Ref No. Plexh/DBK/1963
Date : 26.03.2015
All the Members
All Members of Committee of Administration
Dear Sir,
Sub : Request for provision of data for the purposes of the exercise for All Industry Rates (AIR)
of Duty Drawback for the year 2015-reg.
Ref. : F.No. 609/30/2015-DBK(A) dated 20th March 2015
This has reference to communication dated 20.03.2015 (enclosed herewith) from Shri. Rajiv
Talwar (Joint Secretary to Ministry of Finance, Drawback Division, New Delhi) regarding All
Industry Rates (AIR) of Duty Drawback for the year 2015.
As members are aware that All Industry Rates (AIR) of Duty Drawback are based upon
consumption of input material/services and the incidence of customs and central excise duties
and service tax on these input material/services. In this connection interested members are
requested to provide cost and consumption data for the period January – March, 2015 w.r.t. the
inputs/input services which are used in the manufacture of the export products in the specified
Proforma, in 4 parts – I(A), I(B), II, III, IV.
The consumption of input materials/services and incidence of duties/tax, which is filled in the
Part I as being the export of particular product, must be invariably related to it.
Part II requires information on the actual cost, including the break-up, incurred for making the
export product and the sales realization on such export product.
Part III relates to the incidence of service tax paid at input stage.
Part IV required details of captive power used for manufacturing the export product.