Power Wheel Derby Rules - Lenoir County Agricultural Fair

2015 Lenoir County Agricultural Fair
Power Wheels Derby Rules
Contact: Chuck Register (252) 521-7895
Race Date/Time September 25, 2015 / 7:00pm
Safety if FIRST for the Power Wheels class for all children.
1. This is supposed to be FUN for the kids!! Parents PLEASE don’t ruin it for them.
2. All children must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS. All
other family members and friends under the age of 16 must enter through and sit in the
grandstand area.
3. Any regular electric Power Wheel is allowed. No 4 wheeler, Tractor or Motorcycle type
vehicles allowed. Child's legs must be in a compartment. Ride in not ride on!
4. Power Wheels Derby is for kids 4-10 years old. There are two age groups: 4-6 and 7-10.
5. Derby is limited to 6 or 12 volt power wheel only; stock battery can be replaced with 12 volt
lawn mower battery. Batteries must be secured and covered. It can be positioned anywhere
inside the car just not the passenger seat.
6. All Power Wheels must remain as they came from the store, motor must remain stock.
7. Nothing may be added to reinforce the strength. Paint them up and let the kids have a blast!
8. Stock tires only, No screws, chains, or added rubber allowed.
9. No raising or lowering the front or rear of the power wheels.
10. Roller over bars will be allowed as long as we feel they are safe and don’t reinforce the
cars…so bring your saws.
11. Helmets are mandatory. Bicycle helmets are permitted. Seatbelts are recommended.
12. Door and hoods must be secured with a bungee cord, rope, and tape or similar.
13. Entry fee is $10.00, each child is a winner.
14. Registration opens at 5:00pm on race day; all entries must be registered by 6:15pm.
15. You can pre-register by emailing Chuck Register at [email protected] or Facebook with
info. I need full name of child, date of birth; Parents full name, contact number and car
number if using one. Parents/guardian will be required to pay and sign a release waiver
before race. Be at fair grounds by 5:00pm on race day, cars will be inspected and race will
begin at 7:00pm. Enter grounds thru side gate, racing in back on Derby Track. Only (1)
vehicle will be permitted thru gate.