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IT Engineer / Computer System Administrator / Programmer
Phone: +44 2031295196
Email: [email protected]
Strong problem-solving and organisational skills
Work effectively both as team member and independently
Excellent communication and IT skills
Enthusiastic, committed, loyal, trustworthy and intelligent
I had only four workplaces since 1987. I have been working (continuously) for 28 years.
I am a loyal man for employer too, and I am doing all my tasks with my best knowledge and
high responsibility. According to Mensa IQ Test my IQ score is above 120.
My motto is "Lifelong learning"
I am keen on Information and Communication Technology therefore I am able to learn
rapidly new IT technics.
Willing to relocate
2000 – 2005
Dennis Gabor Technical College, Budapest, Hungary
B.Sc., Computer Engineering specializing in Application of Computers
Overall classification of qualification: Good
Number of diploma in the registry of diplomas: MI/0126/2005, year: 2005
Program details (e.g. major modules or units studied):
Official length of program: 8 semesters.
Engineering Basics, Technical Communication; Introduction to IT;
Mathematics under 4 semesters and finally I took a Comprehensive Exam (Grade: Good);
Programming (Turbo Pascal) 2 semesters; Electrotechnics Basics; Operating Systems;
Computer Systems: Comprehensive Exam (Grade: Excellent); Digital and Analogue Techniques
Basics; Microcomputers; Physics; Spreadsheets; Word processing and Document Editing;
Computer Networks and Applications; Databases; Fourth Generation Languages (Delphi);
Object Oriented Programming in C++; Organization and Design of Information System;
Artificial Intelligence Basics; C Programming Language; Data Security and Data Protection;
Internet Based Application Development; Measurement Techniques;
Network Applications (Internet); Network Software; System Development Methodology;
Technical English; Unix Operating System; Digital Image Processing and Applications;
Digital Systems and Process Control; Infocommunication; Modelling with CADKEY;
Multimedia Software; Office Automation and Office Information Systems;
Programming in Assembly; Quality and Reliability; Real Time Programming Languages;
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM Systems); Computer Graphics;
Computer Viruses; Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems;
PC Configuration and Installation; Programming Methodology; Software Selection and Installation;
Visual Basic; Visual C++ Basics; Document Management and Groupware Software;
Geographical Information Systems; JAVA; PHP Language for Web Applications (Grade: Excellent)
Tamas LUDMAN IT Curriculum Vitae
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2002 – present
Semmelweis University Faculty of Pharmacy, Budapest, Hungary
IT engineer, computer system administrator, webmaster
Coordinating and managing the operation, maintenance and upgrading of IT systems.
Deciding on purchases for new IT equipment
Directing the new IT devices installation and upgrade works and configuring network
parameters of the computers
Managing Linux servers (configuration, maintenance and upgrade)
Keeping the faculty’s home page up-to-date (web-programming, Apache/PHP/MySQL)
Website maintenance, including portal engine updates (e.g. Drupal, WordPress)
Server and workstation installation and configuration
Data backup and data recovery services
Reporting important IT related issues to senior management
Making presentations on secure computer usage
2013 – present
Self-employed / part-time job
Motto of my venture: “Have your computer fixed inside your home/office.”
 Computer operating systems and applications-, software installation, configuration and
upgrading. Computer network setup, installation, configuration.
 Computer problem solving through remote access or via phone or in your home/office, thus
you shouldn’t take it to service in case of hardware or software problem (i.e. because of
serious viral infection or operating system’s fatal error) too. Computer repairing on the spot
(at home or office). Computer maintaining and upgrading, troubleshooting and performance
optimization. Server and workstation installing and configuring.
 Data-recovery services (except hardware error).
 IT education (with ECDL teaching experience). Computer software and hardware consulting
by a reliable, well informed computer engineer with experience more than two decades.
 Web-programming (PHP), Portal-systems (i.e. Drupal, WordPress, etc…) setup, configuring,
upgrading, able to make homepage on discount price.
 To help for customers to start a Google AdWords campaign (promotional purpose), to
analyze webpages (Google Analytics) and optimize it for “Search Engine” (SEO).
Websites of my venture:
Tamas LUDMAN IT Curriculum Vitae
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Operating systems:
 Linux: Fedora, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu
 Novell: Netware
 Microsoft: Windows 8.1, 7, XP, (DOS 6.22, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Millenium, 2000)
 Silicon Graphics: IRIX® operating system
 Apple: iOS, Mac OS X
Programming knowledges
Procedural (structured) programming:
Turbo Pascal, Assembly, C, PHP
Object Oriented Programming:
C#, C++, Delphi, Java, MS Visual C++, Visual Basic, PHP, UML (modelling language)
Flash, JavaScript, AJAX, .NET, ASP, CSS, HTML, Microsoft IIS and Apache web-server
Other IT experiences:
 Perl, SQL, Linux Bash
 Office suite (Microsoft, LibreOffice): Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint
 Novell GroupWise, Thunderbird, Ms. Exchange, Sendmail, Postfix, Dovecot,
 AutoCAD, CADKey, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Paintshop Pro, Dreamweaver,
 SAP, iptables, LAN/WAN...
 Native Hungarian
 Intermediate English
 Currently learning German
 ECDL-teacher
 LEXINFO ICT Intermediate (B2) English language exam
 Driver’s license (A, B)
John von Neumann Computer Society (NCS WFSZ - Budapest/Hungary)
Mr. Dr. Peter Horvath Ph.D.
Head of Department
Semmelweis University Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
/former vice dean/
Phone: (+36-1) 217-0891,
Email: [email protected]
Tamas LUDMAN IT Curriculum Vitae
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