EMERGENCY APPEAL: Help Needed in Nepal
BRAMPTON, ON. – April 25, 2015 – This morning in Nepal, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9
struck, with the current estimated death toll at 1,800 and continuing to rise. Partners International
currently has a partner organization, Good Friends of Nepal (GFN) that has been operating in the
country since 1995. At this moment we have been in contact with GFN leader, Bhim Lal who has been
able to provide us with more details on what is happening. Currently he is able to confirm that he and
his family are safe despite damage to their home. He has been able to contact 35 GFN workers who
have reported as safe. However, currently there are 20 workers who are in rural areas that Bhim has
not been able to connect with to ensure their safety. We continue to pray that they will all be connected
with and reported as safe. The Gogane New Vision Church that GFN operates in Nuwakot has been
badly damaged and many of the GFN workers have seen their houses collapse. Bhim personally has
seen many houses collapsed in the region as many families have taken to sleeping outdoors as tremors
continue, with Bhim confirming that they have felt over 40 tremors and are unsure when they will stop.
Among this dire situation, Bhim has stated, “ The first thing that we need is prayer, prayer is always
good. Secondly is for the people in village who need shelter and food.” We will continue to share
updates as we hear how we can best support the work of Good Friends of Nepal.
With an open line of communication between Partners International and Good Friends of Nepal,
both organizations are ready and preparing to serve in the wake of the earthquake. At this time we ask
for continued support and prayer as more information becomes available and tremors continue to strike
throughout the region. Thank you for continuing to help us on this mission and please continue to pray
for Nepal.
Kevin McKay, President of Partners International, is in Indonesia and was the first to hear of
the earthquake, we have had conversations since the earthquake hit the newswires about the
possibilities of how we can serve as we have feet already on the ground and ready to move.
Director of Development, Erwin van Laar states, “Prayer always matters. It is so good to hear of
the safety of our partners, now we need to pray for donations and for our team in Nepal to quickly
assemble. They have been evangelizing in the area for some time, now it is our turn to show them what
the love of Christ looks like in action.” Help us and Good Friends of Nepal show the love of Christ
during this crisis by committing to donate at
Good Friends of Nepal is an organization that directly serves remote and mountainous villages
where Christians are often persecuted. Since being involved in the region, GFN has grown from 45
churches to 200 where staff demonstrates the love of Christ by serving the physical needs of vulnerable
residents. GFN is currently preparing to respond, bringing the love of Christ to a crisis that has claimed
the lives of many.
Partners International has been a leading Christian non-profit specializing in holistic
international development since 1963. By working through local entities, they gain the advantage of
grass-roots knowledge that enables them to overcome the hurdles and challenges often missed by
outsiders. Their rigorous selection process enables them to partner with the most effective local leaders
and organizations in each context including children-at-risk, education, health and wellness, water,
Christian witness, entrepreneurship and justice issues.
“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with action and in truth.”
– 1 John 3:18
Luke McKee
Communications Coordinator
Partners International Canada
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