Sending attachments

MNS TradeNet Phase V
30th March, 2015
How to submit supporting documents together with Application for Export Permit to the Ministry
of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection
1. Follow below procedures for scanning supporting documents:
Ensure all pages are A4 size.
Ensure all pages are clearly printed with bright ink – faded documents will not scan well and will result
in the need for a re-submission.
Ensure that the pages are not torn, folded, crumpled or smeared with any liquid or dirt.
Ensure that all documents are well labeled. Particular attention should be given to double- sided
documents while scanning.
Remove all paperclips, staples or any other binding material from the pages.
Attached Documents should be sent in pdf format only and of minimum resolution of 150 dpi.
Hardware Requirements shall include a scanner with pdf feature. Please seek assistance from your
hardware supplier for the purchase of the right scanner.
2. On the application for Export Permit, attach the scanned documents in the Attachments section as shown
3. Send the application.
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