Solar power made easy

Solar power made easy
Why switch to solar power?
More and more Australians are switching to solar power.
Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider it.
You can save money on your energy bills
With solar power, during daylight hours you can save money by using
the electricity you generate, rather then drawing power from the grid.
You can get paid for any excess power you generate
You can further reduce your electricity bills by selling back to the grid
any power that you generate but don’t use.
You can add value to your home
Switching to solar power is an investment in your home which adds
to its overall value.
You’ll reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
By creating your own clean energy you’ll be lessening your
carbon footprint.
Why choose solar from EnergyAustralia?
We make switching to solar power easy. We’ll handle the complete process from beginning to
end from selecting the right system, based on your electricity usage profile, through to installation
and connection.
You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your solar system is backed by one of Australia’s largest
and most trusted energy companies, with over 2.5 million customers. You can feel confident
knowing you’re getting the best quality products available, backed by a local support team and
industry approved warranties.
Here are some of the advantages
EnergyAustralia’s specialist solar team
can offer you:
• A dedicated Australian call centre
to answer your solar questions
• A range of system configurations to
suit any size household
• Australia’s number 1 solar panels
• World class, high efficiency
grid-connect inverters
• A simple and professional installation
process by a licensed and accredited
Saving money with solar power
How much can you save?
Feed-in Tariffs
This depends on the size of the system you
choose to install. The larger the system, the
more electricity you can offset. We have a
range of systems available to suit your needs.
Save on your electricity bill by being
reimbursed for any surplus energy you
generate. These are called feed-in tariffs (FITs)
where the excess electricity you generate is
fed back into the grid and credited to your
electricity bill. FITs vary depending on the size
of your system and the State you live in. Call
one of our consultants for more information.
You receive these at the time of purchase.
Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)
depend on the size of your system, where you
live and the value of the certificates at the time
of purchase.
When you buy a solar system from
EnergyAustralia you can assign us your STCs
in exchange for a discount on your system.
We’ll even calculate your STCs and manage
all your paperwork.
Solar energy ‘payback’ is the period of time it
takes for a solar system to pay for itself, and
will vary depending on your energy usage.
How solar power works
The technology behind solar power may seem complex, but converting sunlight to electricity
is simple and creates a clean, safe energy system.
1 The sun’s energy
Sunlight contains energy. Solar
power is still generated on
overcast days.
2 Solar Panels
These roof-mounted panels
contain photovoltaic cells.
When sunlight falls on the
cells they convert the sun’s
energy into DC power.
5 The electricity grid
Any surplus energy your home
generates is fed back into the
grid for others to use. When you
need additional power, the grid
provides this.
3 An inverter
Connected by a cable to
the solar panels,the inverter
converts the DC power to
240V AC power, the type of
electricity used in your home.
4 A bi-directional electricity meter
A meter that measures in half-hour blocks
both the power your business uses and the
power sent back to the grid. The power you
don’t use can be sold back to the grid if you’re
eligible. This is called the feed-in tariff.
Installing a solar system
You’d be surprised how quick and easy it is to
enjoy all the benefits of solar power.
Give us a call
We’ll talk you through the most efficient and
cost-effective solar solution to suit your needs.
We’ll follow with a written quote including an
outline of any rebates you could be eligible
for. We can also organise your government
rebates and do any required paperwork.
We’ll organise a licensed accredited installer to
assess your home and complete the installation
of your new solar system. Depending on the
size of your system and the weather, this can
happen in less than a day.
Bi-directional meters
To access a feed-in tariff, you need a
bi-directional meter that can measure both
incoming and outgoing power. In most cases
we can help you organise your bi-directional
meter installation.
Our solar products
Whichever solar system you choose, you can be sure we only use quality products at competitive
prices. Please contact us to discuss the right solution for your home.
Jinko solar panels
Fronius IG Series inverters
Jinko Solar is one of the Top 5 largest solar module
manufacturers in the world. Jinko Solar modules
are well suited to the Australian environment and
provide both performance and reliability. All panels
come with a 10 year warranty and an industry
leading guaranteed 12 years at 90% and 25 years at
80% power output warranty.
Austrian based Fronius, a world leader in the
control and monitoring of energy for 67 years,
has been supplying grid connected inverters
to the Australian market since 2001. With a
standard 5 year warranty, choosing Fronius
inverters guarantees the highest possible
reliability for your PV-system.
TrinaSolar solar panels
Samil inverters
Ranked number 1 in Australia, and made by one of
the world’s leading solar manufacturers, TrinaSolar
solar panels provide reliable solar power for grid
connected systems. All panels come with a 10
year warranty and a guaranteed 80% linear power
output warranty for 25 years.
Sleek, robust and compact, Samil SolarRiver
and Samil SolarLake inverters are highefficiency grid connect inverters from small to
mid-range systems, with up to 98% efficiency.
They are ideal for converting your solar power
to usable everyday mains power and come
with a standard 5 year warranty.
To find out more, call EnergyAustralia
on 1800 464 574 and speak to a
Solar Solutions Consultant.