The Dermace Rejuvi non-laser Tattoo Removal Training Package

The Dermace Rejuvi non-laser Tattoo
Removal Training Package
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The Rejuvi product is a truly amazing breakthrough in tattoo removal. When
most people think of tattoo removal, they have images of a painful and
expensive treatment involving daunting laser equipment. While laser removal
technology has come on in leaps and bounds, we are still inclined to
recommend the Rejuvi method for ease, comfort and value for money.
As you read on, we’ll introduce you to the methods and advantages Rejuvi has
to offer, as well as how to create a thriving business with a genuine benefit to
yourself and your prospective clients.
We’ll explain how you can launch a rewarding business, both from a financial,
and also a practical point of view. We can also give you some more information
on the kit we use, and how we use it.
Finally, you can read about your Dermace training course in Rejuvi and contact
us for our next available training slot.
Dermace are looking forward to meeting you.
Teresa Gamble
Founder of Dermace
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Why Rejuvi?
The secret to Rejuvi’s success is in the patented formulation used to remove
the tattoo pigment.
It’s important to understand the difference between laser removal, and the
Rejuvi system. With laser removal, the tattoo pigment is forced into the body’s
lymphatic system – with Rejuvi, the cream bonds with the pigment and the
body expels it naturally.
The procedure itself is far more comfortable than having a “traditional” tattoo,
as we are able to numb the area prior to commencing. The machines and
techniques used are also a little different to that of a traditional tattoo, and
most people are pleasantly surprised by how simple and stress-free a Rejuvi
treatment can be.
In terms of setting up and operating your Rejuvi business, it’s very simple
indeed. We will advise you on the local authority guidelines in your area, and
educate you on the requirements for carrying out Rejuvi procedures.
Compared to the financial and bureaucratic outlay with a laser system, the
Rejuvi system lends itself perfectly to starting a new business.
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Starting from scratch:
Two of the most important things to consider when starting up any new
venture is how financially viable it is, and what start-up costs are involved.
With a Dermace Rejuvi training course, you get the whole package in one:
 Comprehensive Training course with free workshops
 Real-life training on genuine case models
 Full Rejuvi kit and aftercare system
In addition, we can also supply:
A fully digital Micro-pigmentation machine
Ongoing supply of consumables
A tailor-made website, graphic design and email addresses
Ongoing marketing and technical support
A two day Rejuvi training course with Dermace is priced at just £1,450 – which
includes everything you see in the first group of bullet points above.
Our “Elite” Digital machine is priced at £1,800. It’s worth noting that our
Dermace Elite machine will also allow you the flexibility to expand your skills
into Semi-permanent makeup should you wish to train at a later date. It’s
regarded as one of the most flexible and capable machines on the market.
The Dermace Marketing package is ideal for those who want to hit the ground
running and have a fully featured website, company logo, and marketing
material. A basic website package starts at just £500, with more advanced
features priced on application.
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Expanding your skills:
If you are simply adding to your existing skills, and you already have experience
in tattooing, then you are well on your way to success.
In order for you to gain Dermace Certification in Rejuvi tattoo removal, you will
only need to spend one full training day with us. We will brush up on any
Health & Safety modules and go over the consultation and acceptance
procedure, then move on to practical assessment.
The Dermace one day Rejuvi course is just £850
If you already run a tattoo shop, or you are a semi-permanent tattooing
technician, you will no doubt have a good customer base to work from.
Tattooists tend to find Rejuvi helpful when a client would like a large tattoo
covering up – rather than removing. Rejuvi can fade the old tattoo, making
covering much easier – and it’s also great for removing overlapping shapes in
the design.
As an SPMU Technician, you’ll find you can expand your services to a totally
new client base and in many cases you can continue to use the equipment you
already have.
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After Certification:
The amount of procedures you carry out is directly related to the amount of
effort you put into your marketing. All of us know at least a few people who
have tattoos – but you would be surprised how many would have them
removed if it was a reasonable price, and was not a painful procedure. In turn,
they have friends outside of your social circle, and so the viral nature of your
new business; Rejuvi takes off.
With a good website and promotional plan, we expect you to be carrying out
at least 10 removals per week in the early days of your venture. This number
will rise to whatever you feel you can cope with, and again, is down to good
networking. Typically, 20 removals per week is a good number to aim for – but
don’t let us hold you back!
Removals are charged per session, and you’ll find a total removal will take
between 2 and 6 sessions, depending on the size and design of the tattoo in
question. We have taken an average price per session as £90 – although this
will vary, it’s a fair figure to use in this example.
On the following page, we’ll outline a very basic set of figures that should make
for interesting reading. We’ll show you how much it will cost to get you
started, and at what point you can start to see a healthy return on your
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Basic Business Plan:
Cost to start your Dermace Rejuvi business with ALL added extras (Training,
digital machine, web marketing package) = £3,750
Average procedure priced at £90
Average number of procedures per week: 10 (initially)
Weekly gross income: £900
Average cost of carrying out procedure: £8 (x10) = £80 per week.
Net weekly income: £820
Assuming you continue to operate at 10 procedures per week, it will take just
over a month to recoup your initial investment.
Obviously, we have taken averages figures in the model above. You could
perform more, or less procedures than we have allowed for. You could also
charge more or less for each procedure – it’s up to you.
I’m sure you can see for yourself the potential of the Dermace Rejuvi Course.
For those of you who have previous experience, your initial costs are much
lower, and your potential audience is much larger.
Get in touch now and find out when our next Dermace Rejuvi Course is being
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