xDComposer Product Brochure

Map Source Data to XML
Without Scripts or Code
Point-and-Click Data Mapper
All the work can really be done in the user interface of the xDComposer. You do not need to perform any
command line functions or other complicated tasks. See the XML get built as you lay it out, and preview it in
real time. It is literally a point-and-click process and is very easy to accomplish.
Robust Flexible Data Mapping and Universal XML Generator
The xDComposer is a tool for extracting data from data sources, such as existing tables or views within one
or more databases. It then allows you to map your data to the XML schema of your choice. Fluidly create an
XML message based off of all the data that you collect. Basically, you can map and translate any data into
XML - without using triggers on the data source.
Standardize All of your Data
There are a variety of national standards for education, including SIF, CEDS, EdFacts, Ed-Fi, and any other
data standard. All of these data standards are expressed as data definitions, code and value sets, and technical standards that can be used out-of-the-box by the xDComposer. Standardization increases data interoperability, portability, and comparability across agencies.
Allows you define an XML schema standard for
mapping to existing tables and views
Manage all code set translations and element
level validation
Map data from one or multiple databases, files,
and other sources
Manage and track primary keys for each
Universal Data Mapper and XML Generator Create any type of XML from any specification
Track delta changes in the source data without
using triggers
Publish data to a queue to be processed via
SIF, Web Services, FTP, and other processes.
Standardize your data from multiple sources -no
need to purchase new applications to integrate
Manage data sources from inside the interface
of the xDComposer
Easily organize data before it is pubished
Scalability across many threads and many
SIF certified and can be used to create a SIF
agent for a database
CPSI, [email protected]