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MESSAGE FROM FATHER MICHAEL The Easter season continues this week and the scripture readings at Mass tell of the confidence of the apostles in proclaiming the good news of the Resurrection and the growth of the early Church. Let us thank God for the gift of faith and may we want to share it with others. I was delighted with the attendances at the Easter Masses / services and also with the spirit of prayer and reverence throughout. I have received a number of appreciative comments on the celebration of the liturgy and I hope that people will feel their faith has been nourished by the liturgy this Easter. Congratulations again to the children who made their First Holy Communion on Easter Sunday in a packed church and let us keep them in our prayers. It’s good also to see the construction of the new St Christopher Centre under way at last. May the peace of the Risen Christ continue to be in our hearts, homes and families this week. SACRED LITURGY THIS WEEK The month of April is dedicated to The Holy Spirit. Sunday Readings: Cycle B. Weekday Readings: Cycle I. Psalter: Parish Mass Book 1 Page 255 The Pope’s intentions for April that people may learn to respect creation and care for it as a gift of God. That persecuted Christians may feel the consoling presence of the Risen Lord and the solidarity of all the Church. MASS TIMES and INTENTIONS (this week) Sunday th
12 SECOND SUNDAY OF EASTER Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 13th 14th th
15 th
16 th
17 St Martin P.M. feria feria feria feria Saturday 18 Sunday 19th THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER th
feria Vigil Mass of the following: 6.30pm 9.00am 11.00am 9.15am 9.15am 9.15am 9.15am 9.15am People of the Parish Tony Delaney RIP Marjorie Walker RIP AnnMarie Jackson RIP Margaret Matthews Private Intention Maureen Courtney RIP In Thanksgiving 9.15am Vigil Mass of the following 6.30pm 9.00 am 11.00 am Barry Taylorson Rita McGrath RIP Elsie Edwards RIP People of the Parish SACRAMENTS and OTHER LITURGIES (usual schedule) Adoration of the Holy Eucharist Mon, Wed, Thurs Tuesday Saturday Sunday Sacrament of Reconciliation Mon – Fri Saturday Sunday Liturgy of the Hours Mon, Tues, Wed. Tuesday Saturday Sunday 8.15am – 9.10am 6.30 – 7.25 pm 5.30 – 6.20 pm 8.00 – 8.50 am upon request after Mass 5.45– 6.20 pm 10.20 – 10.50 am 8.55am Morning Prayer 7.10 pm Evening Prayer 9.00 am Morning Prayer; 5.30 pm Evening Pr 8.00 am Morning Prayer PLEASE NOTE the regular schedule of Masses and Adoration resumes this week. Please see the front of the newsletter for details. FR MICHAEL & FR TONY thank you for the cards, gifts and good wishes received over Easter for which we are grateful. And for your generous Easter offerings which help to support the clergy. ask questions themselves. The event is free and open to members of the public. The former Bishop of Carlisle, Graham Dow, will chair the meeting. [We intend to supply an address on Eventbrite for people intending toattend to register and if possible post a question – this should be set up in the next week]. '2020 Vision of a Good Society' is available from www.ctbi.org.uk CAR PARKING
FR MICHAEL will be in Rome from Monday to Friday this The construction of the St Christopher Centre
is now ongoing
The following car parking restrictions will
week with nearly thirty clergy from the diocese on a study trip looking at the religious art & architecture of Rome. Art & architecture both express and nourish faith and are very much part of the history of the Eternal City. I shall remember you all at Mass in Rome. WEEKDAYS
No access whatever to the rear car park. The
drive will be closed from the Presbytery.
Pedestrian access to school via the right hand
side of Church only and down the steps.
There must be no access whatever to the
building site.
CONGRATULATIONS TO Alexandra Garratt & Matthew Cotton who were married with a Nuptial Mass at Our Lady & St Christopher’s on Easter Friday. May God bless their marriage and grant them a long and happy life together. CATHOLIC VOICE The latest issue of this magazine is available at the back of church. Please take a free copy home with you. SATURDAY EVENING & SUNDAY
Joy & Hope Easter Prayer Leaflets if you didn’t receive The tarmac rear car park will be available.
one of these beautifully produced prayer leaflets last weekend, you can pick one up from church today and use it for prayer over the Easter period. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE TO OUR
PRAYER & LITURGY REQUIESCANT + IN PACE, ALLELUIA Those who have died recently: Barbara Cooney, Tony Delaney., Charlie Pigram and Malcolm Clegg. Those whose anniversaries occur around this time: Mary Brighouse, AnnMarie Jackson, Hannah Bardsley, Marjorie Walker, James Pogson, John Warwick, Bridie Dixon, Kathleen Wood, Amy Burns, Cath Brown, William Harrison, Michael Hennessy, Elizabeth Nixon. May they rest in peace MARRIAGE MATTERS
Second Sunday of Easter (Acts of the Apostles 4:32-­‐35 1 John 5:1-­‐6 John 20:19-­‐31) Doubt no longer Sometimes we are asked to trust our spouse implicitly despite the doubts that plague us. Can we believe them when something really important depends on it? Thomas needed proof of Jesus’ wounds before believing. Jesus said: “Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe [and]…Doubt no longer but believe.” It’s important to believe and to decide to trust. .FORTHCOMING EVENTS GENERAL ELECTION HUSTINGS EVENT The Romiley/Bredbury/Woodley areas of the HAZEL GROVE constituency will be holding a hustings event at St Chads Church, Church Lane, Romiley, SK6 4BN on 19th April 2015 between 6.30 pm and 8.00 pm (doors open at 6.00 pm). All four declared candidates have agreed to attend the meeting toanswer questions from constituents. Any Independent candidates who are nominated by the official deadline will also be invited. The theme of the evening will be 2020 Vision of a Good Society with some set questions, but also the opportunity for members of the audience to Thank you.
Fr Michael
July – August 4/5 2015 The annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes takes place this th
year from July 28 – August 5 overland & July 29 – th
August 4 by air. Booking forms from St Alban’s Wallasey & St Peter’s Hazel Grove as well as from the pilgrimage website www.shrewsburypilgrimage.co.uk. The pilgrimage is led by Bishop Davies. All are welcome to join the pilgrimage and we look forward to receiving applications from those who have never been to Lourdes. We particularly look forward to welcoming nurses and healthcare professionals to assist in the care of the sick and less able. Full details are available on the website. Fr Michael is happy to answer any questions . HOUSEBOUND AND THE SICK Please pray for: Fr Peter Coyle, Philip Smith, Brian Rogers, Christine Beswick, Hillary Rustage, Kieran O’Brien, Fr. Jim Farrell, Theresa Travis, Debbie Sainsbury, Dorothy Cornelly, Lionel and Jenny Rawlings, Anna Maria Bolton, Matthew Norman, Billy Lingard, Patricia Kelly, Winnie Monk, Jadar Jones, Michael Christie, Sonia Faure, Wilfred Hartley, Mandy Keane, Joyce Osbourne, Michael O’Sullivan, Bob and Mary Parker, Katelyn Reilly, Margaret Smith, Matthew Swallow, Amy Harris, Audrey Wilson, Christine Colley, Elizabeth Brown, Bridget Robertson, Eileen Powell, Michael Walsh, Valerie Gahan, Christopher Wilkinson, Michelle Wright,Roger Armistead, Joshua Goddard, Ann Platt, Monica Jackson. Deirdre Nausen, Audrey Tynam, Gerard Davies, Gloria Flynn, Ronald Evans. Irene Daughney, KIrsty Czyzewsky, Albert Perris, Baby William, Joan Aspinall, Kathleen Foley and Mildred & John Coverley. We commend them all to the prayers of our Lady and St Christopher. JUSTICE & CHARITY VOLUNTEERING N.B. FOOD BANK The numbers of vouchers fulfilled has risen of late. In two weeks 36 vouchers were presented and 84 people fed. Consequently the Food bank is running short of some supplies and they are in dire need of the following items: Fruit juice, Fish, Fruit, Rice Pudding, Milk, Coffee, Sugar, Treats, Toiletries. They have received help from Hazel Grove but that means that two areas are short. Please help if possible. Many thanks. A BIG THANK YOU to the Soup, Bread and Cake makers and also to the parishioners who make such generous donations at the Friday midday Masses and those who bought the raffle tickets for the Simnel cake. • Soup donations: £437.86 • Cake Raffle: £53.00 • Other monies: £72.75 This means that a cheque for £563.61 will be sent to CAFOD. The government will match this so that CAFOD will receive £1127.32 in total. A great parish effort. P.S. Fr Tony won the cake !! MANY THANKS to Gabriella Wyatt who has donated £10.06 to the Building Fund from her sale of Loom Bands. This donation is in memory of her Great Grandad, Charlie Pigram. SUPPORT & CHAPLAINCY OUR LADY & ST CHRISTOPHER’S PARISH is committed to keeping children, young people and vulnerable adults safe. The parish safeguarding representative is Carly Giblin who may be contacted on: 07769 110723 or at [email protected] MARRIAGE CARE If you are going through difficulties in your relationship Stockport marriage care offer a confidential Counselling service. You can contact them on 0800-­‐389-­‐3801 HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY If a relative or friend is in hospital please ensure that you contact the chaplaincy office to let them know that they will need that spiritual care and comfort, and if they are catholic, to receive Holy Communion, and if necessary the Sacrament of the Sick. You can do this directly by calling the chaplaincy on 419-­‐5889 FINANCES . PIETY STALL The stall at the back of church raised the sum of £560.10 for parish funds during the last financial year (2014 –’15). Not only has the stall provided a worthwhile service to parishioners and visitors alike but it has also provided a boost for parish funds. My thanks to Sarah Heaton & Cath Rogers for looking after the stall. PLANNED GIVING & GIFT AID RENEWAL If you completed one of the Offertory Giving Cards and requested a box of Offertory Envelopes, a Standing Order form or information about Gift Aid, you should by now have received these. If you took an Offertory Giving Card, Gift Aid form and/or Standing Order form home with you and have not yet returned it, please could you do so by either handing them in at the Presbytery or during the Offertory collection. Alternatively, please send them direct to Mike at the Curial Offices using the envelope provided -­‐ his address is also shown on the Gift Aid and Standing Order forms. If you missed the Renewal but would like to Gift Aid your Offertory donations, or set-­‐up a Standing Order, please contact Dominic Berry on 494 1174. Thank you. N.B. Planned Giving Envelopes Please collect your box from the back of church. They will be needed from this week. WEEKLY FINANCE Last week’s collection: £1534.81 CAFOD: £16.30 Holy Places £490.00 Standing orders for March = £2019. Thank you for your generosity NEWSLETTER & WEBSITE ROMILEY METHODIST LADIES SOCIETY The Ladies Society has invited Mr Arthur Cross to present his film entitled”Camino de Santiago” (Pilgrimage to Santiago) in Romiley Methodist Church on Wednesday April 15, starting promptly at 7.30pm. Parishioners, (both ladies & gentlemen) and clergy from all churches are very welcome to attend and refreshments will be served. A charge of £2 per person will be payable at the th
door. In the absence of Maurice & Glenys before April 9 please make any enquiries to Jean Browningon 430 5876 / Joan Donald on 430 6994. SAVIO HOUSE, BOLLINGTON The Salesian order is looking for people to go on a volunteer placement with the community for ten months. Involves living in a Catholic community and working with young people, receiving training in first aid, food hygiene, safeguarding and youth work skills. All food and board included as well as a weekly allowance. Please pick up a leaflet at the back of church or go to: www.saviohouse.org.uk EWTN (Catholic TV) Copies of free Programme Guide for April available at the back of church.