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THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, English—Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies. PhD, May 2015.
DISSERTATION: Developing a Digital Paideia: Composing Identities and Engaging Rhetorically
in the Digital Age
COMMITTEE: Cynthia L. Selfe (Chair), Scott Lloyd DeWitt, Brooke Rollins, and H. Lewis
This project examines performative identity rhetorics and composing practices within online spaces,
exploring the multidimensional rhetorics that digital citizens engage everyday. Analyzing online
compositions and rhetorical behaviors across social media spaces, this project develops a digital paideia
to demonstrate how such sites could be engaged in composition classrooms. I situate the rhetorical
behaviors and compositions common to online spaces as forms of digital civic engagement, tying
contemporary rhetorical activities to the western rhetorical tradition’s civic-minded, classical roots.
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, English—Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies. Master of the Arts,
June 2010.
LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY, English: Writing and Culture. Bachelor of the Arts, Magna cum Laude,
December 2007.
Composition Studies and Pedagogy
Digital Media Studies
Rhetorical History and Theory
Feminist Rhetorics and Pedagogy
Writing Center Studies and Pedagogy
Writing Program Administration
Genevieve M. Critel Leadership Fellowship, 2013-2014
Graduate Associate Teaching Award, The Ohio State University Graduate School, 2013
Eric Walborn Award for Excellence in Digital Media and English Studies, 2013
Travel Award from the Department of English to attend Camp Rhetoric, 2011
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Battelle Engineering, Technology, and Human Affairs Travel Grant, awarded by the Digital Archive of
Literacy Narratives, 2010
University Fellow, The Ohio State University Graduate School Fellowship, 2008-2009
GRADUATE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSOCIATE in Research and Professional Development, Writing
Center at the Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing, 2014-2015.
• Co-taught courses in writing center studies: Writing Consultant Workshop for graduate students;
Writing and Learning for undergraduates. Revised and facilitated annual training for new and
returning tutors. Also tasked with updating and maintaining the CSTW web site, developing and
improving the Writing Center’s social media presence and output, and worked on other relevant
projects as needed.
ASSISTANT COORDINATOR, Writing Center at the Center for the Study of Teaching and Writing,
Summer 2012- Autumn 2013.
• Worked with CSTW staff to facilitate the day-to-day operations of the Writing Center. Developed
and provided training for new tutors at the start of each term and provided ongoing training
throughout the year. Performed other administrative duties, including creating tutors’ work
schedules, overseeing staff projects, corresponding with various offices throughout the university
GRADUATE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSOCIATE, Digital Media Project, 2011-2012, Summer 2013, May
term 2014.
• Provided technology support to instructors and students in the Department of English. Led
workshops on various technologies. Worked one-on-one with faculty, staff, graduate and
undergraduate students to trouble shoot technology problems. Performed various administrative
duties, including equipment rentals and record keeping.
ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, Digital Media and Composition Institute, 2009-2011.
• Appointed to work with The Ohio State University faculty to plan, organize, and host DMAC
institute. Responsibilities include maintaining institute web site, acting as liaison to DMAC
participants, and assisting in the planning and organization of the institute.
GRADUATE TEACHING ASSOCIATE, Department of English at The Ohio State University, 20092013.
ENGLISH 2269: Digital Media Composing, AU 2012, SP 2013, May Term 2013
ENGLISH 3304: Business Writing, SU 2012
ENGLISH 367.01: Second Level Writing (Digital Media Project section), SP 2011
o Participated in Library Research Pilot in Spring 2011
ENGLISH 269: Introduction to Digital Media Studies, AU 2010
DeLuca CV 3
o Co-taught in an apprenticeship with Professor Cynthia L. Selfe
ENGLISH 110.01: First-Year Writing, AU 2009-WI 2011
o Participated in Laptop Pilot Program in Fall 2010 and Winter 2011
“‘Can We Block these Political Thingys? I Just want to get f*cking recipes?’ Women’s
Ethos and Politics on Pinterest.” Forthcoming in special issue of Kairos, May 2015.
The Rhetoric of Participation: Interrogating Commonplaces in and beyond the Classroom.
Co-editor with Paige Banaji (Barry University), Lisa Blankenship (CUNY Baruch), and Lauren
Obermark (University of Missouri, St. Louis). Forthcoming from Computers and Composition
Digital Press/Utah State University Press.
• “Composing for Digital Publics: Classroom Compositions as Public Writing.” CCCC. Indianapolis,
IN. March 2014.
“Women’s Ethos and Politics on Pinterest.” Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s). Stanford, CA. September
“‘Can we block these political thingys? I just want to get f***ing recipes:’ Women's ethos and politics
on Pinterest.” Computers and Writing. Frostburg, MD. May 2013.
“ELL Clients in the Writing Center: Training and Supporting Tutors.” Writing Matters in a
Changing World. Columbus, OH. February 2013.
“Dissertating Digitally.” Writing Matters in a Changing World. Columbus, OH. February 2013.
“Engaging Fear of/in Digital Spaces.” Computers and Writing. Raleigh, NC. May 2012.
“Critical Emotion/Pathos/Affect and Digital Technology.” Co-presented with William Kurlinkus.
THATCamp OSU. Columbus, OH. April 2012.
“Everybody has a Literacy Story: Literacy Narrative Collection, Digital Media, and the Digital
Archive of Literacy Narratives.” Workshop Coordinator with Deborah Kuzawa. Computers and
Writing. Ann Arbor, MI. May 2011.
• “Telling Stories about Our (Online) Selves: Online Identity on the DALN.” Computers and Writing.
West Lafayette, IN. May 2010.
• “Recording, Preserving, and Using Literacy Narratives in Composition Classrooms and Community
Spaces.” Workshop. CCCC. Louisville, KY. March 2010.
DeLuca CV 4
“My Photos, MySpace, and 'Me': Rhetorical Performances of Gendered Identity on Social
Networking Sites.” Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s). East Lansing, MI. October 2009.
“What if?: Writing Center Lore and Reality.” Respondent. CCCC. New Orleans, LA. April 2008.
• “The Rhetoric of Participation and Digital Publishing.” Invited presentation (Skype). English 8120:
Writing for Academic Publication. Georgia State University. Atlanta, GA. Autumn 2014.
“Writing in the Digital Age.” Invited presentation (Skype). English 485: Issues in the Teaching of
Writing. Lehigh University. Bethlehem, PA. November 2014.
“How to Use a Mac.” Invited to lead workshop. DMAC Institute. Columbus, OH. May 2014.
“Composing Platform Demonstration: Dreamweaver.” Invited to lead workshop. DMAC Institute.
Columbus, OH. May 2013, June 2012.
READER, The Best of the Independent Rhetoric and Composition Journals 2011, Fall
2012. Read and reviewed articles for inclusion in an edited collection by Beverly Moss, Julia Voss,
Steve Parks, Brian Bailie, and Steph Ceraso.
REVIEWER, Disability Studies Quarterly Special Issue, 2010. Reviewed article for special issue
of DSQ on disability and rhetoric, edited by John Duffy and Melanie Yergeau.
CO-INVESTIGATOR, Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives Research Project. 2009Present. Collect and archive literacy narratives for the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives at The
Ohio State University. Collections held across the country.
• JUDGE, Genevieve M. Critel Fellowship, Spring 2014. Assisted with judging applicants for
this fellowship, reviewing applications and coordinating with other judges to make award decisions.
COORDINATOR, Genevieve M. Critel Excellence in Undergraduate Composition award,
Spring 2013, Spring 2014. Collected submissions for this award and helped facilitate the
awarding of this scholarship.
TREASURER, English Graduate Organization, 2012-2013. Member of EGO steering
committee; helped to organize (responsible for procuring funding and logistical arrangements) and
publicize events.
DeLuca CV 5
CORBETT COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVE, Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies
Program, 2011-2012. Acted as graduate student committee member and collaborated with faculty
and graduate students to arrange the annual Corbett Lecture and corresponding graduate workshop.
JUDGE, First Year Writing Program Awards Committees, OSU First Year Writing Program,
Spring 2010, Spring 2011. Judged submissions for the Blog Project Award and the Analytical
Research Project Award.
PEER MENTOR, OSU Department of English Graduate Studies Program, 2010-2011.
Mentored new graduate student in first year of the PhD program.
TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVE, English Graduate Organization, 20102011. Represent English Graduate Organization on department technology committee.
EXECUTIVE EDITOR, Commonplace, 2009-2010. Worked one-on-one with students whose
essays were accepted for publication to Commonplace online journal. Assisted students through
revision and editing processes to prepare essays for publication.
READER, General Education Course Assessment of First Year Writing, 2009. Reviewed and
assessed essays for First Year Writing Program and English 110 for Colleges of the Arts and Sciences
Committee on Curriculum and Instruction.
• National Council of Teachers of English
Dr. Cynthia L. Selfe, Humanities Distinguished Professor The Ohio State University, Department of English,
421 Denney Hall, 164 W 17th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43210 • [email protected] 614.546.6855
Dr. Scott Lloyd DeWitt, Associate Professor and Vice-Chair of Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies
The Ohio State University, Department of English, 421 Denney Hall, 164 W 17th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43210 •
[email protected] 614.292.4640 Dr. Brooke Rollins, Assistant Professor Lehigh University, Department of English, 35 Sayre Dr., Bethlehem,
PA 18015 • [email protected]
Dr. Richard Selfe, Director The Ohio State University, Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing, 4132
Smith Lab, 174 W 18th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43210 • [email protected] 614.546.6854
Dr. H. Lewis Ulman, Associate Professor, Emeritus The Ohio State University, Department of English, 421
Denney Hall, 164 W 17th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43210 • [email protected]