Assumption Festival Safety Measures: Several safety enhancements

Assumption Festival Safety Measures:
Several safety enhancements have been made to help keep this
a safe and fun event:
 Dates of the event are June 5-7, 2015
 Event site and adjacent areas are now monitored by
camera surveillance
 Event monitors will be provided by Overflow Ministry
 Curfew to begin at 9:00pm for juveniles 16 years of age
or younger, who are not with a parent or legal guardian,
actively working, or leaving the event area. Curfew for
those 18 years of age or younger will begin at 10:00pm.
The curfew will be enforced in the area between Adams
Road, Kinney Avenue, Harrison Avenue, and Seward
o Curfew violators will be secured with police or
volunteers until a parent or legal guardian over 18
years of age can respond and pick-up the violator. If
the parent or guardian fails to appear, the curfew
violator will be cited to juvenile court and transported
to Juvenile Detention.
 No alcohol will be permitted outside of the event area
 Gang related apparel will not be permitted
 No weapons of any kind are permitted
 No Glass bottles
 $2.00 entry fee with no re-entry