The Most Orgasmic Position Of All! By Marcus London A Special Report

The Most Orgasmic
Position Of All!
A Special Report By Marcus London
for Penetration Orgasm Mastery
Marcus London
Hey Mate,
Marcus London here, and in this special report, I'm going to share with you what I
consider to be the most ORGASMIC position of all...
It's called, “The C.A.T. Position”, and it was first discovered by a gentlemen
named Edward Eitchel, who spent over 30 years researching sex techniques!
You'll never see it in an adult video, as it's not exciting to watch. But when you do it
with your girl – WATCH OUT!
75% of women surveyed about this position reported cumming FASTER by the
C.A.T. than any other position they'd ever tried.
Is this going to give your girl the most INTENSE orgasm she's ever had?
Nope, that's not what this is for.
Here's where the C.A.T. Position is especially useful:
ü Guaranteeing you give your girl an orgasm during sex.
This is the position that works when all others fail!
ü Giving a woman the very FIRST penetration orgasm she
has ever had with a man!
ü Priming her for an intense, G-Spot or Deep Spot orgasm –
she is FAR more likely to have one of those orgasms if you
give her a C.A.T. orgasm first!
Giving her multiple clitoral orgasms during sex... the type
of mind-blowing, toe-curling string of orgasms she can
usually only have with the most powerful of vibrators!
For these reasons... if you really want to rock your girl in bed...
Marcus London
The C.A.T. Is One Of
The Best Positions
You Will Ever Learn!
In fact, when I'm with a woman in my personal life, the C.A.T. is almost always the
position I use the first time we have sex.
I want to be certain to give her that first orgasm quickly... and without
You see mate, the longer it takes you to make a woman cum, the more likely she
WON'T cum.
If you take too long to make a woman cum, she starts to OVERTHINK IT.
She tenses up, and can't relax.
Too much tension, and she CAN'T cum!
This is why the C.A.T. position is so awesome...
When you use it, she usually cums within just MINUTES of penetration!
That's why the C.A.T. is perfect for guys who can't last a long time, and it's also great
for “smaller” guys like me... as the penetration depth makes NO difference at all!
It “primes the pump” for MORE orgasms during that same session... and also later
sessions you have with her.
Give her her first orgasm with the C.A.T.... then use a different technique to make
her already wet pussy THROB harder then she ever has before!
Marcus London
As you can see, knowing just this one position makes sex a whole lot more fun... so
I'm very excited to share it with you.
Ok, let's get to the good stuff!
Here's How To Use The C.A.T. Position
To Make Your Girl Cum
What C.A.T. stands for is “Coital Alignment Technique”.
That's because it gets your shaft to line up with her most orgasmic spot – the
clitoris – in a way that no other sex position does.
It then allows you to stimulate her clit in a way that makes her cum over and over
and over again! It sends small but powerful vibrations through this sensitive area
and she can't help but orgasm... just like if you were using an actual vibrator on
Due to the advanced nature of this position, I had a special diagram made for you, so
you can understand exactly how it works:
As you can see in this drawing, your legs are on the OUTSIDE of hers.
Marcus London
Many experts will tell you you can do the CAT with your legs on the inside, like
normal missionary, but I've found having your legs on the OUTSIDE makes it much
more powerful... and gives you a tighter squeeze!
This looks like a tricky position to get into, but it's really not.
Here's my favorite way to get into it smoothy:
Step 1: Start out in normal missionary
Step 2: Pull out, lift her legs up, and push her knees together, as though you were
going to put them over your right shoulder, but instead put her legs down on the
bed, to your right.
Step 3: Put your right knee over her legs, so you are now straddling her
Step 4: Now that your legs are on the OUTSIDE of hers, go into the CAT!
Ok, now that you know how to get into it, here's how the penetration goes:
As you can see, your shaft is going to make contact with her clit. Then, all you need
Marcus London
to do is ROCK UP AND DOWN!
She'll be cumming faster then you could ever imagine!
IMPORTANT: the up and down rocking is the key here. Do not thrust like you
would in regular missionary position. Your penis should be pointing slightly
downward, so your shaft and your pubic bone rub against her clit with each stroke.
That is what gives her the vibrator-like sensations that make her cum again and
Give this technique a try... you're going to be AMAZED at how well it works!
There is no faster way to give your girl the penetration orgasms she craves. I hope
you and your partner enjoy it :)
P.S. My favorite thing about the C.A.T. Position is it “primes” your girl for truly
INTENSE, full-body orgasms!
In fact, there is one special position you can shift into right after the C.A.T. that
shocks her pussy into having a convulsing, DEEP SPOT orgasm she feels
through every freakin' inch of her body!
If you'd like to learn it, as well as my secrets to multiple penetration orgasms,
“combo” orgasms, and how to train your girl to cum at your command... then
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Marcus London