Architecture and Landscape Architecture Building

North Dakota State University, April 30, 2015
Authorize NDSU to proceed with the Renovation of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Building
at an estimated cost of $2,500,000 funded from FY14 appropriated capital project designated reserves
per SBHE policy 810.1; further, authorize NDSU to rename the building from Architecture and Landscape
Architecture to Engineering.
Project Description
Built in 1964, this building was home to Architecture and Landscape Architecture. In 2004, Renaissance
Hall came on line and in 2008, Klai Hall was renovated, which allowed the Architecture and Landscape
Architecture department to relocate into those two buildings. This was a much needed growth
requirement relocation for Architecture but it also provided needed space for the College of Engineering
in the building.
Phase IB of the April 2014 NDSU College of Engineering Master Plan included renovation of Architecture
Hall. The building will undergo a major mechanical system replacement and comprehensive renovation.
HVAC systems are limited and will be upgraded and centralized to maximize efficiency. This project will
include the removal of an unused interior hallway to expand and improve the Construction
Management Engineering (CME) department. The renovation of the building will include upgrades of
the existing toilet facilities to meet required fixture count and accessibility requirements. Graduate
Assistant work space will be reconfigured to optimize space on the second floor. Finishes will be
upgraded throughout the building. The building will meet fire protection code and be fully sprinkled.
Lab space will be constructed for the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME) on the second
IME Advanced Manufacturing Lab – Room 120 of the first floor of the existing Architecture building – is
already being used as the Additive Manufacturing Lab of the Industrial Manufacturing Engineering (IME)
Department. The current space is overcrowded. The goal is to move some of the functions out of this
space and reconfigure the space to better facilitate research and instruction and provide space for two
additional graduate students. Proposed work would add research benches, instructional furniture, and
mechanical services. The department also intends to add equipment to enhance their research
Consistency with Campus Facility Master Plan and Budget
The Architecture Building was part of the #2 ranked State Funded project in the 2010 NDSU Master Plan
but was not funded. In 2013-14, NDSU completed a Master Plan for the College of Engineering that
listed renovating and repurposing this building as part of the first phase.
SBHE and/or Legislative History
Estimated Total Purchased or Donated Costs (ALL costs should be included in the estimate, unless
specifically noted otherwise).
Planning, Permits and Insurance (design costs associated with current project,
OMB preplanning revolving funds, architect and engineer fees, permits, insurance)
Land/Building Preparation and Purchase or Donated Costs (land acquisition and
site preparation/development)
Demolition and Disposal
Construction (foundation and building construction or renovation, including fixed
equipment, landscape, infrastructure and utilities, mechanical and electrical,
parking and driveways or roadways
Institutional work (value of work completed by institutional trade staff)
Hazardous Material Abatement
Other, including 3rd party costs (please describe)
SUBTOTAL (if total exceeds $250,000, requires SBHE approval)
FF&E, if funded as part of legislatively authorized project
Future Operating/Improvement Costs and Funding Sources
Source and Availability of Funds
The project will be funded from the FY14 appropriated capital project designated reserves per SBHE
policy 810.1, which are sufficient and available for use and include no unrestricted gift funds.
Estimated FF&E, NOT reported above (informational only)
Some of the office, classroom and lab furniture will be purchased toward the end of the project.
Project Management Oversight (consistent with 9/25/13 SBHE approved guidelines)
The NDSU Facilities Management Director will be the project manager supporting this project in
compliance with SBHE guidelines approved 9/25/13
Estimated Project Timeline and Completion Date:
The project will be bid in May 2015 with a substantial completion date of December 1, 2015.