
Now that you are aware that when a woman is dramatic, unreasonable, and bratty, she is testing
you, it is time to learn how to deal with it.
First, you need to understand the hot buttons that affect a man’s emotions when they are testing a
man. You shouldn’t be surprised that women are trying to mess with your emotions when they test
you. Many women start testing right from the get go.
The first tests are usually relatively minor, and as the relationship becomes more serious, the tests
are more serious. And, the tests continue throughout the course of the relationship. Women need
assurance and security, they must know that the man they are with is someone that they are safe and
secure with. She will continue these tests throughout her relationship with a man to ensure he is the
same man that she was attracted to.
This is no reason to get discouraged. You just need to learn how to “pass” the tests. In fact, when
you know how to pass the tests, they can be quite fun. It is important that you realize that these
tests are designed to play on a man’s emotions.
If you think to yourself this is highly unfair, then there is something you need to consider. Since the
beginning of times, women have been at a disadvantage to men. Women are not as physically
strong as men so they are unable to get what they want by intimidation or force. For centuries
women have also been in social positions which have denied them power and independence. It has
been necessary for women to resort to other methods for them to get what they want. And, this is
the reason for manipulating a man’s emotions.
Knowing this, you realize that there is no reason to be upset with her for testing you to determine
your confidence as a man. Testing is a method woman has depended on since early times, and
when you know how to handle the situation, you aren’t at a disadvantage. If you want desirable
results with women you will need emotional fortitude which is a sign of maturity. Let’s take a
deeper look at emotional fortitude to keep you on track and the levels of insecurity in women.
First, become your own standard
One test that women are known to toss at a man is a test that questions his sense of personal value.
She might criticize or tease him, and the test can be anything from light and humorous to downright
rigorous jabs to his self-esteem. If you do not handle criticism well, it is because you allow the
other person to determine your self-worth. The cure for this is not to question your value. In other
words, become your own standard.
If you find yourself in this situation, don’t lash out at her! This will only make her aware that she
has jabbed your sense of personal value, and that confident and powerful man you were, suddenly
has less value. The best thing is to listen, and while you are understand that you have no control
over her assumptions or perceptions of your value. If you let her get to you, she gives her the
power to continually wound your self-confidence whenever she wants.
Now, it is not enough to just affirm this to yourself. It is also necessary to be able to deflect the
teasing and criticizing which is where my next point comes into play.
Second, Don’t Take Her Tests Seriously
The best way to “pass” a woman’s test is not to play along. When she starts to test you, tease her
that she is testing you. Turn it into a joke. While you are humorous, be confident. When you are
able to tease a woman about testing you, you are turning the tables, and you have control of the
situation. This will let her know that you are a confident man that is not easy to crumble- and this is
what women are attractive to!
Another test is when a woman tells a man what he should wear… even if she doesn’t come right out
and say it. She might tease over your shoes, or your choice in an outfit. If you suddenly change the
way you dress, you lost. Instead, ask her for her credentials as the fashion police in a joking
manner. (You can always replace those ugly shoes later!)
Another test that women often put the man through is criticizing how he drives. Instead of getting
upset, turn the tables again, with a tease. Ask her if the driving consultant (her) is available for an
appointment. Here, she loves you even more!
Your teasing comeback became a means to flirt. If she is able to enjoy it, then the situation is
perfect. The ideal situation is to make light of it by making a joke out of it and bring you both
closer together.
Third, Don’t Carry Her Baggage
The toughest test a woman will throw at a man is when she tries to make him responsible for her
emotions, their assumptions or their choices. You know the test. It likely starts something like
“You have made me upset” that can be said through actions or verbally. If you give in, you’ve lost.
Listen, you can’t make a woman grouchy, upset, sad, disappointed, or angry. She is in control of her
own mood, and chooses her attitudes. If you allow yourself to begin to become responsible for her
emotional baggage, you will become weak.
Don’t get me wrong, you need to show compassion but you don’t want to take responsibility for
something that she has control over. If you find your woman becoming angry because you don’t
respond how she wants or give her what she would like, you can let her know that you are sorry
she’s upset, but also let her know that she doesn’t have to be stuck there, that she has the control to
change her feelings. You become the man that her emotional manipulation fails on, and the strong
man that she desires. Don’t carry her baggage; diffuse the test with humor if possible.
Chapter 6: Becoming the Best “You” You can be
When you first began to read this book you likely were under the assumption that the key to selfconfidence was to become a “superman” with the ladies. Now, you should realize that the true
secret to being a confident man is being who you are and letting other people deal with it whether
they like it or not.
If you have come to this realization you have taken the first step in becoming your best self. There
is something for you to realize. You are your best self. Most men aren’t good at transforming
themselves into someone else. They can play the role, but it is not the true them. You aren’t going
to be as good as someone else as you can as being someone else. This is okay, because you have
what it takes to be that magnificent man. When you stop wasting your energy on pleasing everyone
else, you are in a better position to become the best you.
Remember earlier on how we discussed how each of us has something in our lives that we are good
at. This principle brought you to the realization that you have the confidence to be successful with
women. You just needed to learn how to create attraction and to use the knowledge to put this
confidence into your dating life.
You now have a plan of action for building the attraction and how to pass tests that women put you
through. This alone is going to enhance your appeal with women. The next step is to become the
best you possible and not to allow anyone to influence your self-worth.
It doesn’t matter if you see the woman of your dreams and she looks at you and makes rude
comment. This is her perception of you and you are not responsible for how she sees you. There is
no point to turning yourself into someone else for fear that you will be rejected from someone.
When you realize this, you are free to express yourself, who you are, and to be a “whole” man.
I understand that when you think “becoming whole” there is the suggestion that you are broken.
This is a false reality. You simply need to improve on certain aspects of your personality and your
character which you have yet to develop and mature because you have hidden them. The reason
you’ve hid them is because you have the fear of being rejected by women.
My guess is that if you have hid these traits in this situation there are other areas of your life, as
well. When you are able to stop exterior things from determining how you are going to act or what
part of you interacts with people, this will change.
The best advice is to be who you are. When you are who you are, you are able to accept yourself.
The more you do this, the more you will become aware of yourself, and the quicker you’ll master
the art of being you. The longer that you neglect to do this, the longer that you will remain
immature, timid and unrefined to those parts. When you accept all of you, you will grow and
mature to become whole which is a key to capturing your self-confidence and attracting high value
Chapter 7: Saying Goodbye to Emotional Issues
While you were reading the last chapter and the few chapters before that you might have come to
the realization that there are parts of your personality which you may choose to hide and that these
parts may represent the emotional side of you. Emotions make everyone feel vulnerable and this is
why we often protect them… and rightly so. You do not want to show off your deepest emotions
immediately least someone uses them against you.
The other end of this is that the longer you do this—the longer you protect and hide your emotions
the less in touch you may be with them. If you end up with an emotional imbalance in your life you
may choose to fill it with someone else who has an abundance of emotions. This is usually how
men end up dating women with emotional issues and it is never a positive situation in which to be.
You may have heard of the term “merger wish”. It is a term used in psychology. What it means is
that an individual attaches themselves to someone to make up for what they are missing. Some
view this unhealthy attachment as love. Those that do continue to end up in codependent
relationships because of this.
Without sounding harsh, if you continue to attract women with emotional issues it is likely because
you haven’t dealt with issues of your own. Think about it. The common denominator in each of
your relationships is you. The sooner you are able to realize this, the more understanding you have
to work on your problem.
The great news is you have learned principles in this book that you can apply to accomplish this.
The more you practice the knowledge you’ve gained in this book, the more immune you will be to
the drama, and the less control she will have in controlling your life.
What you need to realize is that men who refuse to tolerate dramatic women don’t end up dating the
woman who has emotional issues. This is because they have a higher value and do not allow
themselves to be manipulated by a woman’s tests.
When you are able to do these two things will happen:
First, women that you attract that are truly drama queens will give up and go on to a man that they
can easily control. These women are few, however, and men really don’t miss out on much.
The second situation is that women will begin to give out a lot less drama because they understand
that the man will not tolerate as much, and they better not dish out as much if they really want to
stay in a relationship with him.
Men and women have a tendency to dish out the most drama that their partner will tolerate. It is
just one of those quirks about humans. We seem to try to get away with the most we can.
If you happen to be a man that isn’t completely confident in yourself, women with emotional issues
won’t be the only thing you’ll attract. You will also attract normal woman who can act like drama
queens. Once you have come to the end of this book, go back over chapter 5 and the strategies I
discussed for dealing with drama and make a commitment to yourself to master the strategies. It
will save you a tremendous amount of heartache later. The women you will begin to attract will be
emotionally healthy and they will be women that treat you like you should be treated.
It is also important that you go over chapter 6 and understand the things that you need to work on
about yourself in order to stop attracting these types of women.
But the fact remains the same. In order to attract the type of person you want in your life you need
to become the type of man that they are naturally attracted to. This is your only approach to attract
the people you want to attract. There are not short cuts.
My guess is that this is enough to inspire you to have the courage necessary to face yourself, and
that alone will empower you to become a man of unshakable confidence.
Chapter 8: How Saying No Makes You More Attractive
What most men don’t realize is that when they say no they become more attractive. A man has to
have the ability to say no. If you think this is nuts, then take a look at the following scenarios.
Let’s take a look at Sam. He’s head over heels for Sally. She tells Sam that she would love to be
wined and dined on Friday night. Now, because Sam is a nice guy, she gets what she wants. But,
she had to tell him to do it. The romance and spontaneity is out the door.
Now, let’s take a look at Joe. He is crazy about Laura. She tells him that she would love to be
wined and dined on Friday night. He tells her that he has plans, but they can meet for lunch on
Saturday. They share a nice lunch with no flowers.
A few weeks later, Joe surprises her and picks her up on a Wednesday night after work to take her
to a fine dinner house. When they arrive at the restaurant the waiter brings her flowers that he’s
arranged to have brought to their table. Is this boring?
Do you see the difference in these scenarios? Sam gave Sally exactly what she wanted on her
Joe gave Laura what she wanted, but on his terms. The spontaneous nature of Joe was much more
than Laura could have wanted. He’s not predictable, and he is exciting.
This principle can be applied with anything your woman requests from you that you feel is
reasonable but would be boring if you just do it on her terms. The next time a woman asks you for
something, try it. Apply the strategies in chapter 5 and you will create magnetic attraction with
curiosity and mystery and show her that you are a man who is of high value.
Bonus Chapter: The 10 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make
Mistake #1: Doing Whatever She “Wants”
After reading this book you have likely come to the realization that women are not going to be
direct about what they want. By now you probably realize that women aren’t direct about what they
want. You will be tested. Most men make the mistake of failing a woman’s test because they don’t
understand what the tests are about. They don’t understand that these tests create attraction.
Mistake #2: Trying to Impress Instead of Attract
Men that try to impress instead of attract are the men that are trying to win a woman’s attraction by
wining and dining her and buying her nice things. The problem with this scenario is the man is
communicating the wrong message. He is not depending on his ability to attract the woman with his
personality, so, he tries to impress her with nice things.
Mistake #3: Going for the “Close” too Soon
Do not let anyone fool you. Sex is just as important to women as it is men. The big difference is
that women approach sex differently than men. They want sex to be romantic, spontaneous, and
mysterious. Men on the other hand, treat sex much like a business deal. Men have a tendency to
want sex as soon as possible. Women find this a turn off. Little do these men realize that the more
they hold back, the greater chance there will be of her initiating sex within the first few dates.
Mistake #4: Being too Nice
As you read this book, you likely should have come to the realization that the nice guy who does
just what she wants is not how to attract the woman. It is necessary for a woman to know that a
man is genuine. The problem these nice guys have is they think they are being just what the woman
wants when in reality they are trying to get what they want. When a woman isn’t overpowered with
the getting exactly what she wants, more attraction is built. She has the security of knowing he is a
man with confidence and that she can rely on.
Mistake #5: Being too Available
If every time the woman calls you answer the phone, or jump through the hoops for her, you are
making yourself too available. What this does is communicate the message that you don’t have a
life other than her. Know look at that for a moment. What she’ll then see is that you don’t have
social value. Stick with your own agenda and let her know that she has to work / earn her way into
your life. This will let her know that you are a man to win.
Mistake #6: Being Indecisive
Being indecisive is a terrible quality in a man and a quality that women don’t like. There is nothing
worse than a man who doesn’t know what he wants and lets the woman make all the decisions. He
might disguise this with saying things like: “Whatever you’d like to do is fine with me, baby.”
Don’t forget that women want men with confidence and that take charge. No woman wants to
make all the decisions. Being indecisive will land you in the friend zone.
Mistake #7: Bragging
Bragging is much like trying to impress a woman to attract her. Don’t brag! This is a total turn off
and there is nothing attractive about it. It also says that you are hiding insecurities and self-doubt.
It is much better to stay quite than to brag, as it shows you really aren’t that person you claim to be.
Mistake #8: Trying to be interesting Instead of Interested
When you try to be interesting instead of interested this is another dead-end with women. Women
want you interested in them. Just like you want them interested in you. The secret here is to listen
more than you speak and keep her curiosity up. If she knows all there is to know in the first few
dates, there is no mystery left. Being a bit mysterious will help to build the attraction.
Mistake #9: Not Challenging Her
Men who play the nice guy are not typically men that challenge women, and this is a mistake that
men make. They want to impress a woman, to give her what she wants, to be a nice guy and to
make her think they are the man of her dreams. These are attraction killers. Men need to
understand that saying no to a woman builds attraction and passes those tests she’ll throw at you. If
you don’t challenge a woman, she has nothing but control, and there is no excitement.
Mistake #10: Waiting for Permission
Don’t wait for a woman to give you permission to approach her or to ask her out. When a woman
sees that you wait for her to show interest first, what you are showing her is that you prefer to let
the woman lead. Remember how we discussed that women do not want a man they can control. If
you are interested in a woman, then approach her. Use the strategies discussed to eliminate the fear
factor. You will likely have many more “yes” responses than negative rejection, and you will
enhance your self-worth.
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