Journey to the Under or Lower World to Meet Your... Guide  

Journey to the Under or Lower World to Meet Your Power Animal or Spirit
Guide What is your spirit guide or power animal? On the internet there is much you can read up on about this. Nutshell, they are an aspect of your own spirit. With this relationship you have a deeper connection to your soul, your intuition and will often find you are stronger and healthier. The Shamanic Journey is a deep mediation I'll take you in and out of with the sound of my voice, a little rhythmic drumming and rattling. There is no possibility of harm. It's a wonderful, delightful, relaxing time. We start this adventure with inviting in all your helping spirits who truly enjoy the opportunity to be close to you and send you their love. This typically includes a little rattling, sometimes drumming, sometimes singing. You are welcome to bring your own rattle and participate. Spirit loves joyful sounds. What you need for the Journey All you need to bring is a blanket to sit on. Wear clothes you are comfortable in that won't distract you as you lay or sit for about 30‐60 minutes. You may want to bring a bandana or something to cover your eyes to make it darker. Some people have trouble journeying on a full stomach, or having too much caffeine or alcohol the night before. You'll have to be the judge of this. You'll also want to bring water and have it nearby after the journey. For some reason journeying tends to dehydrate you. Also bring a journal to write in. I've found that when I take a moment to write everything down right after my journey I realize and understand my experience better and it also aids in remembering it. Details are important. The Journey If alone you will want to find a quiet, solitary place to avoid distractions. As a group, everyone will need to find a little spot where they can relax. If there is a distracting noise during the journey I tell myself, "Every sound brings me deeper, every sound brings me deeper." The actual journey will only last about 15‐20 minutes in total. The whole process of preparing you, the return and discussion of the journey will take about 1 to 1.5 hours. We'll begin by bringing in the spirits... I'll be rattling and talking just a little. This is the time for you to welcome in your compassionate loving spirits. It's important to mention "compassionate loving" since we don't want just anyone popping in. Next we'll set our intentions... "To journey to the underworld to meet our Power Animal or helping spirit". I'll take it from there. We'll start by visualizing ourselves in a quiet spot in nature. So between now and then think of a spot in nature that you have enjoyed and can imagine being alone in. We are then going to look for an opening to journey down. You can choose a number of ways to journey down. I'll go over this more before we begin our journey. We use a drum beat to journey down. It's a beat the mirrors the rhythm of the Earth's heartbeat. It's very grounding. The Underworld So, this isn't hell; quite the opposite. When you come out into the Underworld it normally appears to be another place in the outdoors ‐ typically a place that you would not have expected to show up in. It could be a beach, ocean, farm, meadow, etc. Once there, look around. This is your meeting place. Sometimes your power animal or spirit helper will be right there waiting for you, other times you'll have to look around for them. Note: Power animals come in all forms. One peer sees hers as a cartoon. Another saw hers as a wooden object. They can be small or big, even mythological creatures. You could also have more than one. The one you find in this journey will be the one you need most right now. Another note, use all your senses. Some don't see their power animals, but will feel, smell or hear them instead. Also there have been times they show up before you even travel down. Don’t be surprised by this, just continue through your journey and follow where your heart leads you or they do. Two tricks that came in handy for me in the beginning... if nothing was happening‐‐ask for pity. My mentor said, "This is the only time in life asking for pity is not a bad thing." Spirit knows you're trying. Once you meet your power animal, you can ask "Are you my power animal? Or are you my protective spirit?" They will confirm in some way. If they aren't, ask them to take you to your power animal or spirit guide. If you don't understand what they are saying, ask again for another example, tell them you don't understand. They'll keep at it with you.... trust me. Thank God they are patient. I'm a poster child for their patience. I might also suggest you ask them what gifts they might offer you, or "What guidance can you give me that would help me with this moment in my life?" ‐ What is something you should know now? You can also ask them for a healing. Note on healings: Sometimes they may not seem like what they are. I've been healed a few different ways. Once burned up and once torn apart and another time eaten up. All were a little shocking at first but as I was recreated I got it, and it was a wonderful experience. I've also had less traumatic experiences with healing too. Again it will be your own experience. And the more you journey the more you will have. Spirit often talks in metaphor or uses your own thought voice ̶ though they can also talk straight to you. They don't do well with yes‐no questions or time questions, since they will typically say yes to everything since they feel often you should have every experience and time is different for them. Trick two... if your head starts in with its mind chatter, (I call this monkey‐mind, since mine bounces around)... just answer your thoughts with a "Thank you". It really helps the "thinker" to know you heard it and will address it later. If you come out of the journey... just start back at your spot and start down again. After this first journey, you should be able to independently go on your own and get more healing and more advice. Honestly, you could do it now, but for some like me, it helped to have another take them on their first journey. I stress, your experience is going to be your experience, and everyone’s is different. And the more you journey the easier it gets. The biggest tool is to know you need to just go with it. If you listen and lead from your heart and not your head you will have an amazing time. If I’m saying go down and you are drawn and lead up…just go with it. Spirit might have another idea of what is best for you during this journey. The Return Towards the end of your journey you'll hear the drum beat change to a slower beat and then a more rapid beat. I will then guide you back up. Thank your power animal/spirit guide and tell them you want to continue communicating with them. When you come out, we'll talk about it if you would like but definitely journal about it. As you journal and talk about it more details and answers will appear. When you talk about try to not report about it, but rather tell it in a story form of your experience as if you were writing it in your journal. It will register in the memory of your body in a more profound way. Also note your dreams between when first ageeing to take this journey and up to the journey. Your spirit helper might just start appearing. Since you said yes ... or even maybe, you've made an opening in your subconscious, a crack in your veil. Watch your dreams. Some experience animals in their dreams and other enlightened visitors. You may also note in "real" time, unique encounters with nature. You are reducing your veil and life will start becoming more fun and more interesting. I would say too, to note that when you do get ready to journey, drop all expectation of who/what your power animal might be. You will most likely have more than one. The ones that come to you in dreams and real time might not be the one that comes to you on your first journey. We'll talk more about this. So write down anything now you're noticing; it's wonderful to look back and see all the connecting dots. Thank you so much for this opportunity to instruct you in your first journey. It's truly an honor. With love and light! Lora