Newsletter Produced monthly for businesses and schools in the Thames Valley. Issue 50, November 2013
It’s the time of year when the leaves have turned brown and the first frosts and fogs have
appeared, when we plan Christmas festivities with the family and plan holidays to a warm clime
next year.
At Cybersupport, we have had a really busy
autumn period and we can see that things are
running down to Christmas, yet we are still very
busy quoting for new work.
With the economy starting to pick up, business
confidence is growing and investment in IT will
continue to grow. IT is so critical to everything
we do now, that we see investment growing
year on year.
Our portfolio of products and experience in
those products grows each week; there is
always something new coming out. Look at our article below for ideas for presents for the IT
geeks in your school, business or at home. Use these ideas for your Christmas shopping; not
many shopping days now till Christmas!!
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Happy Windows Birthday
Microsoft Windows turned 30 this month. Whether you
love it or hate it, it has become the main operating
system for billions of users around the world, and the
operating system’s software has become so important to
us all. Microsoft’s vision of one computer per desk
seemed like a far off vision twenty to thirty years ago.
Perhaps we are not there yet, maybe we are? The
evolution has maybe gone further with almost everyone
having a computer with them at all times in the form of a
phone – maybe we really have passed one computer per
desk already!
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Ideas for Christmas Presents
Here are the Cybersupport top Christmas ideas to help you with your Christmas shopping.
Choose the right present for the recipient – that might sound obvious, but choosing based
on price or after watching an advert may not always be the best idea.
Timing – The best offers are available when a manufacturer brings out a new model. Do
you need the latest, fastest, sleekest model? If not, there are often bargains to be had
when a new model is launched or about to be launched.
Find the best price – with the wonder of search engines and price comparison sites, it is
normally fairly easy to compare prices of products. It is always a balance as to whether
you buy online or to buy locally where you are likely to get personal service and it is
easier to return the goods if faulty, or they are not quite what you expect.
Haggle – if you go into your local store or buy over the phone, remember that prices are
not fixed, and you may be able to squeeze a lower price or more accessories for the
same price.
Warranty – always consider the cost of a warranty against the chance of failure. It is a bit
of a gamble, but most electrical items have a very low failure rate and most electronics if
they are going to fail will fail in the first year, when they are normally covered by a
manufacturer warranty. Even after that, the Sale of Goods and Services Act 1982 may
still apply. Goods must be of satisfactory quality.
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So what should you give the geeks in your life?
Tablet - our advice is always to keep taking the tablets!! Seriously, there are many tablets
and operating systems around, and it depends on what
you want to do with it and how much you want to spend our recommendation would be the Apple iPad (of which
there are many versions). The Amazon Kindle Fire is
good value at around a third of the price of an iPad and
Tesco has just launched it own tablet, the Hudl.
Laptop - good if you need a ‘proper’ computer, but have
little desk space and need it to be portable - there are
hundreds of different laptops on the market at the
moment and it is difficult to determine the best. Our
preference at the moment in terms of build quality,
performance and price is the HP 250. We find HP
good and reliable. We also recommend Samsung
Mobile phone - the distinction between a mobile
phone, digital camera and computer is getting more blurred every day. The days of using a
phone just to make calls have long gone. There are many things to consider
when purchasing a phone, such as which operating system, which mobile
phone network and which tarrif, but you also need to consider what
applications (apps) you want to use. Recommendations are very difficult, but
our own geeks are happiest (and calmest) with an iPhone4 or 5 or a Samsung
GalaxyS2 or S3 in their hands. You can tell when they’re happy as they smile!!
TV - It has to be a flat screen (although you can
now get a curved flat screen). It all comes
down to size (how big measured diagonally),
whether it is plasma, LCD or LED and how much.
Recommended brands are Samsung and Panasonic; you can’t
go wrong with any of those. Also consider whether you need a
network connection near to your TV for catch-up services (see
Catch up TV - It depends on whether you have Sky, Virgin or Freeview, but with everyone
offering catch-up TV, it allows you watch the Queen’s Speech at a time to suit you, rather
than during Christmas dinner.
Camera - everyone has a camera with their phone, often offering
very high resolution photos, some even able to photograph in poor
light, but to take really good photos or to enlargen the photos you
need a decent digital SLR camera - we recommend either a Canon
EOS series camera or a Nikon, depending on how much you want
to spend.
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Sat Nav - again, some phones have a map function within them,
but to be safe driving with a sat nav, you need a ‘proper’ one. The main choices are
between Garmin and TomTom. See what they look like as the maps and descriptions are
different, but our preference is for Garmin. Look out for models with lifetime updates of
maps and/or traffic.
E-Book Reader - have you seen the adverts on TV recently? If you like
the idea of keeping all your books in one easy to handle gadget, go for a
Kindle. If you like picking up books at the charity shop or swapping books
with friends, it’s not for you.
Coffee Maker - after all the Christmas shopping, you’ll
need a coffee. Try the Krups Nespresso. It makes good
coffee and is highly recommended.
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Beware of the PayPal Scam
A number of sellers on the eBay auction site who accepted payment via payPal have lost money
because of a little known scam that uses the small print in
PayPal’s Seller Protection Scheme.
Even though the goods are received and signed for, Paypal can
accept a chargeback to the seller if the buyer claims the caredit card used had been stolen or
compromised, or their PayPal account had been hacked.
Almost all of these transactions are perfectly safe and reliable, but on occasions they are subject to
scams. To make sure you can safely sell via eBay and PayPal, you need to ensure you qualify for
seller protecion by making sure you adhere to the criteria listed at
Beware the Bogus Computer Support Scam
Last month we warned you about bogus calls you may receive from someone claiming to be from
The scam has evolved; we have since heard that bogus callers have claimed to be from BT or
Cybersupport. Last week someone phoned us from Denmark to
check if it was really us on the phone to them offering to fix a
computer fault - it wasn’t.
As these calls are so prevalent at the moment, we are repeating the
article from last month’s issue below. Please warn all of your friends
about it.
Typically the scam works by receiving a call from a company saying
they have noticed a fault with your computer. They point you to
some harmless code or information on your computer and tell you
your machine is infected. They will offer to clean up your machine remotely for a fee. They may
install malicious software or steal personal details, but you will lose your money, possibly lots of it the average loss is over £500.
If you, or someone you know, gets such a call:
Hang up. Legitimate companies never call customers offering to fix computers remotely.
If they say your computer is running slowly and has reported the issue - hang up. Data sent out
from your computer to an organisation like Microsoft is sent anonymously.
If they say your computer has a virus - hang up. Check this yourself with up to date, quality
anti-virus software.
If they ask for remote access to your computer - hang up. Never allow a cold caller access to
your computer. If you phone Cybersupport with a problem, we may ask you to allow remote
access, but never give access to someone you don’t know.
For more information, or advice on staying safe, do call us on 01628 559 746 or email
[email protected]
Cybersupport Top Tip Number 48
Making the Most of 4G
With sales of mobile phones hitting about 1.75 billion worldwide in 2012, it’s a fair bet that most
people you know will have one, however 4G, the latest standard of mobile phone network, is still in
its infancy with only a small number of people in UK on a 4G contract.
4G is essentially the upgrade from 3G. 3G was launched in the UK in November 2004, only nine
years ago and it is gradually being superseded. The key offering from 4G is the speed of data
transfer available and the ability to make and receive high definition (HD) calls. It is all possible by
using a different bandwidth from the traditional 3G networks which in turn, gives better signal range
and coverage, the ability to transmit data through walls and the suchlike with speeds of up to 60
Mbps (Megabits per second) compared with an average in the UK of around 2Mbps on 3G.
These benefits give a few useful, everyday advantages:
Faster web browsing. It’s an obvious one but, with websites getting more complex and using
more complex content, the browsing experience on 4G is vastly improved.
Work away from the office. With the speed of connection often faster than a traditional home
broadband connection, working away from the office doesn’t need to be confined to the home
Share your 4G. There are parts of the UK, Slough Trading Estate being one of them, which can
get good 4G signals but not very good broadband connections. This means that 4G is a great
alternative to provide internet access for small offices etc.
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Download attachments on the move. With people sending bigger and more complex
attachments through email, downloading attachments is easier and smoother with 4G.
HD video conferencing. If both sides of the connection are on 4G or higher, then HD calls and
video conferencing is now a viable option to improve communication and avoid those calls
cutting out.
It’s worth noting that 4G is not available in all parts of the UK yet but, with more mobile networks
rolling out 4G right now, it won’t be long until everyone is talking about 4G like it’s been around for
years in the same way we presently think about 3G.
Getting More for Less
It is coming up to Christmas, so get a bit more spending money.
With a competitive marketplace and companies falling over themselves to keep or get your mobile
phone business, make sure you haggle with your mobile phone company. Most people can get
cheaper deals, new phones, more minutes or a larger data allowance. Just phone your mobile
phone company and persuade them to give you more.
And when you come to sell your own phone, where best to sell it? We reckon you will get more for
it on eBay than anywhere else.
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