Temperature & Humidity Controls Folger Shakespeare Library

Temperature & Humidity Controls
Folger Shakespeare Library
Preserving the world’s largest collection of
Shakespeare’s works
Types of Spaces
 Exhibit Spaces (70F & 45%RH)
 Exhibition Hall (AHU7)
 Reading Rooms (AHU6, AHU14, AHU15)
 Founder’s Room (AHU8)
 West Wing Hallways (AHU8)
 Collection Spaces (65F & 45%RH )
Deck B (AHU2)
Deck C (AHU1)
STC Vault (AHU5)
Art Vault (AHU5)
All of these areas struggled to provide
adequate temperature and humidity control in
Seasonal setpoint changes : +/- 5 RH.
IPI Consultation
(Image Permanence Institute)
 Investigation
 Monitored existing conditions remotely
 Space conditions
 AHU conditions
 Outside Air conditions
 Onsite Coordination
 Duration was 1 year (2010-2011)
 All 4 seasons
 Recommendations
Upgrade Controls
Add chiller & AHU4 replacement
Renovate 3 AHU’s
 Immediate Changes
 Continue to monitored existing conditions
 Climate Liaison & Facilities Coordination
 Daily Operational Changes
 Tweaks to PM schedule
 Material changes
 Damper changes
 Initiate Phased Controls Upgrade
 Long-Term Changes
Begin design phase with Mueller
Implemented IPI’s recommendations
Energy Management
VFD’s and Heat Recovery chiller
Specific DDC system (JC FX Server)
Focus on collection requirements
 Dry Bulb Temperature
the familiar “air temperature”
measured by an ordinary
thermometer which has a dry
sensing bulb (displayed on
horizontal axis)
 Wet Bulb Temperature –
the temperature at which
evaporation takes place (diagonal
parallel lines)
 Relative Humidity
expresses the air’s moisture
content as a percent of its
maximum capacity at its current
dry-bulb temperature (displayed as
a series of curves)
The 100% rh curve forms the upper
boundary of the chart (saturation
 Dew Point Temperature
The temperature at which
moisture will begin to
condense from the air (move
horizontally to the left to
intersect the 100% rh curve).
When the dry-bulb
temperature of the air cools to
the same value as the dew
point temperature, the air is
said to be “saturated” – it has
reached 100% relative
 Dew Point Temperature
Air in the boundary layer near a
cold surface gives up some of
its heat to that surface. If the
air cools sufficiently, it may fall
below its dew point
temperature, so it can longer
retain all the water vapor it
carried originally. The dew
forms on the nearest surface,
as shown in the photo.
The surface temperature of the
shaker is 32°F, and the dew
point of the surrounding air is
60°F (80°F / 50% rh)°
 Most dehumidification in
commercial buildings is
accomplished by cooling coils.
 Air is chilled low enough to
drop its dry-bulb temperature
below its initial dew point
 As the air drops below its dew
point temperature, water
vapor condenses on the cold
surfaces of the cooling coil, and
drains away from the air as
liquid condensate
Dehumidification Using Cooling Coil
Dry Bulb Temperatures
Dew Point Temperatures
Outdoor Air Ambient Annual Conditions
Rare Collections Conditions
Rare Collections Outdoor Air Unit
Rare Collections Chilled Glycol System
Exhibition Hall & Reading Room
Exhibit Hall & Reading Room Conditions
Exhibition Hall & Reading Room AHU Schematics
Current Status
 AHU7, AHU14, AHU15, AHU4, and supplemental chiller have been completed.
 Including new equipment and controls.
 T&B and Commissioning have been completed.
 Replacement of Primary Steam Convertor
 Installation of multiple hot water reheat coils to assist with recovered heat from chiller
 Phased Controls Upgrade
 Upgraded main master controller
 Upgraded all AHU controllers
 Upgraded all defective sensors or valves
 Tied in all stand alone DX units, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers
 Currently upgrading all steam convertor sensors and valves. To be completed in March.
 Delivery of new Clean Steam Generator tomorrow
 Replacement of many smaller components.
Continuing Efforts
 Software Modifications
 Full range of management
 Seasonal reset schedule
 Deficiency Alarms
 Heat recovery chiller
 Seasonal Set point changes
 Hot Water Loop (Steam Convertors)
Upcoming Mechanical Upgrades
Replacement of 6 Steam Convertors
Replacement of additional hot water reheat coils
Replacement of AHU5 (Summer 2015)
Continue to upgrade all defective sensors or
Commissioning of AHU6 & AHU8
David Conine, Head of Facilities
(202) 608-1705
[email protected]
Todd Garing, Vice President
(410) 646-4500
[email protected]