How To Flirt With Women - The Secret Flirting "Codes"... Her Beg To Be With You

How To Flirt With Women - The Secret Flirting "Codes" That Make
Her Beg To Be With You
By Matt Flynn
Smashwords Edition
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Women are emotional creatures. Regardless of what you look like or what you do, confidence, the
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Learning the Language of Flirting and How it Will Help You Play the Dating Game
Chapter 2: Learning How to Create that Fun and Flirty Vibe in an Instant
Chapter 3: Getting From Verbal Flirting to Physical Flirting and Fast!
Chapter 4: Building Magnetic Attraction
Chapter 5: How to Captivate Her Attention with Story Telling
Chapter 6: Staying out of the “Friend Zone”
Chapter 7: The Ten Qualities that Women Love
Chapter 8: Playing the Flirting Games: How to Have Her Begging to See You ASAP
Bonus: Learning How to Flirt via Text Message
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Dear Reader,
First of all I want to offer you my sincerest congratulations for taking the first step in a series of
positive steps that you will need to take in order to take control of your dating life. The things
which you will learn here about women and about dating are things that I guarantee you most men
in the entire world will NEVER learn about their female counterparts. You are given knowledge
and information about the biggest secrets women have. This includes information on how women
think. It includes information on what attracts women. It also includes information on how you can
show the woman around you that you are a great catch and they should stand up and take notice.
The book contains information on how to approach a woman as well as how to talk to her (or not
talk to her) and then how to keep her hooked as you start to date her. There are dating tips in here
that most men would literally kill to have.
At this point you might be curious as to how all of these secrets—and there seem to be a lot of them
—can be contained here in this short and simple ebook. And if this is true then why is it that all men
do not have access to them? Why are these secrets not well known if they can fit here? Well the
answer is that most men do not have the secrets because they assume that the things they have done
over and over in life and made a routine are the way things should be done. This is not just true of
the dating world but also true of money management as well as the way people take care of their
relationships and themselves. If you were taught that left is right and right is left you might live
your entire life that way without questioning it because—after all—it was the way you were taught.
I am sure that you are aware at this point that people will not go out of their way to find information
about any subject if they already think that they have enough information to get the results they
want. But then what happens when your methods stop producing the results that you so desire?
What happens when you realize that as you get older your methods are not working for you in the
same manner? Well at this point you have one of two choices. First you can choose to continue in
your habits and keep doing whatever you are doing even if you know it isn’t working well for you
and just expect different results. Or second you can look for new data or new information that can
help you change your existing habits and make better choices in the future. Of course the first of
these options is quite bad but the second shows a good sign of your character. And picking up this
book is one of those good signs!
Bear in mind that most men continue with the first (and bad) option. They might even do this for
the rest of their lives even if it does not give them the results they want. There might be men who
have picked up this book and are already reading it while the thought “What idiot needs a book to
tell them how to date?” The irony to this thought is that it is the exact reason why almost ALL men
FAIL to learn the most effective and simple strategies for dating which you will uncover in this
But this bodes well for you because it means that you will have the skills to snatch up women right
from under the Neanderthal men who laugh at reading such material (there is more on this topic
later in the book)
You could have picked up this book because you decided that it is high time you set aside your ego
and just accept the simple fact that you may not know as much as you would like on dating and that
you can always stand to learn more about relating to the fairer sex. Or maybe you just had a bad
break up or suffered through a divorce and now you want to learn more about the dating game. Or
perhaps you just want to find a higher caliber of women with whom to associate and you realized
that there may be better methods of doing this than the ones you are currently using.
Whatever reason you have for finding out more about how the dating game is play you will learn a
lot from this book. You will learn to expound upon the lessons that life has already taught you as
soon as you open up this book. Soon you will see a variety of dating options unfold at your
Happy dating!
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Chapter 1: Learning the Language of Flirting and How it Will Help
You Play the Dating Game
Have you ever felt that trying to talk to a woman is impossible at times because she seems to be
speaking a different language? You are not alone. Women are much different. They don’t like the
direct approach men often use because it lacks romance and mystery. They want the chase more
than we do and they want to be left guessing—all those things men don’t typically have time for.
Men just want to get everything out on the table and get it over and done with. Go out. Find the
woman. Bring her back home. We think about the bottom line and we treat dating like business.
When we know what we want we don’t want to try and indirectly communicate it or play games.
Do you know what I’m saying?
Sadly… women are the exact opposite. They are fragile little creatures who want some cat and
mouse game. They want mystery and they want romance. Flirting for them should be a “code” and
they should have to read between the lines. They want us to do the same thing!
Uggg! What a waste of time! Why aren’t there just women out there who know what they want?
Why do they need to be mysterious all the time and why do we have to flirt incognito?
Whatever the reason if you do not learn to speak their romantic and indirect language you will be
left alone at the bar while the woman with whom you were talking heads off in search for someone
who does play the game.
Women want that “spark”. They want to feel the anxiety and the tension associated with romance
and the “magic” of the guess game.
In other words: Men’s direct approach will not work for them. It only works on men.
If you want to speak with women you will need to leave that direct business to yourself and your
male friends and start speaking their language.
As soon as you accept that women need indirect and romantic games you will see your dating life
So how to get into the game of flirting?
Chapter 2: Learning How to Create that Fun and Flirty Vibe in an
The first step in flirting with women is making sure you start on the right foot. Your first impression
will establish the pace for the remainder of your interaction.
Therefore you need to follow some basic rules from the beginning in order to build the romance
they want and keep the mystery.
Rule #1: Don’t show off your interest. Women do not want you to walk up and make a declaration
that you are interested in them. That is boring. Besides—they already know.
And how do they know?
Because you are showing interest by talking to them… that is a big enough sign. If you try and go
out of your way to tell them you are interested directly it kills the romance.
Men are completely different from women in terms of social conduct. Women will talk to any guy
or girl about anything. Even strangers. Guys will only talk to people if there is a reason. Therefore if
you are talking to a girl you are interested.
Rule #2: Get the flirty vibe going. You want to use humor as a way to start the flirty vibe. You want
to seem playful but you also want her to continue to wonder whether or not you actually like her.
You can actually create sexual tension when you create an atmosphere where she comes back at
your comments with some jabs of her own. This is simple psychology. Arousal is arousal is arousal.
This is why you might have had some of the best sex after a major fight. Because any friction can
create arousal.
Rule #3: Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. Nothing is sexier to a woman than you being
confident. While it might help your chances to have a lot of money or big muscles you can still land
a smart and sexy woman without those things so long as you are confident.
The amount of confidence you have is built from your interaction and the amount of attraction you
can build with that woman.
Part of being confident is making eye contact. Another part is having good posture. Be sure to use
her name when you are talking to her. Lastly it is important to put on an enthusiastic tone. If you
sound bored she will think you are.
Now you need to make these things a normal part of your personality. They need to flow as easily
as a smile. They need to be genuine. That genuine confidence comes at putting a high value on who
you are as a person.
You can’t fake this. She will see through it quickly. You have to develop this confidence by
walking up to each new interaction with the mindset that it doesn’t matter whether or not she is
attracted to you. The less you care the better. Tell yourself that you need nothing from her and it
does not matter if she likes you. This is where true confidence begins to develop. It seems like a
counterproductive idea but it isn’t. It will give you the inner confidence you need to play the
indirect flirting game women love—without continually second guessing yourself and checking on
how well you are doing.
Finally be sure to take it to a physical level as quickly as possible.
Chapter 3: Getting From Verbal Flirting to Physical Flirting and
Physical contact is a great way to build a connection. Physical contact is a great unspoken form of
communication which clearly states you are interested but maintains the mystery that women love.
Women prefer that indirect approach. If you come out and tell them they are attractive it will ruin
that mystery. You can still tell them that you find them attractive by taking things to a physical level
and keep the mystery. Now by “physical” I don’t mean giving her a slap on the ass or a high five
like you would after a football game. I mean playfully poking her for a moment or slightly brushing
her arm or even grasping her hand… but only for a second. You should apply “less is more” in
these instances. Physical contact is good but it shouldn’t linger for more than a few seconds. A light
touch can tell the woman that you are comfortable being close to her. It tells her that you find her
attractive. That you are comfortable being intimate. It tells her that you are interested in her and it is
ok if she touches you in return.
Take a minute to think about everything you just “told” that woman without even opening your
mouth. You left the mystery intact and if you do it well she will still slightly doubt whether or not
you like her.
While you are doing this and giving her light touches you are teasing her. But you still need to
maintain the mindset that it doesn’t matter to you whether or not she cares. The point is you are not
complimenting her like everyone else does. You are not needy.
Unlike the other guys who have approached her you are going to leave her wondering:
He hasn’t directly said anything but he seems to be going out of his way to show he is interested.
He hasn’t tried to impress me but he keeps touching me… does he like me or not?
THIS is a MAJOR difference between men and women. Men HATE having to guess whether or not
a woman is interested. If things are unclear it pisses us off. Women are the opposite. They love the
mixed signals because it keeps them on their toes. It keeps her guessing. It gives her a challenge.
And most importantly it is from someone who may not NEED her attraction.
THIS is what almost pisses off a woman—but in a good way. When a woman is used to getting
attention from every guy who approaches her and one guy doesn’t give it to her it makes her want it
even more.
It’s true. Women always seem to want what they can’t have. It is just the way their brains are wired.
And for women the further out of reach something is…the more they must have it. Especially if “it”
is a guy.
Therefore if you start to increase the physical attention you give her without giving her the needy
attitude you will turn into something irresistible which she must have.
Now remember that with physical contact you need to use the rule “two steps forward and one step
back”. After you touch her let her respond. Once she responds (by getting closer to you or touching
you back) pull back for a bit and leave her wondering if you are still interested.
Chapter 4: Building Magnetic Attraction
I am sure you are beginning to see that the laws of attraction differ greatly between men and
women. Women do not want a man who is too available. This comes off as a needy puppy. But they
also don’t want the all-business direct approach because that removes any potential mystery or
You have to be careful with the indirect approach. It can sometimes come off as meek. You want to
build attraction but you absolutely MUST avoid coming off as meek. You need the slightest “bad
boy” image to create true magnetic attraction.
I am sure everyone has felt the sharp sting of this bit of honest truth once before: Women ARE
NOT attracted to the nice sweet guys.
Sure women say they want this in the end and I am sure everyone one of you men has supplied that
shoulder on which your secret crush cried for hours about how she can never find a “nice guy”
when all the while there you are! Women show a classic case of saying they want the nice guy
when their actions speaker louder.
Magnetic attraction is something stronger than you can imagine. It is the kind of attraction where
woman cannot control it. Those women who claimed they wanted a “nice” boy cannot help
themselves when they run into magnetic attraction. This is why they keep falling for the bad guys
who break their hearts.
If you want to improve your dating life you need to create this attraction. To do this you need three
Step 1:
Don’t be needy!
The less you need the woman to be attracted to you, the more she will be. If you want to come off
as a good catch to the woman you are approaching then you need to place high value on yourself.
That means you make her work to get your attention.
You do not need to like everything she does. You do not need to be there to answer every call or
respond to every text immediately. You do not need to agree with her all the time. In fact,
disagreeing with her when she is being unreasonable is the best thing you can do for yourself. As
stupid as this may seem, woman are often “testing” you to see if you will let her get away with
anything she wants at the beginning. If you let her walk all over you once, she knows she can do it
forever. Nice guys are the ones who mistakenly give women anything they demand and they
inevitably come off as weak and submissive and BORING. These three things kill any potential
attraction immediately.
So, if you get rid of the attitude that says “please, please like me” you will get much farther.
Step 2:
Be mysterious.
Magnetic attraction is created by men who keep women wondering. You need to keep some
mystery or women get bored. In simple terms: don’t tell a woman everything all at once. You
should leave a couple of things undisclosed. Reveal certain things individually as you start dating
but only after a few dates. This keeps her curious about you when you are not around. It will also
solidify the attraction.
Step 3:
Social proof.
This term means you need to show the woman that you are a socially high value asset for other
females. You can do this by having female friends in your life. But you need to show the woman
you are dating that other women are in your life. This will tell the woman you are dating that there
are women you spend your time with other than her and if she does not take you off the market
other women could.
When a woman sees that other women are a potential threat to their “claim” on you it increases the
desire to have you. Jealously can build attraction easily and we already know that women want
what they cannot have. Therefore if you have close female friends or acquaintances it will boost the
level of attraction other women have to you.
Now, how can you show you are not needy, you are mysterious, and give a woman social proof?
Chapter 5: How to Captivate Her Attention with Story Telling
One of the best methods for creating an instant attraction is through telling stories. You can show
how you are of high value while you create mystery and leave her curious if you know how to tell
the right story. However the art of storytelling requires you communicate three things:
1. Social Proof
2. Lack of neediness
3. Intrigue
Be careful here though. You don’t want to tell stories that show off someone else as the big hero or
don’t have you in them at al. What you need are stories that indirectly tell the woman things she
will find attractive. You can of course tell real stories or make them up. It is better to tell the truth
though. If you lie you will have to remember the lie forever… and let’s face it: that is really hard.
Besides if you do end up with her she will probably find out the truth anyway.
So instead of lying you should try some exercises in finding the stories that show you are
mysterious but not needy and worth spending time with.
Step 1: Think about stories where you turned down a woman
This can be a woman who wanted sex or approached you in a bar. Telling a story where you turned
down a woman who was interested in you shows that you do not take anything that is given to you.
You want to look for stories where you turned down a woman in a respectful manner. It is even
better if you can find a story where the woman was a really good catch. But the key here is to focus
the story on something other than yourself. This makes that woman into an even more valuable
woman. This communicates that you are not needy but it also does so in a discreet manner.
Step 2: Leave mystery in the air
You should briefly mention something about you which not everyone may know and could be a bit
off guard. But do not tell her too much. Just reveal the detail as part of a main story so that it
arouses her curiosity.
Step 3: Communicate some social proof
When you search for your personal story be sure to casually mention other female characters
briefly. They should be included as side details and mentioned as female friends. This shows yet
again that you find time for other women. You want to communicate that these acquaintances are in
your life. It should that women are present in your life who could “get you” at any time. This is not
of course how you word it. Just mention a female friend who is in your life and this message is
made clear.
Finally: Practice the story in your alone time!
In order for your story to really captivate her it needs to have details, enthusiasm, and real emotion
(or close enough). The only way for it to have these things is if you practice it. Practice by yourself.
Practice with friends. The more comfortable you are telling the story the easier it will be to tell
women you just met.
Chapter 6: Staying out of the “Friend Zone”
How often have you found a woman you like and after a few dates she said “I really like you too
but as a friend”?
Or worse, she may have lost her interest in you and immediately gone out with someone else who
just stepped into the picture leaving you as the new friend. How can you ensure you are the man
after whom she chases rather than the friend?
Follow these steps:
Step 1: Ask yourself if you are being too needy
Do you feel as though you are continually trying to get her attention? Do you feel like you are not
good enough for her? Are you searching for hidden meanings behind everything she says? If so then
you are lowering your social value in her eyes by not being confident. Remember that you need to
think of yourself as a high value target or she will move on.
Step 2: Ask yourself if you are too available
Do you call her more than she calls you? Do you ask her to go out more than she asks you? Do you
go out of your way to impress her with tangible things like small gifts? If so you need to check
yourself. She is going to search for a man who shows her that he has a life outside of her.
Step 3: Ask yourself if you are being too polite
Being too polite means you agree with everything she says just so that she won’t disapprove of you.
Women are not frail little creatures who cannot survive if a man has his own opinion. What they
will not tolerate is a weak man who does not have any of his own values or opinions. Those might
be good friends but in terms of a real relationship they want someone who will challenge them.
Step 4: Ask yourself if you are being too much of a sleaze
If you only want to get the woman into bed I assure you she will feel “icky” because of that. She
will know and she will not like it. That behavior either gets you removed from her life or placed
into the friend zone. It is much better to treat her like a human being who has dreams and goals
rather than treating her like a prize which you want to win.
Step 5: Ask yourself if you are overdoing it
If you are trying to impress her by putting on a big show when you go on dates you are
inadvertently telling her that you are boring and uninteresting and you need to impress her with
things other than your personality. When you take her on dates try taking her someplace where you
can enjoy each other’s company and get to know one another. She can go on big impressive dates
any time but it is having a deep connection that will make her fall for you.
Step 6: Ask yourself if you are being too indecisive
If you are being indecisive you are immediately telling the woman that you are needy, insecure, and
have no passion or direction in your life. These things are not exactly conducive to a big attraction.
If you are nice she will almost immediately put you in the friend zone. But if you are indecisive she
will probably leave you out of any zone because indecisive men mean she will have to spend all of
her time around you making decisions. Be a confident and decision man from the beginning and
you will give her the safety to act like herself without any extra pressure.
Chapter 7: The Ten Qualities that Women Love
There are ten key qualities which women will find attractive in men. If you lack any of them it is in
your best interest to start working on them.
1: Confidence
Women absolutely love confident men who hold themselves in high esteem. In fact, so long as you
show that you are confident and comfortable with who are you she will almost always overlook any
other “imperfections”. Remember that being confident means you place a high value on yourself
which is not measured of the opinions of others.
2: Sense of Humor
Laughter is literally the best medicine. If you have a sense of humor you are a step above the rest.
To some degree your sense of humor is something with which you were born but you can also
develop a better or different sense of humor with practice. You can read jokes, try writing down
your personal jokes, or listen to your favorite comedians. In fact you should find a handful of
comedians you like and listen to them regularly. It is best if you find comedians who use their
sexuality in their jokes that way you can learn to introduce sex without being sleazy or pushy.
3: Mystery
Women have a short attention span. If you tell them everything about yourself up front they will get
bored. You need to leave her guessing. Keeping her in suspense is the best way to get her attracted
to you.
4: Emotional Maturity
Emotional maturity is not something you can fake. You need experience and practice to develop
this. If you are emotionally immature it can be a deal breaker even if everything else you do is
perfect. The best way to gain some emotional maturity is to deal with rejection and disapproval
from others… especially other women in whom you are interested.
5: Decisiveness
Women are much more attracted to men who know what they want. If you procrastinate a lot or put
off making decisions you should start changing that now. Decisiveness is one of the cornerstones to
confidence and will communicate attraction much faster than other character traits.
6: Passion
If a woman can see that you are passionate about something it shows that one day you could be
passionate about her. If there is no central purpose in your life right now, find one. Do this while
you make a woman earn her place in your life and you will become completely irresistible to her.
7: No neediness
Start conditioning your mind to put high value on yourself. Remember that the woman needs you
more than you need her. If you don’t believe this right now you need to start believing it.
8: Take Care of Your Body
This means that you have a good sense of hygiene, good fashion sense, and you take care of your
body in terms of healthy exercise and eating habits. You don’t have to go overboard or be a huge
body builder but if you take care of yourself you send a message that you will be able to take care
of her and your children one day.
9: Good Communication Skills
If you ever meet a couple who has been together for over two decades and you ask them how they
did it, they will say communication. Communication is at the top of the list for any good
relationship. You need to develop good communication skills immediately. That will serve as the
best investment you ever make.
10: Playfulness
You need to be playful at times. If you know how to be a kid sometimes you make life more
pleasant and women will enjoy being around you.
Chapter 8: Playing the Flirting Games: How to Have Her Begging to
See You ASAP
Now you need to learn the exciting flirting games that have women dying to see you again. These
games can build attraction and make her comfortable because you challenger her in a playful
Challenging a woman is the best way to create sexual tension. It arouses the playful side in women.
Remember that no matter how you challenge her you should involve some form of touching.
You can play games like thumb wrestling to challenger her while still escalating things to a physical
You can also use these games to tease her about how you will beat her the next time you play. Just
be sure that the games you play are fun and you use them when dealing with a woman who enjoys a
playful challenge.
In certain situations you can get her to actually wrestle with you. This is a fantastic way to build
sexual tension. But if you are uncomfortable with initiating that level of physical contact you can
start it with another challenge like who can send a text message faster.
You can play a silly game on a date like guessing the names of people who pass by or are sitting
near you. You can then ask the person their actual name after you bet the woman one dollar or one
kiss that she is wrong. Silly games are a great way to convince her that you are not afraid to think
creatively and be playful.
Just remember that the most important rule for flirting is that you increase the attraction and capture
her attention with mystery and curiosity.
Bonus: Learning How to Flirt via Text Message
Text messages are now increasing as a means of social communication and as such it is important
that you know how to flirt with text messages.
Remember that you want to build attraction with the following:
<> confidence,
<> sense of humor,
<> mystery,
<> emotional maturity,
<> decisiveness,
<> passion,
<> non-neediness,
<> taking care of your body,
<> good communication skills and
<> playfulness
Use Curiosity
When you are sending a woman a text message only give her a cliff hanger. Do not send her the
entire message. This way she has a reason to respond because you made her curious.
Wrong: “Been thinking about you, had a great time with you last night…hope you have a good day
at work today.”
Right: “Been thinking of you…”
Clearly the second text message gives her reason to text back because she wants to know what you
were thinking about. You can then keep the mystery by only giving her snippets back instead of the
whole story.
For example:
You: “Been thinking of you…”
Her: “How so?”
Then you would follow up with something that she said during dinner or did.
Be sure to get an unlimited text plan because text flirting will take much more texting than you
think…especially if you do it right.
Create Feelings
Women are much more in tune with their emotions so they will be more likely to respond to
something that appeals to their feelings. You can use words or phrases which actually suggest
physical sensations. You can text in small details the physical things you might do like cuddling,
kissing, massaging, or hugging her. These things will arouse her feelings. Even a few simple
comments without much detail will get the job done.
Create Anticipation
Timing is incredibly important in text flirting. Men will often mistakenly respond too soon to a
woman’s texts or not leave enough time in between texts. As a rule of thumb, wait 5 to 10 minutes
before you send a response to her texts. This will keep you from coming off as too needy and will
also allow you time to think of clever responses that are playful and flirty.
However you must remain in control of the conversation. The second you begin messaging her over
and over because she did not respond instantly or you start asking things like “what did you mean
by…” you have lost control of the situation and are no longer building suspense and anticipation.
Build Attraction
Remember that your text messages need to build attraction too. You can make indirect remarks
about someone with whom you were hanging out yesterday to create perceived social value.
If she wants to know something which requires detail, do not send it all back in a length text. Call
her instead and tell her you will explain the next time you see her. That way you don’t give her
exactly what she wants right now and you leave some mystery and curiosity.
Another way in which you can create social value is back responding to her calls with texts instead
of calling her back. This shows that you value privacy and are not always available to answer when
she calls. This keeps you from coming off as needy and lets you keep control of the interaction.
Txt msg Language
The language of text messages has taken the world by storm. No matter what side of the argument
you support, nations around the world have begun to accept the language of text messages as an
acceptable form of communication in school settings. Students who use text message abbreviations
or text message acronyms found that when writing papers or talking, they used the same speech.
When something was funny, they would verbally respond with “LOL” just as they would in a text
message. Understanding how the language of text messages has grown and will only continue to
grow, many countries such as New Zealand, have accepted this form of language for exams and
papers. While written communication can be seen on the decline thanks to the language of text
messages, controlling the problem has not been successful.
That in mind, linguistic experts have argued that controlling the problem is not necessary and that
the language of text messages has not, in fact, spread harm in terms of intelligence. The integration
of symbols is in fact widely used in languages around the world already such as Ethiopian
languages. When Americans learn Arabic, for the most part, the best manner in which to convey the
sounds, letters for which we do not have, is to utilize numbers and other familiar symbols. Thereby,
the modern use of the language of text messages makes it simpler to understand foreign languages
and helps to associate different linguistic patterns for all generations who are familiar with the
language of text messages.
Txt Msg Book
With the texting culture taking the world by storm, it was only a matter of time before media reports
were not enough publicity for text messaging. In Finland, an entire book was published using the
language of text messages. The location was fitting given the history of Finland as the top handset
maker in the world. The book is a fictional novel that encompasses an IT executive who resigned
from his position. After this he began traveling around Europe and Asia wherein he remained in
contact with friends and family via text message only. The book includes all of his text messages
and their replies in a chronological list that takes place in a novel consisting of three hundred and
twenty two pages. While many writers were shocked at the grammatical errors in abundance, the
abbreviations and “errors” used throughout the book were the same as those typically used when
communicating in the language of text messages.
The text messages are a means of looking into a person. They can reveal a lot about their
personality and this book demonstrates that theory. While the book was originally published in
Finnish, translations were considered as soon as it went to press because of the manner in which all
matters, including those most private, are communicated through text messages. Whether the
matters at hand are trivial or breaking up with a long term girlfriend or boyfriend, text messages are
responsible for consumed communication everywhere, and this book is the perfect demonstration of
the language of text and its usefulness in maintaining or replacing relationships.
Use Texting to Change Your Thinking
Texting can also help you if you are often needy and always placed in the friend zone. It gives you
more time to stop any habitual responses and craft more confident ones.
Therefore, be sure to make the most out of your text messages. Read them over before you send
your responses. This will help you to avoid coming off as needy, sleazy, indecisive, or overly
available. You have the ability to erase and begin again. This is another reason why you should wait
five minutes to respond to messages.
If you think this is deceitful behavior, remember that changing the way you interact begins with
changing the way you think. So you are can rest assured that you are being yourself because you
have started to change yourself and with new information. You can use these tools to influence your
behavior and act in a way that helps you get desired results.
Just remember that practice makes perfect in all things!
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