Follow our bunny trail to a brand new collection of... projects. Check out these adorable (and super easy) projects.

Follow our bunny trail to a brand new collection of deco mesh
projects. Check out these adorable (and super easy) projects.
spring into deco mesh
{ C R E AT I V E
free F R O M H O B B Y L O B B Y }
Egg Your Pardon
A flower here, a bauble there, and you’ve got a mesh masterpiece.
It’s all about having fun with the details—and if you’re looking for details, your
search ends at Hobby Lobby®. We carry lots of pretty florals, along with Easter ribbon
and plenty of springtime embellishments. Oh, and glittered eggs? We have those too!
»At the Hop
Unexpected details, like purple mesh,
silver-trimmed eggs and burlap accents, make
this wreath a fun departure from traditional
Easter décor. We love the vintage-style metal
sign and we’re in love with the trendy burlap
ribbon—it comes in prints!
TIP: The embellishments are held in
place with floral wire and glue.
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Spring It On
Bring a happy, gardeny, flowery feeling to a springtime
tablescape with a deco mesh wreath turned centerpiece.
Use a wreath frame as the base, looping and bunching the
mesh as desired. Then wire (or glue) on embellishments
like flowers, ribbons and Easter eggs.
TIP: For an extra wide look, wire additional
mesh onto the frame's outer ring.
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Show Me
the Bunny
Bless my mesh, it’s a rabbit! He’s
off-the-shelf Easter décor, made a hare
cuter with bunches of bunny-friendly
deco mesh. The wreath frame came
with pre-attached wire fronds, so it
was a cinch to secure artful tucks and
gathers. The decorations (including
our long-eared friend) are held on
with floral wire and glue.
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Duck & Cover
Nestled in a trendy curled mesh wreath, this little bird is
the bee’s knees in on-the-door Easter décor. Here’s how
to make it:
Pick up the supplies: a mesh-ready wreath
frame, one roll of deco mesh, one small plush
toy, and some floral wire.
2. Cut a generous supply of 9" lengths of mesh.
Now cut each section in half lengthwise.
3. Roll each piece into a curl, and then secure
each curl at the unwired end with floral wire.
4. Attach the completed curls, in bunches of four,
to the wreath using the pre-attached fronds.
5. Secure the plush toy to the wreath with floral wire.
Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations 5
Pom, Cool & Collected
Here’s a more durable and weather-friendly version
of those paper pom-poms you adore. To make one,
cut some deco mesh into 25"-long sections—we
made (or cut) six. Stack the sections, accordion-fold
the stack, and secure the whole thing in the middle
with floral wire. Now knot on a ribbon for hanging,
and fluff as desired.
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