Class 6th Holiday Home Work

Q1. Collect and paste five newspaper articles of 300words each. Underline and
classify the nouns and adjectives in them.
Q2. Write a book review in about 200 words of any one of the authors1. Roald Dahl
2. Ruskin Bond
3. Vikram Seth
Q3. Make a dictionary of the following words.
1. Heavenly
2. White collar 12.Reluctant
3. Slum
4. Grumbled
5. Tournaments 15.Vanished
6. Eagerly
7. Drudgery
8. Strode
9. Dramatic
Learn the spellings and meanings of each word. Arrange them in alphabetical order
in the form of a colorful dictionary using chart paper. Give the meaning and usage
of each word with the help of a sentence. (Size of the dictionary- 6 inches x 6
Along with the meanings also find out the homonyms for the following words-
1. Address
4. Change
2. Book
5. Shower
3. Match
Q4. Read the newspaper daily.
1. Write the names of 10 Spanish speaking countries (other than Spain). Find
out their capitals and paste the picture of their national flag.
2. Learn and write number names (1-1000)
3. Vocabulary: Write 10 words with each category
a) La Casa
b) La Escuela
c) El Cuerpo humano
d) Los Colores
e) Las Verduras
f) Las Frutas
Q1. A cultural academy charges monthly fee of Rs. 525 per student for dance
classes and Rs. 675 for music classes. If 50 students learn dance and 75 learn
music, find the total money received by the academy per month.
Q2. The number of students appearing for class X board exams in India in the year
2006-2007 and 2007-2008 respectively was 4, 75,986 and 5, 00,104. In which
year more students appeared for exams? Also state the difference in the
number of students.
Q3. For making 18 shirts, a large piece of cloth measuring 38m 70cm is required.
How much cloth is used for making each shirt?
Q4. A water tank has a capacity of 1020 litres. How many buckets, each of 20
litres capacity, can be filled from the water tank?
Q5. Geetika multiplied 84, 352 by 57 instead of 75. By how much was her answer
less than the correct answer?
Q6. One copy of a newspaper has 24 pages and 15,000 copies of newspapers are
printed every day. Find the total number of pages printed every day.
Q7. Make a 7 digit number using the digits 2, 3, 5, 7, 0, 8 and 9 and write in Indian
as well as International system of numeration.
Q8. A shopkeeper had Rs. 1100000 with him. He placed an order for 45
refrigerators at Rs. 22835 each. How much money will be left with him after
the purchase?
Q9. Look at the figure and answer the following questions:
1. Name all the different triangles.
2. Name the triangles which have the point G in their interior.
3. Name the triangles which have the point F in their exterior.
4. Name the triangles which have the point C in their exterior.
5. Is the side AD in the triangular region ABD?
6. Name the triangles which have the point E in their interior.
Q10. Draw a quadrilateral ABCD and state:
1. Two pairs of opposite sides.
2. Two pairs of opposite angles.
3. Two pairs of adjacent angles.
4. Two pairs of adjacent sides.
Q11. Write tables from 2 to 20 up to 16. [Write two tables daily]
Q12. Draw a chart showing 4 regular and irregular polygons and compare them.
Boiling silkworms alive to get silk is just one example of cruelty that humans show
towards animals.
Find out about two more such examples where humans are being cruel towards
animals for their motives.
Collect relevant information and pictures for the same and make a project.
Use A4 sized sheets of any color. The maximum number of sheets to be used is 5
excluding the cover page.
1. Do research on “Diversity “ in the following two states of India highlighting the
food, clothing, location and culture and collect the pictures of:
States: - a. Rajasthan
b. West Bengal
2. Mark and practice the states, capitals and union territories on the political map
of India. Stick the map in your Geography Notebook.
 Report to be made on A4 sheets.
 Name, Roll number and class to be mentioned on the cover page of the
 Report to be submitted in a file.
Q. Prepare a summary report on Computer History and Developments.