here is the current playbill for the play itself

amazing obstacles to find
people at the VA with a
Heart of Care, Churches
that are able to give food,
and Mesilla Valley
Community of Hope that
has social workers who
get homeless and
homeless veterans CARE.
2015 THANKS TO FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTORS raised $1260: Dean of Ag College, Lowell Catlett
Anna Klimes for her granddaughter
Professor Connie Voisine
Professor Christopher Erickson, Professor Jim Peach
Professor Al Berryman
Ed & Mary Jane Williams
Professor Daphne DePorres
Liam McMahon, David Perez, Andrea Sandoval
Professor Van Bullock
Army Veterans - Aaron Voris,
Karen Trujillo, Tim Ketelaar, RJ Lotze
Professor Kenneth Hacker
Professor David Tobey
Professor Yue Cai
Professor Mark Hillon
Professor Dale Finn; Professor Ken Long
Thanks to: Areej Gadri, Luke Null, Sharon Aderson, Meshal Alajmi for marketing the play, The Mesilla Valley Community of Hope for cooperating with it, New Mexico State University, all the Churches, Public, Non-­‐Profit and Private organizations who have a Heart of Care for the Homeless and Veterans; Sweet CeCe’s, Little Caesars. VETERANS’ THEATER Presents a play: Homeless Veterans
Dead While Waiting
for VA Appointment!
April 30 Thursday 5-­‐7PM Center for The Performing Arts New Mexico State University PROGRAM Storyboard ACT 1: After 22 years in the U.S. Army, BA (Barrie Ann) Wright-­‐
Smith, 1st Sgt., retires after combat in the Iraq War. BA tells her story of coming to Camp Hope, as she waits for her husband who was jailed on erroneous charges. ACT 2: Randy Harris leads a weekly Great Conversation with the residents of CAMP HOPE to jointly decide upon camp rules. One current concern is the increasing use of the drug Spice in the community. “Spice heads” have recently encircled the camp. Featuring Veterans: Michael Burk U S Marine Corps, Dother Sykes Jr. US Army, Bones US Marine, & non-­‐military: Alex Wright, James Sassak, Stanley Smith, Matt Mercer, Anthony Bozeman, Deanna. Costello … PROGRAM Storyboard ACT 4: Three veterans go to the VA for care. They are first greeted at the front desk and hope to make their way through to see the team leader and nurse. ACT 5: Michael Burk (US Marine) had his medication stolen and sees the VA social worker who tries to convince the doctor to get Michael the medication he needs. The play ends with Erika asking Michael if he wants to try alternative therapies. One such therapy is the LEGACY RANCH, a partnering of NMSU with the VA and other military-­‐serving organizations to be a healing place for service members and their families. There are several places in US where VA counselors are working with equine-­‐assisted and other alternative therapies. SOME FACTS: ACT 3: David Boje as CEO of Eli Lilly Corporation fires John Hawk for sales decline of Zyprexa (medication used for Schizophrenia). Erika Gergerich is promoted to sales representative to increase the number of drug prescriptions in the VA. Ernest Ramey plays the role of a VA doctor. 19,500 veterans died waiting for appointments 22 veterans commit suicide every day in USA 49,933 veterans are homeless in USA 1 in 4 homeless is a veteran in USA 1 in 9 High School Students used SPICE Eli Lilly fined $1.42 billion to resolve a Justice Department investigation into its Zyprexa marketing practices