Social Media Manager Job Description-1

Seeking: Social Media Manager
- About WilliamsMiller Synchronisation
We’re a rapidly expanding new company with good contacts and great music. We
specialise in creating music for use with TV, film and online videos. Our clients include
Dulux, Etihad, Volvo, Cuprinol, NHS, Leger Holidays and more.
- Social Media Manager Job Description
The successful candidate will develop, implement and manage our social media marketing
campaigns. Responsibilities include strategy, developing brand awareness and generating
inbound traffic to cultivate leads and sales. Ideal candidate will be a highly motivated
individual with a strong passion and understanding for music, media and business. This
position is part time with possibility of developing to full time. Depending on the
circumstances one day a week will be required. Pay will be based on results and include
benefits such as expenses, industry-specific conferences and experience. The correct
candidate will be willing not only to listen and learn but also to advise and teach.
- Role
Plan and develop social media strategies, establish what needs to be accomplished and
define how it will be done. Manage live accounts including use of scheduling software to
ensure timely and relevant messaging. Identify and report on social media trends. Finding
industry related articles/stories and tips to be posted to the social media accounts. Develop
and implement campaigns including things like coupons/promo codes or competitions.
Track and monitor the effectiveness and success of online initiatives and provide relevant
feedback. Measure effectiveness of different channels using software such as
TwitterCounter and Google Analytics. Present feedback in relevant and easy to use forms
such as reports and graphs.
- Job Responsibilities
Develop and implement social media strategies and campaigns
Manage social media platforms and campaigns
Work closely with the company to ensure understanding of our culture, priorities and
current affairs
Monitor trends and encourage adoption of social media tools
Search for news/articles to post
Use social networking analysis tools
Provide feedback
- Details
Location: The business is currently based in two locations, both home offices in Grenoside
and Oughtibridge, Sheffield. The candidate is be expected to work independently from a
location of their choice, i.e. home, cafe or library etc. Working from either of the home office
locations would also be welcomed.
Term: 3 months probation including a review, with a view to full time.
Hours: Minimum of 8 hours per week is required. Should the candidate enjoy the role and
wish to dedicate more time to the company, this would be welcomed.
Salary: Initially bonus and expenses based on results. Should the ideal candidate prevail,
there will be salary and benefits made available.
Closing Date: July 3rd 2015
- To Apply
For more information or to apply for this position, please email Thomas [email protected]
Include a brief summary stating why you are suitable for the job mentioning relevant
experience. Please also give a brief bio including interests and anything you’re passionate
about. Additionally CV’s are desired but not necessary.
All applying candidates will receive a timely response and selected candidates will be
asked to meet for an interview/in-depth discussion about the position.
Thomas Miller
Co-Founder / Producer
WilliamsMiller Synchronisation
[email protected]
07825 545 535