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Map A Drive On an Apple/Mac Computer
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Creation/Revision Date – 9/2013
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The procedures below provide outlined steps for mapping a network drive on an Apple/Mac computer
running OS 10.6-10.7.
Network Drive – A network drive is a storage drive that is on an external server. You “map” to the
drive so you will have access to it for storing and retrieving files that are saved on it.
Mapping a network drive in Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is similar to mapping a drive in Windows on a
PC. To begin this procedure, follow the steps below.
NOTE – If you are not connected to the ANR Network (off campus, out of the country, etc.) you will need
to first connect to the MSU VPN service before mapping the drive. Please see the document, How to
Connect to MSU VPN on Apple/Mac Computer for instructions.
From the GO dropdown menu, in Finder, select Connect to Server…
Enter the path to the network drive you want to map in the Server Address textbox
o smb://$/YourUserName - For your personal
U: drive – where “YourUserName” is your ANR username
smb://$/YourSharedDrive - For your
departmental shared S: drive - where “YourSharedDrive” is your department
share name
Click the + (plus) button to the right of the address. This will add the network share to your
list of Favorite Servers. You will know you have done this successfully when the server
address appears in the lower portion of the window, below Favorite Servers.
Click Connect.
A credential window will open. Enter your ANR login credentials and click Connect
Name : make sure you put anr\your username
Password: enter your ANR password
The drive is now mounted.
To force Mac OS X to show the mounted network drives on the desktop of your computer, do the
In the Finder menu bar, click Finder > Preferences....
Under Show these items on the desktop: put a checkmark next to Connected servers
Close the Finder Preferences window
Network shares to which you have connected will now show up on your desktop.
Connected U: Drive (user$) and S: Drive
(anrshare$) located on desktop