Viewing Work Order Status for Your Building

Viewing Work Order Status for Your Building 1. Login to AiM at Anybody with a UH ID should have access. 2. Click the Customer Service link to enter the Customer Service module 3. In the Report Listing box on the left of the screen, click 2015 CR BY BUILDING to view Customer Requests by Building (as highlighted below) . 4. A new browser tab or window will open the BIRT Report Viewer, which reports on real‐
time data in AiM. Select your Campus, Facility, and Property, then click OK. 5. A report of all the work orders for the selected building will be displayed. The report lists each work order in reverse chronological order starting from today’s date, going as far back as the time data was inputted into AiM. You can page through the report in the BIRT Report Viewer using the page navigation buttons at the top right of the screen . 6. If you want more control over sorting and filtering the data, export the data using the Export Data button. Then select the columns you want to export, or just use the Add All button to select all columns. Use the default options unless you want to specify otherwise. After you click OK, the .csv file will be downloaded by your browser and you can open it in Excel.