Do You Have Special Powers like Angel?

Do You Have Special Powers like Angel?
Take this quiz to expose the strength of your hidden talents.
1) You spot your crush across the crowded
cafeteria and . . .
A) You attempt to stride confidently to your
table, but then spill your lunch tray all
over the floor.
B) You give him a covert wink and, like a
magnet, he starts heading your way.
C) You smile and, miraculously, he looks
your way and smiles back—but then
the class flirt whisks him away before
anything else happens.
2) During an English exam you think you are
hearing voices. These voices . . .
A) Recite the notes you studied last night.
B) Sing the lyrics to your favorite song in
High School Musical.
C) Give you all the right answers, despite
your lack of studying.
3) You’re at the hottest concert of the year
and your dad shows up. You . . .
A) Silently wish you were invisible and
suddenly come to realize no one can
see you, including the parental unit.
B) End up standing next to him all night,
wishing the earth would swallow you up.
C) Try to hide from him all night and hope
that you aren’t grounded in the morning.
4) You’re home daydreaming about your crush
and the phone rings. It’s . . .
A) Your crush calling to ask you out.
B) Your mother, who is running late and
wants you to start dinner.
C) Your best friend, to say she overheard
your crush talking about you at the mall.
5) You’re at the dance ALONE, feeling sorry for
yourself as usual, when you spot your crush
and worst enemy slow dancing together.
You make a silent wish for him to stop everything and ask you to dance. What happens
A) Nothing. He keeps dancing with the
enemy and you drown your sorrows
by the punch bowl.
B) You accidentally look over at the school
geek and he thinks you’re in love with
him. You can’t shake him all night.
C) Your crush immediately looks over, stops
dancing with the enemy, and heads
your way, asking “Ummm hey, do you
want to dance?”
Add up your points to reveal how
powerful you really are!
#1: A–1;
#2: A–2;
#3: A–2
#4: A–2;
#5: A–1;
If you scored between 5-7
The good news is, you’re most likely 100% free of having any
connection with the Devil. Like most of us, you probably don’t have any
special powers . . . but that doesn’t mean things can’t go your way! You
can be resourceful and rely on your natural talents, whether that be a
dazzling personality, supreme intellect, or amazing charm. Who needs
the extra headache and responsibility of dealing with superpowers
If you scored between 8-11
It seems like you’ve got some special powers, but haven’t quite yet
mastered how to harness your gifts. Sometimes things seem to be
going your way, but then take an unexpected (and often hilarious) turn. The
tiniest bit of power can have unintended consequences . . . even in small
doses, this is powerful stuff! Don’t worry, though all it takes is practice, and
you’ll be using your powers like a pro. Be careful, though, and don’t fall
under the influence of the Devil!
If you scored between 12-15
Careful there, you’re just steps away from being all-powerful! It must be a total thrill to be able
to influence how things turn out you’ve got a very special gift and the rest of us are simply green
with envy. Ever hear the saying, “with great power comes great responsibility?” The key is figuring
out how to resist temptation and stick to using your powers for good. Surround yourself with wonderful
friends and family, stay positive, and you’ll be on the road to doing something truly phenomenal with
your powers.
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