Food Box Packing Instructions Daypack Packing

Food Box Packing Instructions
Food: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and an “On the Go” meal
Size: The box containing the food should be plastic and
approximately 12 quarts that fits inside your school
Secure it: Place all the food in 2 plastic bags to protect it
from the elements, even plastic boxes can leak after a
serious downpour! Tie the plastic box closed with
cord/string or elastic bands (no bungee cords) so it won’t
open accidentally.
Utensils: These are the things with which you will eat your
food. Pack them in the food box!
( ) Plastic Bowl, if you need one to eat your food
( ) plastic forks/spoons/knives, if you need some to
eat your food
Daypack Packing Instructions
Pack these items in your daypack (small
backpack) SEPARATE from the food box:
( ) Sunday lunch (sandwich suggested; something which
doesn’t need refrigeration or added water)
( ) Sunday dinner (sandwich suggested; something which
doesn’t need refrigeration or added water)
( ) Personal medication in a ziptop bag clearly labeled with
name and group
Medication MUST be in the original packaging from the pharmacy,
which includes pharmacy name, doctor’s info, etc.
Please do not overpack food.
Think - do you really want to carry that much?
Remember, your food box should contain the
following meals:
Place the secured and weatherproofed food box
into your daypack (small backpack).
Please follow these directions carefully…
your stomach will thank you! J
2 breakfast meals
2 lunch meals
1 “On the Go”